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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    and is for the IWT Tag Team Championship!

    Rock n Roll Desperaodoes (@Shadow and @Stopspot ) vs
    Chris Kaizer (@Bill Clinton ) and Joey Bryant (@DK James )​

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.

  2. *The lights transition into a shade of a reddish-gold and The Desperadoes' theme starts to reverberate throughout the TD Garden*

    *The Desperadoes come out, money and pyro falls from the roof like rain. Andrew is dressed in the same attire he wore earlier, and Midas is dressed in his black and gold gear. Midas stops to bask in the midst of it, but Andrew walks down the ramp with a scowl on his face. They slide into the ring and stand on the corners, posing with their IWT tag team titles for the world to see*

    "Originally this match was supposed to between The Church, and us, but it changed due to the fact that Kid left...again. And when he came back he turned on Bryant, that sounds familiar. It's been almost a full year that I've spent waiting to get my hands around Dat Kid's neck and just strangle him until he's nothing but a cold, lifeless corpse. So you could imagine how pumped I was when The Church decided to stroll down into mine, and my partner Midas' division. Low and behold when I could feel him within my reach he decides to leave like the little fucking scared monkey he is. And that's where you come in, Joey.

    You too have been sought out by Kid, you know how it feels. He likes to handpick an up and comer, ride their coattails until they have their name etched in the IWT History books, dump them, and claim that he made them. It's all bullshit and we both know it. Yet both of those situations where under different circumstances. He dumped me because I had failed to unify the two most important titles, and he dumped you because he was envious of what you become. You didn't need him and he knew that. But more importantly the difference is when he left me I continued to carry on by cutting every tie with him, but you hung on like a psycho ex-girlfriend. You even added a couple of his clichés into your own repertoire. You want him to be apart of you in some way, and it's quite pathetic because you don't need to.

    But enough about that shit. Tonight's the night were everything is on the line, and we have a whole lot to lose! I've said it time and time again that it's a different ballgame when you have everything to lose, and I damn sure meant it. Now, Joey claims to be a Martyr and what a Martyr craves more than anything is a sword to fall on. I don't exactly have a sword, but there is this match. So do what a Martyr is born to do, and sacrifice yourself in order to right the wrongs you did when you were with Dat Pussy from Jersey.

    Don't think I've forgotten about you Kaizer, I know you're back there sleeping without a care in the world; hopefully your partner Bryant wakes up in time for your entrance. Because whenever this is over I want you to go back and watch over and over again how the Money Maker, and the Sinner put you and Bryant down just like we did the The Order, The Dazzling Chavs, Anon and everyone else who has opposed us!"
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  3. *Andrew is cut off when the lights turn green in the arena and music plays...*

    *The crowd boos loud as IWT Champion Joey Bryant walks out onto the stage in his ring gear with his IWT Championship around his waist. He has a smirk on his face as he stands on top of the stage staring down Andrew and taking in all the boos. He makes his way to the ring and taunts on one of the turnbuckles then hops down and paces a bit in front of Andrew as his music fades. He chuckles a bit and begins to speak over the crowds boos.*

    "You and I are a lot alike Andrew. You might hate me for what I represent but the fact of the matter is we both hate Dat Kid, he left us both for his own personal gain, he built us up and he's tried to destroy us both but unlike him, well, we both have gold around our waists."

    *He holds up his IWT Title and crowd gives off a mixed reaction.*

    "He failed tonight, and I didn't even predict that to happen. Even before that match, I realized I actually like Trip. He may be a pain in the ass when he thinks he can boss everyone around, but he took down Dat Kid and shoved it in his smug face. Not only that, Trip is here week after week trying to lift this company to new heights along with the second generation, just like I'm here every week doing the same. I remember about a month back Andrew that you were saying you're part of this second generation too, and you're basically right. You showed up even before I did and you ran this place, but unfortunately for you I came in and stole your spotlight. Alias stole your spotlight, along with Kaizer, B.Dazzle, Gav, Ben Dover or Lord Lee, David Erro, Jwab and more. A lot of those from the second generation just fell off over the year, they just didn't make the cut and honestly I thought you were one of them. You weren't around during my rise and then you showed up and won those tag belts, so I thought maybe this guy is around for the long term and maybe he'd like to help me elevate this company but you've nearly failed. You made your first mistake by calling me out, rule number one in this new era of IWT is you don't call out Joey Bryant and expect good things to come out of it because no matter who I face, I end their hopes and dreams. Just ask Sackfist, just ask Farooq, ask anyone in the back."

