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    Go here to vote >>>

    The following contest is a Money in the Bank

    contract ladder match.

    The participants of this match, in no particular order are......

    Aids Johnson - Random Hero
    B.Dazzle - B.Dazzle
    Gav the Chav - gav the chav
    Manik - Manik

    *B.Dazzle will go first in this round*

    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here

    -Pictures, videos, and gifs are all ALLOWED as this is an anything goes type match.

    -Promos will begin when the first promo of the round is posted.
    Each participant gets ONE promo (and only one) per round.
    Post a second and you will be removed from the match for not following the rules and your
    promos will be deleted. Promo period will be open for 24 hours, but we will mak
    extensions where needed to make sure all participants have posted a promo for every round.

    -Voting will then last for
    12 hours after the last promo is posted. The participant with the lowest
    score of the round is eliminated. The participant with the highest score of the round
    will be required to post the FIRST promo in the next round.

    -This pattern continues until only one participant is left standing.
    The equivalent of making it to the top of the ladder and grabbing the briefcase.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.

  2. *B.Dazzle gets back up to his feet and stumbles around a bit. He drapes over the top rope and keeps himself on his feet. He looks around and sees Bruce Knight being taken to the back. B.Dazzle takes the mic and begins to speak.*

    Dazzle: Well, if you would look at that. What did you say earlier, Brucie, that B.Dazzle was nothing but a gimmick, that he was nothing but a ploy to generate money? That's all find and dandy now, because this gimmick, this ploy, is still in this match, while your monkey ass is being carried all the way to the back. You want to talk trash, that's fine, but next time you talk trash to B.Dazzle, you better make sure you can back it up. Brucie, one last thing before you go, B.Dazzle would like to repeat to you what you said to him, just in his own version. Fortunately, for the IWT scene, your rudy poo candy ass is getting no where close to winning this match!

    *The fans begin to boo Dazzle as he laughs to himself. His laugh stops, and smile changes to a more serious demeanor as he turns his attention away from Bruce.*

    Dazzle: Here we all stand, well, in my opponents case, laying on their asses. The final four. We started at six, here we are at four. And as this match continues, and as the numbers begin to diminish, you can bet that B.Dazzle will still be standing here. No matter what you throw at him, whether it's a ladder, a chair, a fan, the remains of the announcer table, bring it all, bring everything and the kitchen sink, B.Dazzle isn't gonna stop clawing, biting, or scratching until he is sitting by himself on top of that ladder with the MITB briefcase firmly in his hand. Let B.Dazzle ask the audience a question real quick, did any of you actually think B.Dazzle was still gonna be in this match?

    *The fans begin a loud and strong "NO!" chant.*

    Dazzle: Good, that's what B.Dazzle wants to hear, because it just proves my point that what you think does not, and will never matter. The people didn't think B.Dazzle would outlast Marcus Anthony, the man he couldn't defeat at Mania, but you can bet your candy asses that's what he's done. They didn't think he wasn't going to be able to outlast Bruce Knight, the man who eliminated B.Dazzle to win the Rumble and went on to become IWT Champion, but you can once again bet your candy asses and your mother's candy asses that's what B.Dazzle has come out here and done. When you doubt B.Dazzle, when you see him as nothing but a walking, talking, gimmick infringement, he proves you wrong. He doesn't just shove your words back down your throats, he shoves them straight up your ass. B.Dazzle has said it once, and whether you like it or not, he's gonna say it again. B.Dazzle is gonna win MITB and he's gonna do it much to the people's dismay.

    *Crowd boos.*

    Dazzle: There's a glass ceiling that B.Dazzle is supposed to be at, a glass ceiling that a guy like B.Dazzle should never, ever get a chance to crack. After tonight, when B.Dazzle is announced as the new Mr. MITB, he's not just going to crack the glass, he's going to shatter it. And when he becomes IWT Champion, he's gonna make sure to use those broken shards of glass to cut down any challenger that dares step in his way!
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  3. As Dazzle finishes his statements vs Gav, Bruce eyes up Aids and makes his move to take Aids Johnson out of the picture. Unfortunately for Bruce, As he grabs onto Aids, the trash can full of vomit is tipped back and over the head of Bruce Knight, causing him to pass out. Aids stumbles from under the can, laughing, before he gives the side of the can a solid dropkick, sending vomit spilling out the can as Bruce Knight is still stuck inside. Aids stumbles getting up, laughing, before picking up the can over the head of Bruce, kicking him in the stomach, delivering a brainbustaaaaaaaah and pinning him for the 1-2-3. Aids gets up and taunts at the other competitors as he is covered in vomit, before being attacked by the staff and being toweled to get the vomit off him.

    Dont worry Bruce, we are never ever ever, getting back together. *Aids looks into the ring, still only held by Gav and Dazzle, before eyeing up Sackfist and walking in his direction instead*

    You see the worst offenders are characters like you, the ones who talk a big game and try to make history into the words they use to promo, while ignoring the past. The longest reigning champion is in front of you, and unless the rules setup by Dat Kid to ensure champions face competitors monthly are forgotten, you as well as the man being taken to the ER wouldn't last over a month. 91 days son, I defended my belt, promoting matches with competitors like our WHC and IWT champions to promote the fact that future defenders had a chance, while defending my belt against the people the authority chose. You?

    Let's be realistic, you would have one match a month, never even show up to another match, and more than likely everyone would forget who the IWT champion was until minutes before you showed up, since our announcers would have to do their jobs. You have defeated me, but it was me who stepped up to the plate. When was the last time we saw you step up against someone who wasnt pulling your ass up out of the midcard? Our IWT Champ buried you, and I dug your grave up, and this is the thanks I get?

