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    Go here to vote >>>

    The following contest is a Money in the Bank

    contract ladder match.

    The participants of this match, in no particular order are......

    X-division champion Nick - @Nickelodeon
    Harriet Vargas! - @Majour

    *Nick will go first in this round*

    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here

    -Pictures, videos, and gifs are all ALLOWED as this is an anything goes type match.

    -Promos will begin when the first promo of the round is posted. Each participant gets ONE promo (and only one) per round. Post a second and you will be removed from the match for not following the rules and your promos will be deleted. Promo period will be open for 24 hours, but we will make extensions where needed to make sure all participants have posted a promo for every round.

    -Voting will then last for
    24 hours after the last promo is posted. The participant with the lowest score of the round is eliminated. The participant with the highest score of the round will be required to post the FIRST promo in the next round.

    -This pattern continues until only one participant is left standing. The equivalent of making it to the top of the ladder and grabbing the briefcase.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.

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    Nick sees Aiden and Magnus being taken to the backstage. He lifts himself up and turns to see Harriet also getting up. Nick smirks and excitement begins to show in his face. He runs a hand through his hair and waits for her to look him in the eyes.
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    He stares her down for about a minute, the crowd popping. He nods his head. Nick turns and walks towards the corner and shouts to a ringside member. "Give me a fucking mic!" :steiner:
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    He is handed a mic and he moves it towards his mouth, eyeing Harriet.

    "So it's come to this. Harriet Vargas vs Nick. One on one. 3rd time. They say the 3rd times the charm. But you know, I don't think that 'they' are always right. Because you're out of luck when you're in the back breaking mirrors. And now, I'm sure you know what you're up against, but I'll reiterate anyways. It's like you're running with scissors right now. Because at any moment... I can just SNAP-"

    He fakes attacking her by lunging towards her and laughs.

    "So yeah, any luck you thought you might be having is negated. You see, Harriet, when it comes down to it, you always choke. You can never get the job done in crunch time. You lost to me, not once, but twice, you lost to Joey Bryant, and you lost to the former Hardcore Champion, Farooq. And I'm not gonna say you got blown out, because you put up a good fight in all of them - hell, one could even say at one point you were close to winning. CLOSE. That's the key word there babygirl... Close. You couldn't get the job done, you almost had it... But almost doesn't cut it. And I'm sure that's what's gonna happen here, too. Hey, you almost had me beaten a few minutes ago! You could do it right now! But you won't. You may gain the upper hand - you had it before after all - but when all's said and done you'll come up short once again."

    He takes a moment to pause and is thinking. He starts nodding his head and smirks again.
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    "Could we say that this is the next Aids vs VP? I'm sure it's comparable. But there's a few differences in that. VP won matches. You won't win matches. We could call ourselves the next Aids vs VP simply because we're that damn good. But it's not gonna be the next Aids vs VP or the next anything. It's the first Nick vs Harriet Vargas. And each time we face, the prize gets bigger and bigger. The matches just get better and better every single time. This rivalry will go down as one of the greatest in IWT history, but I won't let it end with you getting what I NEED. You know as well as I do that I will do anything for a world title opportunity. I'm going to continue to be an unstoppable force. I'm going to continue to be a juggernaut. I'm not gonna hold back. I'm gonna climb to the top of the ladder and virtually guarantee my place in history as World Heavyweight champion."

    Nick pauses and there is a faint crowd pop.

    "I'm no flash in the pan. After this is all over, I'm not gonna be known as just the X-Division Champion, or a psycho, or just some angry guy. I'll be known as Mr. Money in the Bank."
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  3. Your little plan has worked so far... Coasting along for three rounds, relying on the fact that I'll do the fighting to take out the rest, the weakest of bunch. And then-and only then will you actually start to take this seriously.

    What can I say besides well done? *Harriet gives Nick a slow clap*

    When I said that I was prepared for this I'm sure you had a laugh at my expense.

    I expect you think that this is going to be easy? That you can destroy all the work I put in, just to beat me down at the final hurdle. No, I won't let you do that. Sure, you've beaten me before... but this isn't for your precious X-Division title, so why the fuck does that even matter? W-L records don't count for shit right now, all that matters right now is what goes on in this ring, now. So how about you save the run-down on my career for when they interview you for my IWT documentary DVD.

    Keep telling me that I don't have the heart, fight...that I don't stand a chance again you. *Harriet shrugs* But you know as well as I do that you're a liar. I've done more, so much more than my fair share of fighting during this match alone. Three rounds straight I dominated, took people out left, right and centre. Has anybody else managed to do that in a match like this? *Harriet shakes her head* And yet here you are discounting me again, just admit it, Nick *Harriet steps closer to Nick, giving him a coy smile* I dominated you. I'm going to keep dominating you until there's nothing left of you but a bloody, mangled up corpse. I'll make you beg to be put out of your misery once and for all. And then I'll do it- I'll take that over inflated head clean off your shoulders.

    If you thought that I got myself all gassed out getting rid of the rest of the trash that was polluting this ring.... *Harriet shakes her head, letting out a sharp laugh* You made a glaring error. An error that is going to cost you the chance to get at the WHC.

    You won't be the one to end my journey to the top, you won't end me at all. *Harriet sneers at Nick, throwing the mic to the side of her*

    OOC (open)

    @Delik Bring on the votes!
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  4. Vote is in.
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  5. Holy shit, that is a lot of votes!
  6. I'm nervous now
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  7. Me too.

    Yet again, it was awesome to work with you again. Thanks!
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  8. same for you. I have no doubt in my mind we'll meet again in the future
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  9. Voted. :)

    Great job you two.
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  10. Wow.. everyone came out for the finals..

    My vote is in as well.
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  11. I AM TOP DREW!! :Gohan:
  12. Draw 30 bro and we'll speak bro
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  13. alright aids settle down
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  14. Results @Delik ? Theres like 20 mins left - I mean, anyone going to vote in that time?
  15. Jeez I'm sitting here with the tab open waiting for 12:42 and I can't even do this without someone complaining!

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  16. Sorry, I wanna know and I have to go to work soon :lol1:
  17. 14 more minutes :dawg:
  18. :tough: :why:
  19. A week and half for these matches though. :damn:
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