    "Rule number two, you don't call out Joey Bryant's buddies. You called out Kaizer and basically the entire second generation to take notice of your name but still, when I look at you, I see nothing but an outcast. You're like that kid in high school that couldn't make it with the cool kids but you keep trying and trying and they just shove you away. Ever since I won this title people say I'm boring, I repeat myself, I complain and whine to get my way. Let's change things up a bit then. Uh, drop a beat."

    *A hip-hop beat begins to play over the speakers and Joey begins nodding his head to it. The crowd boos.*

    "Uh, Andrew is nothing but a joke,
    Thought he was someone real but he's just gonna choke.
    His partner flaunts around money like an original G,
    bottom line is you don't step to me.
    Chris Kaizer and I, the team on the rise,
    Andrew and Midas? Just a couple queer guys.
    The Cure could hold those titles better than you,
    I knew you could never make it with my crew.
    Joey Bryant ain't no fluke, that's not hard to tell,
    I'll take that title and shine it up at the hotel.
    Second Generation for life, it's the new era,
    but don't cry, we don't need to see your mascara.
    Kaizer is gonna beat on you fools, he could beat you in his sleep,
    step aside, your fans are nothin but domesticated sheep.
    I got talent in more ways than one but don't run,
    my reign has just begun, Joey Bryant is done."

    *The crowd pops a bit at the rap and Joey laughs into the mic.*

    "I am on top of world and no one is bringing me down and since you both think those titles are glued to your waists, we'll wake you up with a little reality check. Chris Kaizer has been screwed over time after time, I thought he was a delusional idiot for a while, he could never seize some gold. I took him under my wing, and this is our very first match together. I tell you, that dude's a genius when he sleeps. He can plan out his entire gameplan for a match in his sleep and in a few moments he'll come out here and tell you both straight up what's going to happen. We're going to walk out as tag champs, and I'll still have the IWT Title. While you both will be left with nothing but each others shoulders to cry on and wondering what you're even going to do next."
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  4. Chris Kaizer makes his way out to a mixed reaction. He is wearing his somewhat best selling "Sleep Kazier Sleep". He makes his way into the ring and fist bumps Joey Bryant. Kaizer grabs a mic from ringside.

    Well, what a show we have already had. Trip got a slave and IWT's racial tolerance has been pushed back 100 years. Aids is still trying to hold on to his past. Damn, that's about everything noteworthy. Oh, and Alias beat Mr.Andrew here in the World Championship match. So, the Second Generation is already 1-0 tonight....and Joey and I intend on making that 2-0. 2-0...that number, what else does it stand for? Oh, my record against SIN of course. I almost forgot.

    But Andrew, stop talking about Dat Kid and start talking about what's in front of you. The IWT Champ and the biggest upcoming superstar today, sorry Nick. Dat Kid took his ball and went home..for 2 months but anyways. If you want Dat Kid so bad, you go after Dat Kid. But right now, you got Joey Bryant and I. And let me explain something to you. Joey Bryant and me are 10x better than Dat Kid and Joey Bryant.

    Which is a perfect segway for this. Joey and I are nothing like any team you have faced before. We are better than the Dazzling Chavs,Anon, and even The Order, because our team is complete, unlike them. We both carry this team. It isn't like Gav and Dazzle where Gav carried Dazzle. Or how like Trip carried Marcus Anthony. We are the best tag team you have faced, and god damn it, the best you will ever face.

    Nice little nicknames you got there by the way. The "Money Maker" and the "Sinner". Last time I checked, money makers don't spend most of their careers in the tag division. A money maker, is Joey Bryant. That's me. That's what the Second Generation is made of. Money Makers. Andrew, you aren't apart of the Second Generation for that very reason, same goes for Frie. But Andrew, I understand why you would want your name to come up when we talk about the Second Generation. Because it would keep you relevant. You were never relevant by your self. Dat Kid or Midas. I give you this, you see that your time of relevance with Midas is coming to an end, that end is tonight, so now you need someone else to jump on and steal their popularity. Maybe you can go jump on with some other up and coming star, because this two guys right here don't want you to drag us down.

