IWT MITB - Tag Team Title Match

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Who is your winner?

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  1. Creators of Chaos (Adam and Nano)

  2. CrayJ Lee & Danielson

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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall... and is for.. the TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP!

    Victoria Parker & Danielson (@CrayJ Lee & @Danielson) vs Creators of Chaos (@Adam568 & NanoRah14)​

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last until 7pm Eastern USA on 10th July and there is NO LIMIT on how many promos you can write in that time.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours and close at 7pm Eastern USA on 11th July.


  2. *Adam walks out like Austin Aries, Jacob follows behind as they climb in the ring*​
    Ive been called a fluke, A failure, Lucky and more things I would prefer not to say but they are all untrue as you see people that these titles arent from a fluke, They arent from a lucky break they are from pure skill, I displayed everything that got me the title match on that night and I left the building not as a loser, not as a cheater but as a champion, I left the building with a title in my hand and ever since then my career has took a major leap and took me to the top, I face the X Division Champion at Summerslam! I will win the money in the bank ladder match and hold my briefcase all the way to Wrestlemania 30 and be the first and only man to cash in at wrestlemania and I will never lose that title because it will prove to everyone that I am the best thing going on your TV, You tune into IWT and see me and you never touch that remote because you know that im the best and that you look away and you miss me beating someones ass. Jonathan doesnt seem to want me at the top of the card or in IWT Title matches, I bring ratings up by millions and he ignores it but back to tonight. Tonight a couple of whining losers get a rematch they dont even deserve because after all the work I put into this title and everything I did to make it respectful again they can just take that away from me, They can do nothing and steal a win that they shouldnt get, I do all the work and they take all the glory but I am telling y- no I am promising that it wont happen, Tonight I define my legacy and prove to everyone why I stand here with my title because everyone doubts my skill and underestimates what I can do and thats why Victoria and Danielson lost, They werent prepared, They werent prepared to feel my wrath and because of that I have changed the face of this company but for the better, Tonight also I will watch a jobber beat Victoria for her IWT Title again which she stole because Victoria you have no respect for anything, Not for me, Not for this title, Not for the IWT Title or anything for that matter. Theres nothing you respect and you hop aound like a whore to all these different men because your desperate for approval, Face it Your just a sad, pathetic, lonely little girl who isnt ready for the real world.​
  3. *Victoria walks out to the ring followed by her tag team partner Danielson with her IWT title around her waist. Victoria takes a mic, smirks and looks at Adam and Jacob

    Well well well Woodwarrior, look at what we have here. It looks like our rematch for the tag team title has finally arrived. The Creators of Chaos are here...yet, they've left no chaos in their wake. In fact, they haven't accepted any tag team challenges to demonstrate that they are truly the best in the tag team division. I'll go as far as to say that their one vote victory over us at Payback was just a fluke.

    Adam, since you came out here talking like an ignorant child, let me set some facts straight for you. This IWT title that you like to drool over like a desperate, hungry dog is all mine. I earned this title and it must drive you crazy to know that a woman of my caliber earned it in every single way possible without a single sexual favor delivered towards anyone. In fact, it turns out that I'm just that damn good. If I'm willing to hurt and manipulate anyone to get what I want, imagine what I'm able to do against some pathetic low-lives like yourselves who stole the tag team title that is rightfully mine. Although there is and will never be anyone better than me, let's not get off track. The true reason I'm out here this evening is to represent what a real tag team looks like. Woodwarrior and myself are experienced champions individually and have also previously held the tag team titles not only together as a team but with other tag team partners. While we create a united front, you and your partner don't even like each other. We don't need unexperienced, unnecessarily confident children holding these titles. It's time that the tag team titles returned to its rightful owners who can bring true prestige and honor back to these titles.
  4. Rightful owners you say? You're handing them to us? I thought we already beat your ass for them? Well we werent the only people going through your ass now were we? As you see the only way you could have got that title is on your back in Jonathan's office. But anyway, That title means nothing around your waist, It means jack shit and no one is after it! Why do you think Mr. OH HELL NO who cant even spell is facing you? The fact of the matter is that your title means nothing and you stare at these titles but cant seem to understand why and how you lost them but you need to face facts Victoria, Face the fact that I am simply better than you are and always will be, You mean nothing Victoria and if anyone is the ignorant child its you, You means nothing and always have and thats why I bother you, Because I mean something, I mean everything here and I can beat you as many times as you want but it still doesnt sink in because you are an idiot, You clearly have something wrong inside your fucking head if you think you can beat me. I dont care about the IWT title and if I wanted to I could take that title from you at any moment and I might just do that once you lose it at Summerslam or even if you lose it tonight which is still highly possible and thats saying something when a retarded bitch like Gohan can beat you. You dont seem to understand that my win was no fluke, If anything your title reign was the fluke because what? How many boyfriends have you been fucking while holding those titles, These titles are ours and are going no where and you can pry them from my dead hands because thats the only way you can get these titles because there is no way you can win, You were the one I pinned Vic, I hit you with The Hawk Drop and I covered you one, two and the three count and I raised this title high as I had just proved to you that I bring respect to a disowned title, You disowned this title so what makes you think you deserve or own this title? You dont even deserve a rematch, This match is a fluke, The fact you got a rematch is a fluke. The only fluke in this building is you, Your life is a fluke, You werent supposed to happen Vic, You were a mistake.​

