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    Go here to vote >>>

    The following contest is a Money in the Bank
    contract ladder match.

    The participants of this match, in no particular order are......

    Aiden Ryan - @Butters!
    X-division champion Nick - @Nickelodeon
    Frie - @F.R.I.E
    The Artist - @Tsar
    Justin Magnus - @FailFaceFTW
    Harriet Vargas! - @Majour

    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here

    -Pictures, videos, and gifs are all ALLOWED as this is an anything goes type match.

    -Promos will begin when the first promo of the round is posted. Each participant gets ONE promo (and only one) per round. Post a second and you will be removed from the match for not following the rules and your promos will be deleted. Promo period will be open for 24 hours, but we will make extensions where needed to make sure all participants have posted a promo for every round.

    -Voting will then last for
    12 hours after the last promo is posted. The participant with the lowest score of the round is eliminated. The participant with the highest score of the round will be required to post the FIRST promo in the next round.

    -This pattern continues until only one participant is left standing. The equivalent of making it to the top of the ladder and grabbing the briefcase.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.

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    The Artist walks at 0.25 seconds of the song wearing a T-Shirt reading "Dead." He makes his way to mid ramp before spreading his arms wide, and tilting his head back as pyro rains down as well as shooting off from the set to the roof. He get's in the ring and asks for a mic.

    Artist: Here I am, Money in the Bank....It's like the Summer's Royal Rumble match...So very unforgiving yet so rewarding. Ironically enough that's how I run my career. I've learned that everything Unforgiving just gives a better reward. If I hadn't signed a deal to be in that match with Dat Kid...I probably would've walked out World Heavyweight Champion. The UNFORGIVING loss, just gave me a better reward. The fact that I can walk into a locker room and not be called a fluke or someone who can't make it to the top is just as sweet as making it to the top but of course I really am going to make it to the top...of this ladder...of the World Heavyweight Title division....AND the I.W.T. Simply put I'm a raging machine that won't be shut down because IT CAN'T be shut down.

    Artist paces around while he continues.

    Artist: I'd like to start off with Aiden Ryan...Though our match was never awarded a clear winner....I know, you know and everyone else knows that I was walking out....the winner. *Crowd boo's* I told you then to walk away because you're not facing your evident reality which is a pit of despair but since your the "Dark Prince" you'd probably enjoy it. I supported you, I endorsed you and you threw it all away. I approached you to have a match to see if you can rise to the occasion. can't just like you can't get that briefcase and you can't get out of this pit of wasted talent. You're Lost.

    Artist looks down to the mat while he paces as if he's recollecting his thoughts.

    Artist: Nick, you've ran your mouth quite a while. I don't care whether you think you're the greatest because you haven't faced the people that can shut your mouth. Am I one of them?...You're damn right. The X-Division title is a different road block on my way to the top. The first one is winning the Money in the Bank...then? It's simply to put people like you in the places they were given. I'm not the most talented but that's why I'm here and not suing Dat Kid to get my title match back. I don't mind working to the top, which I will. I won't claim anything....yet.

    Artist sits in the corner

    Artist: Frie...Frie. You've really proven yourself worthy...of a beating by your much superior former partner...Joey Bryant. Who in his own right is just another coward. You've lived off past glories for so long it kind of hurts to see someone of your caliber of talent just...rot in the past. Wake up. Get up and let go of the fact that you "carried" Joey Bryant, focus more on the matter at hand, do I think you do this But when you do it's during the biggest basket of the game. WAKE....UP.

    Artist then pauses for a minute before continuing

    Artist: Justin Magnus....Now you run around with that half wit, one time European champion, FailFaceFTW. You and your manger are even more delusional that I thought. How you got here is far from me. I may have lost last month at Uprising but what I did do was manage to stay relevant and I proved myself. You...You beat the 'Tudes. Then you walk out challenging anyone and you fail just like your manager's IWT career. You had so much promise but now I'm thinking you're gonna end up like BG Kumbi. Someone Who I don't think is gonna end up like Tea Bag Harriet Vargas. Vargas...I think we've developed quite the working relationship since Uprising last month. The only difference is between you and you were thrusted into the main event and you failed with no sign of greatness. I was thrusted into the main event...but I proved myself and that's why i'm standing in this ring and that why I'm the man that stole the show at Uprising, whether Dat Kid want's to admit it or not, We had the best match of the Summer so far at least in my view. I may have lost to Alias but even Alias has shown gratitude for me. Who showed it to you? Aids Johnson...
    *He let's out a chuckle* One man who hand picked you and now you're struggling to keep him behind you. I have no pressure...why? Because when I get in this ring it's not Roadster, it's not Brian Mandela, It's not The Artist it's a warrior...a warrior that is simply known as...