    *Aids goes to hug Sackfist, but as he backs away, Aids laughs and instead slides into the ring.* And you, the two men destined for greatness, the two chosen warriors of this match. Honestly Gav I walked into this match expecting you to drop the ball again, and Dazzle I expected you to fall once he has gone, but once again you have proved the greatness of bromance, because it appears while everyone has decided the fans don't mean much anymore, they have once again proven our IWT leadership wrong.

    You see one of you, or possibly both, will end up becoming the final two of this match, and while the crowd will consider you both great warriors, I need to go all the way to deliver, even with all my achievements. They expect me to talk down to you both, but really only one of you has held up their part of the bargain. Dazzle if it weren't for the man standing next to you, your name would have fallen off the charts as the man carried by the champion who carried your ass for months on end.

    But what the people don't expect of you, is to do anything but entertain...until they have the right to expect you to win. I know what it takes to be a winner, I have done it in the past and with Dat Kid's loss I am truly the only 1st generation superstar left to defend our rights to the future of this company. Do you want to know what has made me that person always? I step up when the time is needed. You see false prophets with different companies like Sackfist might occupy your interest momentarily. People like the Dazzler B Dazzle will promise you victory, but where are they when the cards are down for them? They disappear. Sackfist did it, B Dazzle did it.....

    But Gav, you and I were the one's the people truly wanted to see. That Jabroni might dazzle you today, but will he be here tomorrow? I am here, Gav, you have been here. And while we have spent the majority of your career ensuring we both gave our best, tonight you know the only way you really prove yourself is by defeating Aids Johnson.

    What matters tonight could mean nothing when the superstar who cashes in for the IWT belt shows his true colors. These people have seen the color red, and while the softer colors might seem nicer tonight, do you really trust them to triumph over the test of time?
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    ( Gav the chav) hahaha just like I predicted bruce knight is now out of this see you later you stupid **** your should be thankful to be out now because I was getting ready to smash your fucking face in

    Now Theres just the 4 of us left I'm just as surprised as you lot are how the fuck am I still here? I entered this match with little confidence in winning I genuinely thought id be the second person out after dazzle of course after I take him Out but somehow we both stand and to be honest I see us both been the last 2 standing Right now gav is full of confidence I believe I can go all the way and there is not a single thing any of you can do to stop me

    *gav turns towards manik*

    So far I've predicted every elimination correctly and I'm predicting the next person to crash and burn will be you I may be wrong but im pretty confident you won't be seeing the next round and I will be the one taking you out and sending you back to ACW ten once your gone they will be just the 3 of us left aids will probably be too drunk to continue dazzle will be all dazzled out but me I can carry on all week if I have to Because as you all know I'm hard as fuck

    By the end of the night I will climb to the top of the ladder and grab the briefcase then I will ho on to do something none of you have been able to do and that is defeat joey bryant aids you've tried multiple times and have been unsuccessful on every occasion dazzle you tried once and you got your arse well and truly handed to you and Manik you came the closest you threw everything at him but still despite your best efforts you still came undone eventually its about time joey bryant got a new challenge someone that is a genuine threat to him someone who will take him to places hes never been before that someone being me so joey I hope your back there watching because once I take care of this lot I'll be coming for you

    @Manik over to you!
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  5. Sackfist stands in the ring looking towards Aids

    "After another round, I still beat Aids Johnson. And now that we come to the final four, Aids has his back against the wall, and like a rat, here come the claws. It seems like when it comes to 6 man matches Aids, your out of your depth, isn't that how you're long reign came to an end? You too felt the sting of Joey Bryant's rise and have yet been able to knock him down. IWT needs a Champion that can take on all comers, not just Bryant and Victoria Parker and we need a Money in the Bank winner who can have a long reign from the firing pistol shot, you needed a redo Aids to achieve that reign, I don't. All I see is the New Mr. Mid-Card standing in front of me, tell Chris Kaizer I said hi when you see him"

    Sackfist pulls his hood up slightly to turn to Gav The Chav

    "It appears I gave you credit far too soon Gav, 1st round you came out swinging, but now you get bested by Dazzle? I guess we know who carried the Dazzling Chav's to championship gold, because without him, you would have failed IWT. You believe the has been Aids Johnson is seriously gonna last another round, drinking perhaps, but not in the ring, he will fail. You've also taken a fall. Since Elimination Chamber in your lackluster 6-Man Tag win, you've dropped the title belts, failed to reclaim them, lost to Trip and Dat Kid. I see loss after loss after loss. It is too soon for the MITB statistic to drop from 100% cash in success rate because you will fail IWT. Because you will run your mouth with stale, regurgatated slander that both rose you too fame and dropped you in the mud. Here is a prediction for you, Round 5 will be B.Dazzle and myself battling it out on the ladder for the belt, because you and Aids aren't even on the surface"
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  6. ........i'm 2-2 in matches with Joey Bryant. :dafuq:
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  7. Dammit I Knew there was a win or 2 in there but I couldn't find them lol
  8. Only 3 votes ? :sad:
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  9. i'm happy for the matches like WHC match getting 14 votes, but this getting 5 or less is pretty damn weak.
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  10. Poll will close while I'm asleep, so voting will remain open for another 10 hours from this post. I can check the timestamp of when people voted if they vote after 10am my time, should get some more votes in :obama:
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  11. Hopefully this helps whoever wins this round and a couple others get promos in for the next round right when it happens.
  12. I promise that sig wasnt chosen for cheap likes, it was to make people see what great assets TNA really has. Deny it, i dare you.
  13. bullshit on people saying yes. That is such a horseshit deal. Aids Johnson voted for a match, but unless I remind you i'm Aids Johnson it doesnt count? Come on, we are humans and we make mistakes, like Jono 3 times this ppv. You're only human bro, i forgive you, don't hold perfection up to everyone else and not yourself.