Storyline IWT MITB - July 14th thru 20th

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    *The video starts with some panning views of an IWT gym with the official MITB theme song playing. Many IWT stars are seen in the background as the camera slowly makes its way over to a close up of Trip in the Head, lifting at the bench press. The camera comes to a stop at his bench as he sets his bar up on the rack and sits up to greet the camera as the music fades, his face beading with sweat*

    TRIP: Welcome IWT'ers. Now I know you guys have been waiting patiently to hear who made it on the card so I'm going to take this quick minute out of my training to let you guys know what we have in store for you at this IWT PPV. Now, you might be asking yourself "Trip, why are you, the GM of the company, training so hard for?" and I might respond with a "Why don't you keep up with IWT more?" - or you could just wait a little bit as I run down this card and all will become clear. K?

    First off, I would like to announce the contenders of the 2 MITB contract ladder matches. First, the WHC lot. In the WHC contract ladder match we will see -
    Aiden Ryan - @Butters!
    You're X-division champion Nick - @Nickelodeon
    Frie - @F.R.I.E
    The Artist - @Tsar
    Justin Magnus - @FailFaceFTW
    Harriet Vargas! - @Majour
    Now, we had a match earlier this week on IWTN's Superstars that the staff at the IWTN erroneously dubbed a MITB "qualifier match". No folks, this was to see who would get the lucky distinction of getting to go LAST in their MITB ladder match's opening round. And your winner of that match - Harriet Vargas! A very close second went to Frie, but close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades people. Too bad, so sad. Don't let this opportunity go to waste Vargas. You did a good job in redeeming yourself to get this shot.

    Now to announce the bigger pool of fish on the card. The participants in the IWT championship contract ladder match will be -
    Aids Johnson - @GOAT Johnson
    Marcus Anthony - @TheArabHammer
    Bruce Knight - @Forrest
    B.Dazzle - @B.Dazzle
    Gav the Chav - @gav the chav
    Manik - @Manik

    Now, this match has a similar announcement, but in this case it deals with who will START this MITB contract ladder match. Mr. Aids Johnson has been strutting around this place doing whatever he wants since I gave him that "Talent Manager" position. He had the balls to drop Bruce Knight across my chest with a brainbuster the other night at a house show for fucks sake! Now I don't know how that differs much from how he acted at any other given time in IWT, but right now - I don't like it. So Aids, you got your spot in the match, but you will be going FIRST in this match sir. Better make that opening promo a good one.

    Now on to the order of the matches through the show.

    Monday July 14th
    IWT Contract Ladder match - 1st Round
    WHC Contract Ladder match - 1st Round
    Ladder match rules (open)
    One more time so everyone knows. Each round every participant is allowed ONLY 1 promo. Promo period is open for 24 hours after the first promo. We will have 12 hour voting periods between rounds. Only 12 hours people, so pay attention. Person with the lowest average score is out and in the next round the person with the highest average score WILL promo first. We keep going until we have a winner. We'll be making sure @Delik does a workload this PPV hahaha

    Tuesday July 15th
    The IWT WHC match! Current champion Alias Antonio (@THG? ) defends his title against new #1 contender and one half of the tag team champions - Andrew! (@Shadow ). This should be one interesting match. Can 1/3 of the SIN faction bring home even MORE gold!?

    Wednesday July 16th
    This day has been left open to help focus on the early rounds of the ladder matches. I can't wait to see what happens!

    Thursday July 17th
    A Dude's with `Tudes tag team extravaganza! We will be seeing the new William Taylor (@Zach ) & Eduardo (@Ed! ) Vs. Clobbersarus (@HunterHearstJericho ) & The British Kid! (@The ReagMaster ) with the faction's leader himself, Al Poppin (@Ric Flare! ) acting as the special guest referee for the match. How "fantastic" will this match be? I guess we'll find out at MITB, won't we.

    Friday July 18th
    This is the day. The day I get my hands on Dat Kid after so long. This is the day of Trip in the Head Vs Dat Kid (@Dat Kid ) for the stipulations I made a challenge to Britannica for, but she refused. If Dat Kid beats me, I will gladly use my authoritative power to grant him a triple threat match for the WHC and IWT belts at Summerslam. BUT, if I win......Dat Kid will become my IWT plaything to do with what I like until I choose to free him from his.....*Trip looks around and then back at the camera*....bonds. And I saw the footage of Dat Kid rummaging around in my office earlier today so I know he has accepted my challenge. Funny thing is, I found a picture frame that still had the stock photo in it with my old butcher's blade shoved right through it. Not really sure if that was meant for me or if Dat Kid just has a problem with stock family photos. If he was trying scare me by threatening my family he should have done his homework. *Trip motions for the camera to come closer before he leans in and whispers* They're all dead already. *Trip sits back up as the camera pans back out again*

