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    Go Vote Here---->

    The following contest is a Money in the Bank

    contract ladder match.

    The participants of this match, in no particular order are......

    B.Dazzle - B.Dazzle
    Gav the Chav - gav the chav
    Manik - Manik

    *B.Dazzle will go first in this round*

    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here

    -Pictures, videos, and gifs are all ALLOWED as this is an anything goes type match.

    -Promos will begin when the first promo of the round is posted.
    Each participant gets ONE promo (and only one) per round.
    Post a second and you will be removed from the match for not following the rules and your
    promos will be deleted. Promo period will be open for 24 hours, but we will mak
    extensions where needed to make sure all participants have posted a promo for every round.

    -Voting will then last for
    12 hours after the last promo is posted. The participant with the lowest
    score of the round is eliminated. The participant with the highest score of the round
    will be required to post the FIRST promo in the next round.

    -This pattern continues until only one participant is left standing.
    The equivalent of making it to the top of the ladder and grabbing the briefcase.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.

  2. *Once again, it is B.Dazzle who is up to his feet first. He stumbles around for a little, before ultimately keeping his balance. He looks around and sees Gav and Sackfist beginning to move. He turns his head to the entrance way and sees Aids being helped to the back. A smile comes across B.Dazzle's face as he picks up a mic and looks at the camera. He quickly raises his eyebrow at the camera and then begins to speak.*

    Dazzle: There he goes, ladies and gentleman, there goes Mr. IWT. There goes the former Mr. MITB, there goes the former three time IWT Champion! Do you, the people, here the word going before all of his accolades? If you idiots, didn't let B.Dazzle tell you what it is. The word is "former." That means it was in the past. Aids, you are the past. The man standing up right now in this ring is the future. B.Dazzle is the future. You've had an amazing career, not a doubt about it, but the key word is HAD. Things happen, times change, the cycle keeps on going. Your past is great, but that's all irrelevant now, which has been proven by the fact that your monkey ass is being taken to the back right now while B.Dazzle is still standing, still fighting to become the NEW Mr. MITB and become the NEXT IWT Champion!

    *The fans boo.*

    Dazzle: You people can keep on booing all you want, boo your little hearts out, it doesn't matter. For all B.Dazzle cares, you can take your boos, turn them sideways on your own, and stick it up your own candy asses. Right now,your boos, you jeers, they mean nothing. Absolutely nothing.

    *More boos.*

    Dazzle: Right now, we are left at three. The tremendous three, well as tremendous as it can get knowing that jabroni Gav is still somehow in the match, but either way, that will be ending soon enough. Whether it's B.Dazzle and Gav in the final round or B.Dazzle and Sackfist, the outcome will remain the same. No matter which one of you two it is, the headline will always read "B.Dazzle wins the MITB Briefcase." The entire world is watching, and B.Dazzle is here to prove his point. He is here to pove he isn't some one trick pony, to prove he isn't just a gimmick. He's here to prove that, while the dirt sheets and wrestling sites keep talking about how guys like Joey Bryant and Alias are the future, they are forgetting about B.Dazzle. Did anyone actually think B.Dazzle would ever get a sniff at a main event match? No, no they didn't. Yet here he is now, and he's not just getting a sniff, he's getting a taste, a touch, a look, and a listen of a main event match. Some may ask if B.Dazzle is going to be able to show up for big time matches, but by even coming this far, he's shot down all the doubt.

    *B.Dazzle begins to really get fired up.*

    Dazzle: The only way any of you will be able to win and take that briefcase from B.Dazzle is if you kill him. Perhaps that sounds a little extreme, but that is just how important this match is to him. You want that briefcase, you better make sure that I can't breath, because if you don't, when you go to climb that ladder, it's going to be B.Dazzle who tosses you off that ladder, and into an abyss of failure.

    *Even more boos.*

    Dazzle: B.Dazzle has made it way too far to go out now. Deep down, you all know, these people know, and most importantly B.Dazzle knows that this is his time. This night will go down in history as the night B.Dazzle finally made a name for himself. It's going to go down as the night B.Dazzle defeated five other men to become Mr. MITB, the same prize that will lead him to becoming the next IWT Champion. The recurring theme of this match is that whatever you say, whatever these people think, it doesn't matter to B.Dazzle. B.Dazzle knows that he is good enough to win this match, he knows he is good enough to be the IWT Champion. He knows all of this. And you can bet your candy asses, that is the only true thing that matters to B.Dazzle. Some may call B.Dazzle selfish, some may call him self-centered, it doesn't matter. You can call B.Dazzle anything you want, it doesn't matter. Call him an ass-hole, chant Fuck you Dazzle, tell him that Gav the Chav carried him, none of that will matter to B.Dazzle as long as you know, after tonight, to call him Mr................Money in the Bank!
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  3. Sackfist manages to retain his balance and lifts the mic to his mouth as he looks on at B.Dazzle