    We are the Second Generation, and tonight, is our night.

    Chris Kaizer pauses for a second.

    Kaizer slept.
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    *Midas fakes being asleep and promptly wakes up. He looks around the ring before pointing to himself, seemingly asking the others if it is his turn. He looks at his opponents before speaking.*

    Sorry, sorry. But now I understand why you sleep all the time Chris, I'd also be constantly asleep if I spouted sleeping pills whenever I opened my mouth. But I digress.

    That's a pretty nifty set of rhymes you have there Bryant, did your niece write them for you? Your confidence is quite inspiring. But don't write us off just yet. The Church did that, the Chavs did that. And it didn't go that well for them. In fact, it's never gone well for people that think that stepping in the ring with me will be an easy task.

    I've seen a lot of this “generation” bullshit going on. And quite frankly, it needs to stop. It doesn't matter if you're first generation, second generation, third generation or from any generation. The important thing is getting the job done. I've seen first generation people come, I've seen second generation people go. And they've all had the same thing in common, they have not been up to snuff. You hold a top belt right now Mr. Bryant? But can you handle the pressure of it? You might be able to handle it right now, but what about the long run? The long work weeks, lack of sleep and constant pressure to perform will catch up to you one day and that's when we will see if you will be a great....or just like everyone else. Because that is when we'll see if you stand tall, or if your back snaps in two. I've been here a long time, because I handle it in the long run. I always bounce back. I am well and truly unbreakable.

    And you, Chris Kaizer. Who are you to ask me who I am? I've done more in this company than you have or ever will. You talk about my partner being irrelevant despite not being relevant yourself. I know that Aids Johnson has his lips stuck firmly on your man parts but that can be said about any young boy in this company. But I am not here to make comparisons between Trips bottom bitch and Jerry Lawler. I'm here to answer your questions. Why am I the money maker, despite not holding any top belts in this company? Because I make something far more important than title belts. I make stars.

    Every star, every legend in this company has set their foot in the ring with me. From Draven, to Senhor Perfect, to Danielson, to Victoria Parker and all the way to Gav the Chav. They became stars the moment they stepped in the ring with me. Aids Johnson was nothing but a joke and an afterthought until he stepped in the ring with me, and we had what is considered one of the best matches in IWT history. I am the reason this company has the stars that make it the money it does. Which pays you your salary. Again we come back to my staying power. I handle the pressure of making all these stars, because someone has to. And that is why I am the man making the green, I have the business savvy to see who should be made a star, and who should be made a pawn. I invest and I collect.

    A puppy like you should not be barking at older dogs just because you're younger and cockier. Because this old dog can still take you out back and bite your neck wide open.
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  6. Chris Kaizer chuckles and shakes his head before getting ready for his wordy dordy response

    Don't know if that whole sleeping thing was supposed to be a insult or something. But I guess even you have to jump on the Chris Kaizer "Sleeping" bandwagon sooner or later. Guess you'll do anything to keep your self relevant? Eh?

    Kaizer smiles

    Midas, I am relevant, because if I wasn't, you wouldn't be mocking me, I wouldn't have this European Championship around my waist. I wouldn't be in this match if I wasn't. I wouldn't have been on IWT Magazine. I wouldn't been co-main eventing every PPV and every Uprising. It's only a matter of time before I close out every show, every PPV, as the winner. Right now, you may have done more than me in IWT. But I am young, I am the next big thing no matter what any one says. Trip can try and push Marcus all he wants, but sorry to say, I already have the spot taken.

    Again, we aren't like anything you have ever faced before. We are both successful single workers. Unlike the men who have come before us, we know how to win, on our own, and with another man to back us up. We don't underestimate you two. We know who we are going up against. But I have the slight feeling that you are underestimating us. Andrew did that before, and he lost. Lord Lee, and he lost. Joey has had a ton of underestimation. Now he is the world champ. I was underestimated, and I'm European Champ....see a trend there my friend? Yeah, I advised you don't make the same mistake Mister.

    You do make stars. Everyone you named are legends or the stars of today. All because they stepped in the ring with you. Well, get ready to make another. Because when me and Joey win tonight. I will become a star, I, we, will dethrone the Rock n Roll Desperadoes. But in the midst of all that, when you are at home watching us run over the tag division, you can take comfort in the fact that you made another star. A legend. Not a puppy.