    Saturday July 19th
    Well this is something you don't see in IWT very often folks. A tag team championship match is basically co-main eventing a PPV! All these people said I was holding down the tag team division in IWT, but I have made moves to try and change that perspective. And what a star studded tag team championship match it is folks. We will see the Rock n Roll Desperaodoes (@Shadow and @Stopspot ) vs the team of the new IWT European champion Chris Kaizer (@Bill Clinton ) and the IWT champion himself Joey Bryant (@DK James ). What. A. Match. Thats all I can say folks.

    Sunday July 20th
    This day has been left open for the final round/s of the IWT and WHC contract ladder matches. Who will emerge victorious in these grueling and lengthy matches? WHO? *Trip starts to reposition himself to do another set on the weight bench* I'm just as excited to find out as you are my fellow IWT fans.

    So tune into IWT's MITB running from July 13th thru July 19th. I know I'll be there.

    *Trip leans back under the bar as he starts another set and the camera slowly pans back and around the gym some more as the MITB theme song plays once again, before the camera fades to black*

    OOC: Damn that was long
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  2. Such a sick card, that MITB concept is perfect.
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  3. Great card, all starts next week, can't wait
  4. Hoping Gav pulls the IWT Championship in. Also rooting for Nick.
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  5. Hey Harriet, Remember when you called me a bitch? *Smirk*
  6. The MITB matches should be done by Friday, Saturday at latest so I would have put the tag match on the Sunday.
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  7. You sure? I almost think they could go up to and past Sunday. It all depends on when people get that first promo out to start the matches. Plus if a round "ends" when no one is avalable to make the next round match thread yet. Same applies to voting. If it ends, but its late and you're asleep we have to wait for the results before we can start the next round. I figured the rounds wouldn't run like exact clockwork and gave it an extra day (6 participants, 7 days). But if it works out that way we can do the tag team match on Sunday (if its ok with the participants). I don't mind.
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  8. I still don't get what the point of that MITB Qualifier was.

    Anyway, good card.
  9. TBH, I wasn't really going to have any qualifiers, but Tsar (is that his username now?) wanted to set up a match for his IWTN Superstars show. I told him if he could get people to participate, sure, why not? I got the idea to give the winner of the match last promo privileges in the first round (we all know getting that last word in can make or break you in match sometimes). This was after he let me know who he got ahold of and I said "Well they are both supposed to be in MITB matches already" (minus Forrest's other character which he is sort of putting the brakes on until he is done with Bruce Knight). So, it need not have been really, but people were willing and able to participate and organize it - so why not? More activity is good right?
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  10. Not to mention the confusion of the Parker Ryan Vs Aiden Ryan storyline. That was going to be a lead up but sadly I had other plans. Very sorry about that by the way. I will be able to compete just to clarify.
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  11. Awesome. No worries. You could always do it later if you like. Just an idea since you had the twins thing going on already

    EDIT (open)
    @Delik and @Forrest - I know that sounds like he has 2 characters, but just to be clear they were just going to face each other once and the IWT would vote on who they liked better and then he would run with that character while the other fades away..............
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  12. Alright, as long as it's over asap
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  13. OOC: Just read this again.

    :facepalm: A little overuse of the word "folks" in one paragraph there lol.
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    The last promo when 6 people are involved is a pretty sweet deal in my book, and it was a great match to get people prepared for this MITB card. Trip don't worry about starting and ending dates, we all should be well aware by now that having that many people in the match means it's going to need to be extended, or could end early.

    Going first is my specialty.

    ETA: Also voting for other matches really needs to be a part of this, as we are removing 6+ people from voting in the MITB threads. If you have a match please make the time to fill out the form and contribute in the other matches as well as your own.
  15. You could use it in a few good ways. Choose one for the MITB match, do a split personality disorder style set of promos, or cut one from each of them (two face style)

    It might not go over 100% at first but would be wildly entertaining.
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  16. Sweet, I'm on vacation that week, but I'll try and get a promo out from my phone.
  17. Prewrite your first and try to get in a 2nd during the week.
  18. This.
  19. I'm already on vacation lol. Don't worry about it, I won my title from my phone, I have no worries
  20. I planned it as a qualifier but it was changed to a place maker for the MITB. I was confuzzled at first to.