  5. *Victoria starts laughing uncontrollably

    You have got to be the most delusional individual I have ever been in the ring with. The title that I'm currently holding is the most prestigious title a company like the IWT has to offer. You think you're so amazing because you happen to hold a tag team title for a while. You have no idea what it takes to be a champion of the most highly regarded title in a company. You can try to insult me and make fun of the other tag team partners I've had in my short career here in the IWT but it isn't something I haven't already heard. You're a broken record just like the rest of them because you have nothing else of relevance to say. So let's get one thing straight - everyone knows who I am. Everyone knows to expect the unexpected when I enter the ring. Hell, I'm the reason Dat Kid can no longer show his face in competition anymore. No one has a clue what surprise I could have in store when I'm in a match. Not only does my intelligence make me allusive, but my strength and wrestling skills are above and beyond any man. Why else would my only competition be a man that was recently banned and is completely illiterate? The only person people fear...is me.

    Let's look at real facts, sweetheart. You waltz your little self out here week in and week out making promos that no one cares about. You participate in individual matches that no one cares about. Your last matches against DKJames and Jwab have been losses, all leaving you look like the pathetic loser that you are. In fact, you even came out here last week complaining about all the new talent being signed to the IWT. Your talk is large but there's no way in hell that I would ever be afraid of someone like you. No one knows who you are and no one cares to know who you are. You're already cracking under the pressure, knowing that it's only a matter of time before me and my partner get a hold of your title and take back what is rightfully ours. At that point in time when we take our title back this evening, you can go back to being afraid of every man in the back that you can't manage to beat. You're irrelevant now and pretty soon you'll be downright invisible.
  6. You're a fluke, a failure, and lucky. You beat me because no one likes The Wood which is expected with a IWT full of dudes. Outside of Gohan no man wants the wood. Anyways, I was prepared and cut a better promo but you won.... Hey son, if you define your legacy on beating us, then what does that say? Maybe that we are boss status, uhhh yeah? Anways, I'm ready to deliver the wood to you, and you're going to take it, and like it. You call out my partner, and say she is a willing whore? Well YOU will be my bitch, and i'll whore you out to everyone in the IWT until I have no need for you. Listen people, vote for me, and stop fucking around.
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  7. Hey idiot, she won the title with the help of me. I am the original Tag team champion. When this whole shit started IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII was the only tag team champion. I defended them by myself on a daily basis and gave my title up. Truthfully, your team is the first to beat me in tag team comp. Fuckin' bulllllshit. I am the one that pushed for this shit from the jump. I was the one that kept these titles around when no one else wanted to compete in tag teams. Now you're trying to give an inaccurate history lesson and bash my partner? I'm on my bufallo, and i'm going to run you over.. AYAYAYAYYAYAYAYYAYAY http://vocaroo.com/i/s1TYVvFC8Brp <====== Me coming
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  8. My tag team partner is demonstrating the same frustration I have. It's frustrating to have to face mediocre talent such as Adam and Nanorah who don't have nearly the ounce of talent we do. We have defined our legacies through individual experiences and success, as well as our time spent as tag team champions. We will no longer stand for ignorance and insults in our presence. You're lucky enough to be allowed in this ring given your individual lack of success, and the pathetic attempt at trying to scrap together a tag team out of nothing. Two individuals can't create a tag team. In order to be a real tag team you have to be on the same page and want to do whatever it takes together to be the very best. My tag team partner and I are on the same page and will defeat you this evening. There's no one in this company that can get in the way of our inevitable success.

  9. *Adam laughs*​
    You make me so scarred mate! You need to watch out for the wood or he'll shove it up your ass like the little faggot he is. You are nothing but shit here so please stop acting like you are relevant because your not, You didnt even bother to speak till now, What you were scarred? Oh thats fine then you can run off like the little bitch you are as thats still an option, So you wanna have this match or what? You seem to be afraid and you should be, We have left nothing but destruction and pain in our wake and you are scarred from it. You out of any one else here deserve this title the least! It was handed to you on a silver platter you little ****, You deserve nothing. I had to work my way here, I didnt just show up and be handed a title, I worked my ass off for this and theres no fucking chance in god damn hell you are taking it from me, This is MY title which I won!​
    *Adam takes a minute*​
    You are not worth me even facing, If it was up to me you wouldnt get this match because it isnt yours to have. You were knocked out at ringside while I pinned that whore over there. Do you remember that? Of course you do man, It hurts you doesnt it? It eats at you, It eats at you, It eats away at you, You lie awake at night disturbed by it. I am better than you and even of it eats away at you I dont care, Its a bigger advantage for me, I want it to eat at you, Im glad it eats at you. Its not something you can take your mind off of, Its not something to ignore, Its something that without your choice eats away at you until you snap and when you snap you will get distracted and I will seize the chance, Pin you and get the 1 2 3.​
  10. Your puny, pathetic little partner didn't even show?