    You know I can hang with all the big dogs. I've already done it. I've gone toe to toe with Victoria Parker, Dat Kid, Alias Antonio, and now you two. They didn't beat me to a bloody pulp or bite my neck wide open. I gave them all one hell of a fight, and I will surely give you one as well. If somehow, someway, you and Andrew win. I will go down fighting like no one you've ever seen before.

    Chris Kaizer gets in Midas' face

    Bark bark, mothefucker.
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  7. *Andrew raises his mic*

    "Wow, I didn't know we were reenacting 8-Mile here. Is this supposed to be the final battle where B.Rabbit raises to the occasion? Or is this the part before his friend Cheddar Bob almost shoots his dick off?

    Look Joey, I don't hate you. Nor do I hate your partner, Kaizer. I hate this facade that the both of you seem to conceal so well. The way you guys carry yourselves, acting like nothing is up. But I can see at the edge of your eyes. I can see perfectly clear, I know what lies in front of me. Two guys looking to get ahead at any and all costs. Kaizer would knock you out just as soon as he'd raise your hand depending on how this match goes. He's not your buddy Joey, he's just another wrestler gunning after that big target on your back. In fact we've even heard this from the horse's mouth itself. But you're blind, just like you were with Kid. Fool me once shame on you, but fool me twice shame on me. That's the saying, right?

    That's the real difference between you and the other teams we fought, while one may have carried the other they still could call themselves a true tag team. Just like Midas, and myself. We work in unison to benefit each other, and if we were to lose our titles we'd bounce back, together. Unlike the two of you, so don't talk about us underestimating the two of you. We both knew full well of what we were going up against. Not a tag team, but just two strangers who happen to be in the same ring.

    As a matter of fact that's all this Second Generation shtick is, just a couple of strangers who happened to debut at the same time, and who happened to have captured some gold in the IWT. But here's the thing, strangers working together never last. They come, they stay for a while, and their egos finally get in-between them. It's natural selection at its finest.

    It's good to be on the top of the world, so here's your own reality check. It's sure a lonngggg way down. The fall won't be as pretty as the view."

    *Andrew smiles*
  8. *Joey pats Kaizer on the back and points at Midas.*

    “I think someone's a little jealous, Chris! Yea, that guy, standing right there, he's jealous of this generation war. Because while it all has been going on he has been no where to be found, because he's just like his partner. An outcast. You don't belong in any generation, and maybe that's why you don't give a shit. You know that the second generation is the big thing going for this company right now, I mean hell we hold nearly all the gold. The X-Division title belongs to Nick, Kaizer holds some shiny European gold, I got the IWT Title of course, and Antonio holds on to the world title. Victoria Parker... well she holds on to the Hardcore title now, a first generation superstar that actually might be able to make the cut into this new era. The two of you though, no one thinks of The Rock N' Roll Desperadoes when they think of IWT, they think of the face of the company Joey Bryant. They think of past greats like Dat Kid, Senhor, and Aids sure, but in this current day and age IWT simply stands for I Win Titles, and I back up those words after tonight."

    "It's understandable if guys like you are getting sick of me, I'm here week after week flaunting around my ego and proving to all of you why I'm IWT Champion, but look at that as a good thing! I could be like David when he held the X-Division title and never show my face but brag about how long I held this, I'm sure you'd hate me a lot more then. I've already proven I can handle the pressure of this belt, I took down Farooq and sent him home packing, everyone has a target on my back and I'm called out at least once a week. It's not easy, but I've been prepared for things like this even before I debuted. You don't make stars... you're delusional. All of those superstars you mentioned are great because they were always better than you, when you faced them you didn't turn them into stars, they were destined to be stars to begin with. All you did was prove to the world why they were going to be big names because they'd beat you. You vs Aids may have been one of the greatest matches but so was Joey vs Aids. This is why I started my attack on the first generation, because I'm so fucking sick of guys like you claiming you make people who they are. If I have to hear Aids or Dat Kid say one more time that they made Joey Bryant I'm going to snap like Victoria Parker. You and Andrew, you don't mix! You're a horrible tag team, first generation and second generation aren't meant to mix, because the moment your team ends is the moment you claim you "made" Andrew."

