OOC IWT MITB participants?

Discussion in 'IWT Archives' started by Trip in the Head, Jul 2, 2014.

  1. You know the deal. Please just give me a quick response so we know you plan to compete and we can complete the booking. I know I've talked to some of you already, just wanted to double check this way. Thanks.
  2. me
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  3. I'm up for MITB
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  4. @F.R.I.E represent the clan, brotha
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  5. The chav is in
  6. Gonna Rep DWT in this match
  7. I'm up for it.
  8. If there is a space for me then sure.
  9. How's the match go exactly? I joined last year right after MITB, wasn't it like a trivia contest? Or is it just gonna be promo based this time.
  10. It was a prediction's contest the first time with qualifiers before it
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  11. It will be promo based, I gotta work on a thread explaining a few things I think.
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  12. Both Bruce Knight and Leo Taylor are up for the event....I'm okay with double booking.
  13. Urm, wasnt there a rule about having more than one character at the same time
  14. Trip said it was alright for me to do so.
  15. That I did, but I also remember you saying Bruce Knight was being phased out??? Not rushing you, just don't leave that part out.
  16. Yeah, I plan on doing it slowly....sometime around the end of the year maybe start of next year. I have a few Ideas of how this would play...
  17. Wait, is this to be in the match or for a qualifying match? Cause I'm in a PM qualifying match right now.........
  18. I know about those Frie, no worries, still, thanks for responding here
  19. Ok. Thanks, Trip.
  20. What would MITB be without the original MR MITB? Aids is bringing a new old player back into the mix this year.
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