    "Dazzle, I find is ever so confusing to hear you say Gav carried the team, is your fa├žade really hiding a shattered confidence that always emerges in a tag team. I know, through all the meditation I did during my time away, I saw clear that you carried the team, you suffered the loses with Gav. You've defeated Erik Draven to be Intercontinental Champion but like Aids, in multi-man matches you always fall, isn't that how you dropped the Intercontinental belt to Sir Lee.....and failed IWT? It will be the same flaw, the same defect that renders you incapable of winning that briefcase. You can refer to yourself as whoever you want, in whatever person but you are not the man to take on Joey Bryant. Bryant needs an opponent who can push him to the limit like I did back at Night of Champions. Since then, has there been anyone who gave him that kind of match? "

    Sackfist turns towards Gav

    "Gav...have you been that good against the IWT Champion? You both have a great time against stars like Aiden Ryan, Chris Kaizer, but when it comes to the main event stars like Trip, Gav you proved back at Uprising before and post Mania, against Trip or Dat Kid, you still fall short. You still can't win. If you can't beat the Dat Kid, a former IWT Champion what hopes do you have against Joey Bryant?

    You both need to comprehend that I am back for a purpose, and that is to do what I didn't do at Night of Champions. SummerSlam is rolling around, and what better match than Mr. Sackfist Vs. Joey Bryant II, with the runners up of tonight's contest, Dazzle Vs. Gav. This isn't the match to end the obvious confrontation, the tension you have, this is the match that propels me to the main event scene, this allows me to deal with the man who didn't Fail IWT.....The man who failed me. Trip wants to push me aside, offer me no show opponents like Drake Steven, I've never been a demand kind of person, I do and people work around. I wanted in this match, I am in this match, I want an IWT Title match.....I'm getting that title match....anytime I want it. With that case, Joey Bryant cannot run, he cannot hide, that case forces Joey Bryant to be his best. He knows with me, he will have a match where there is a threat. with that case, Joey Bryant knows he has an opponent looming, waiting, calculating, observing."

    Sackfist walks to the center of the ring to stare up at the case momentarily before turning to B.Dazzle

    "So if killing you is what it takes to fulfil my retribution Dazzle, I will not fail IWT, I shall not fall into your proclaimed Abyss. I'm going to the next round, whether I face you or Gav....sorry to take your phrase, but it doesn't matter who I face, I will be the tactical menace that taunts and haunts Joey Bryant's now limited title reign, 2 more rounds....and the predator becomes the prey"
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  4. *gav grabs The mic and stares directly towards*

    ( Gav the chav) here you fucking little cheeky **** show some fucking respect to your elders my man you might have just ended the greatest career in
    history and you go and disrespect him like a that you fucking cheeky **** you see right without aids Johnson gav wouldn't be here right now just like a lot of others he believed in me since day one and still continues to believe in me to this day in fact right if aids never helped gav in his early days there would be no dazzling chavs and you'd probably be on some shit promotion going knowhere so shut your fucking mouth you bell end before I shut it for you

    *gav turns his attention towards Manik*

    I guess I was wrong about somehow you're still here I guess I Was wrong this time but you're also very wrong about me you see im like metal I came out here acting all hard as fuck but I was soft as shit really back then after each match each win each loss and each beating I took I learnt from my mistakes and I made sure I didn't make them Again in fact Im glad you mentioned my losses do you know what happens to metal when you keep beating the shit out of it? Ill tell you it gets harder just like me when I lost to Dat kid I became a little bit harder when I lost to trips I became a little harder you see a pattern forming here
    You see right after every loss I Take I become Harder and much stronger I genuinely become hard as fuck why am I a threat to joey bryant? Because hes never Dealt with a chav before especially a fine specimen of a human being like me going against me would be a whole different experience to him and gav can only see one outcome when that happens

    before That though ive gotta deal with you cheeky ****s before that and I don't give a fuck who I face in the next round it simply doesn't matter because I'm winning this shit either way im not just doing this fir ne im Doing it for my man aids Johnson im doing for All those guys backstage you label as jobbers seriously fuck them cheeky ****s who out you down learn from me im supposed to be a fucking jobber apparently and look where I am and also im Doing this for all my fans out there so lets do this

    @Delik vote time
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  5. PM'd @Trip in the Head the link as I'm on mobile now, he'll get it up as soon as he sees the PM
  6. You guys ready for voting now?
  7. I'm pretty sure Gav didn't change his mind.
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  8. Voting extended by 12 hours!
  9. I'm nervous.
  10. Your winner of the 4th round with an average score of 8.366666667.... Manik!

    Gav the Chav has been eliminated with an average score of 7.966666667.

    Full results here >>>

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  11. :( I guess it wasn't meant to be
  12. You'll get em" next time, Gav. Don't sweat it. :)
  13. phew, that was close for all of us.

    Gav, you may be going out, but you were the shock of the whole match.
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  14. Thanks guys!

    it probably been my toughest match yet by the 3rd round I literally didn't know what to write
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  15. You were good man, real good, tough opponent to go up against in this, you and Dazzle. This round was so tough
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