    *He paces around for a few moments before finishing.*

    "Kazier is not going to turn his back on me, he has nothing to lose and everything to gain by teaming with me. Dat Kid just wanted me for his own personal gain but Kaizer and I are on the same page, we want to dominate this company until the rest of you realize he's not just some guy that sleeps and I'm not just some guy that bitches to the top. You failed earlier Andrew... and that's something you're never going to live down. And after this, you'll fail again, and you'll be wondering where you went wrong, you'll think Midas was the weak link, you need a new career path, maybe take a little break just like you have before. But even by the time you come back I'll still be IWT Champion, and Kaizer and Bryant will still be your tag champions."
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  9. *Midas turns towards Joey, sizing him up. He then begins to speak.*

    Big words. But again just hot air. No one thinks Joey Bryant when they think IWT....except Joey Bryant. No one thinks Chris Kaizer when they think IWT. No one thinks Aiden Ryan or Harriet when they think IWT. When you say IWT, you think of Danielson, Senhor Perfect, Aids Johnson and Dat Slave from Jersey. Hell! People think of Frank the Jock before they think of any of you bozos.

    You claim that I will disappear once you “take the my belt from me”, like I have done in the past. Well jokes on you kid, I ain't going anywhere. I have a game plan that pays off and is adaptable to whatever happens. Unlike you I know that just bashing my head against a wall until it breaks isn't a good game plan.

    You call me an outcast, not fitting in in either “generation”. Well here's a news flash for you: Better to reign alone than get slaughtered amongst the sheep. Because that's what you are, that's what almost everyone in the company are, sheep. And you are looking awfully wooly tonight, Joey.

    You can make all the arrogant claims you want Joey, but it doesn't change a thing. I am still part of the foundation of this company, while you're just a flagpole put up to look nice, and flagpoles can easily be ripped out of the ground. I've been here longer than you, I'll be here when you are gone. And no one will remember the name of Joey Bryant.

    *Midas turns to Kaizer.*

    Oh my god! And I thought that I had an ego. But you sir are one a completely other level, too bad I can't say that about your level of competition. Because that needs A LOT of work. But hey, as you said. Tonight I'm making another star. I'll give you your fifteen minutes of fame...before I take it all away again at the end.

    I am not underestimating you Chris, not at all. I know of your accomplishments and I recognize them. I just don't fear them. Arrogance is when you just blow hot air, and confidence is when you back up your words. And I always back mine up. Always have, always will.

    You call yourself a legend Chris, but still all I see is just a puppy. A puppy that with time can grow into a pack leader, but who right now needs to focus on the chew toy he already has before moving on to bigger things. So I'm the one sending it back to the play pen.

    Bark bark puppy...until I sow your mouth shut.

    I've listened to what you to have to say. I've taken it into account, and I've made a profit off of it. So now you can leave and let us take on the next set of challengers. Time is money and I quite like money so I hope you understand if I want to move this along. So spout your arrogant statements, push out your chests like proud fighting cocks, pose for photographs even...And then just go away. Kaizer slept indeed, hopefully for the rest of eternity.

    In the end it is all the same. You paupers can boast all you want. But money makes the world go round, and I make the money. Thus I make the world go round.

    But hey! I'm not a prophet...Just profit.
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  10. Waits and waits...
  11. This is truly worthy of the "main event" spot. Awesome match.
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  12. Are we going to have to continue this debate?
  13. Only if you're languishing it.
  14. Meh, me vs @Dat Kid >>>>


    EDIT: TBH I ain't read shit here yet lol
  15. Robert's killing spree >>>
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  16. Funny how I can give a negative vote and it's deemed a voting bias, considering I voted in nearly every match before then the same way. Just call it a bad day, where I didn't enjoy the tag team's promos. You didn't deem Stop's dogshit vote a biased vote when he admitted it was, but mine suddenly doesnt count?

    I guess we can all agree the voting bias is far from gone, now it's just easier to do it. I didn't give dat kid a negative vote in his match, and he did the same as spot did. You crybaby the shit and it's hilarious.
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  17. Your promo was shit. There i said it. I'm not here to sugar coat it. It was your worst promo and you need to stop being a little bitch and go back to the drawing board.
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