    That's the team that beat us guys, nice job voting. Awesome *slow clap* *Puke*

  11. I am telling you I am anything but mediocre and one question if I was mediocre why did you lose!??!? You lost and both of you can get over it, You both need to sit down and face the facts that you arent the tag team champions, You both are delusional little girls have a tantrum because you lost to someone better than you and I want you to understand.... Understand who is the man, This man right here is the best in the world and no one can do jack shit about it and you surely arent. Theres nothing either of you can do because you just cant compare to the skill and talent that oozes out of me, I was born like that and its a fact. Neither of you can compare, You are both idiots, You both seem to think that if you give Jono it up the ass that he will make you instantly better but no it doesnt happen that way as he may hand you everything but with no skill you cant get anywhere here.​

  12. You know why it stinks in here......???? Because I'm the shit! Here is something relevent for you to digest, your partner has about 5 mins to show up until you are apart of the worst title defense of all time. Way to go pal!

    Also read my above post about the history of the tag titles, with all of its accuracy.

    I don't remember that you pinned her, it doesn't hurt, it doesn't eat away at me. I don't lie awake at night, and you're not better than me. All of those fears you describe are not accurate descriptions on how I feel. I feel like I want to take your face and shove it into a wood chipper and watch your blood splatter on my soil! I want to rid th world of your disease and fertalize my crops with your soul .
  13. *Jacob is grabbing a microphone while he helds the world tag team title*

    Come on Vicky. You came here again talking about your IWT championship reign and your first defense is against Gohan! I already defeated him in a triple threat match. You call us cowards because we haven't faced anyone. Let me tell you that we trained. I also disagreed on refusing to fight because I said it since the first day I came here. I said I was going to be a fighting champion and I will always be but when you're in the tag team division, if your partner refuses to fight, the only thing you can do is a handicap match. It wouldn't be fair for me and I don't care if this morons would enjoy that match, they are just as stupid as your tag team partner. You're a good tag team, maybe you're the perfect tag team. You are the star while your partner is nothing else but your personal dog. Now that I said the word dog I remember I've always have one doubt... How many times have you fucked Jonathan adopting the doggy position to get your first IWT tag team championship reign? Just in case you don't know it, my first tag team match in my career was at PayBack and I defeated you with Adam. Maybe we don't get on well, but we know that we have to collaborate each other to keep this goal and we'll do it. You were the champion and now your time is up. We are going to create chaos and you are going to fail again. You can strip in front of this people but you won't win because your naked body is online. You should be proud of that. You create something. You create hard cocks! You can come here and tell us what to do to be a good tag team or why don't we deserve to be the tag team champions, but we wrote a piece of the history by defeating you. I created a piece of the history by being declared the first ever IWT CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPION! And you won't take this titles from us because we earned them in a legal match! Your time is over, let the rest of the players begin their way to get and lose to us. We are the new generation. We are the revelation. We are the sound of a nation. Don't you hear them? Leave this ring and make the rest of the world squirt with your nudes as you did before you joined this company full of mediocre people and idiotic fans.

    *Crowd boos*
    *Jacob stares at WoodWarrior*

    My partner isn't your bitch, but after you and Vicky lose to us again, I will ask her to make me feel what you feel daily. I'm not talking about having sex with her, I'm only asking for a blowjob at least. Her mouth feels great, doesn't it? Admit it, you're together because of her incredible body. She talks about wrestling skills, but does she call wrestling to new sexual positions? It's just a doubt I have. Now seriously. Your legacy is defined by your lost against us tonight and that's a fact. You better start praying if you believe in order to at least get a chance to defeat us.
  15. OOC: Great match to each and everyone of you. Hope the best wins. Good luck. Don't take seriously my promos, I hope I didn't offend you.
  16. OOC: Great match to each and everyone of you. Hope the best wins. Good luck. Don't take seriously my promos, I hope I didn't offend you.
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  17. Wait we weren't being serious?!
  18. Of course we were!!
  19. Both Adam568 and NanoRah14 signed the IWT contract agreeing to follow the rules, however it appears you're incapable of doing so.

    You have BOTH clearly violated the voting policy, which is outlined below:

    Voting Policy

    Creating multiple accounts to vote for yourself (or anyone else) OR VOTING FOR YOURSELF is NOT allowed. Anyone creating multiple accounts OR voting for themselves will have their votes reset to 0. Also, anyone on your IP (I.E. family members CANNOT vote for you.)

    And in keeping with the voting policy, your votes have been reset to 0. Therefore your winners by disqualification and the NEW IWT Tag Team Champions.... CrayJ Lee and Danielson !

    Furthermore, you are both SUSPENDED for 1 month, as outlined in the policy which you both agreed too.

    Also, telling another user, whether it be in public, private message or any other form off contact (including offsite such as Skype) who to vote for is NOT ALLOWED. You will be instantly struck with a 1 month suspension.
  20. So i'm tag team champions????????????
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