    Artist stops before continuing again

    The Reaper.
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  3. Entrance (open)
    * The lights dim *

    * @FailFaceFTW enters wearing a suit and a tie with dollars on it, carrying a microphone. He walks down to the ring and enters, pausing a second to look at the crowd before talking. *

    "Ladies and gentlemen, introducing my client. He is the future Mr. Money in the Bank, Justin Magnus!"

    * Justin Magnus enters wearing a jet black hoodie and navy blue jeans, carrying a microphone. He strolls to the ring and goes to enter, but instead takes a second to look up at the briefcase. He then enters and takes a minute to look at the crowd and smirks before beginning to talk. *

    "If you've ever heard the saying 'time is money', then you probably won't have too much of a problem grasping the concept of this PPV. The first man, or woman, to climb a ladder and retrieve one of the most coveted prizes in IWT, the Money in the Bank briefcase. A guaranteed title shot at any time you want is definitely a delectable prize indeed. And it's the same prize I came here to leave IWT MITB with."

    "Now that I have the usual business out of the way, lets get down to it shall we. I knew that tonight I would have to come in with a focused mindset and prepared to weather the storm 'till the end. And then I come in to hear the Reaper getting confused with the rules. Reaper, it's the first person to climb the ladder, not the first to run their mouth..."

    "I'm not saying you didn't make some good points, however I am saying that you aren't backing yourself. I mean, the majority of what you just said was bashing other people and not proving that you even have what it takes. IWT is a company based around proving that 'you' have what it takes, not what others don't. And I mean, you bash my manager but I bet you'd make a good one yourself. Both of you have words that speak louder than actions..."

    "But lets not be the hypocrite here, I came here to prove I have what it takes. And before anyone says it, I know my victory against the three stooges and their puppet wasn't a solidifier, but I think I'll just let you think that. I'll let my actions speak for themselves. But you know what? Why be a party pooper, who needs a mic?"

    * Magnus sticks his left arm out with the mic *
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  4. Entrance (open)

    The sadistic theme slowly begins as static appears on the titantron.

    Around 0:38
    A bunch of female jokers begin to skip out as smoke fogs the rampway
    As the primal scream roars Aiden Ryan slowly appears on the ramp with a grin marking his face.
    Wearing torn jeans and a hooded vest he drops to his knee's and looks above him

    Water slowly begins to pour down on Aiden as he opens his mouth and inhales the water
    He jumps up to his feet and begins to run down the rampway, Sliding under the bottom rope he winks at both Justin Magnus And The Artist, He then extends his hand behind him and lifts himself up via the middle rope and walks over to Justin. "May I?" He takes the microphone and heads over to the ropes. Lifting himself up he sits himself on the middle rope.

    "Well aren't you a gentleman? It's such a shame to see someone as talented as you in a match where you could perish, Maybe you should head back to the locker room and forget about even trying to ascend something where we both know will never end according to plan. " He then jumps off the middle rope. "Now Gentleman," Aiden places his right hand on his side "You both made some excellent points however one thing you seem to forget is that I am still in my prime and with that being said it can add somewhat of an unpredictable element to a match like this... So do not count me out yet... granted I may not win all the matches and I may not have a HOF legend backing me up but I don't think that is what creates the success in this company. I have pushed myself to the limit and I have been noticed by every single competitor in this company, I have been offered contracts from different organizations and I've been delivering entertainment week after week proving to everyone here that I am and I will take no for a fucking answer.

    I am not some unstable monster that people make me out to be, I am not some misunderstood naive rookie, I am Aiden Ryan and there is no chance in hell that I would let the two of you or the other three back there..." Aiden points behind him which leads to the rampway "retrieve what is rightfully mine! And speaking of the three that are back there..." Aiden slowly turns. "Let's start with you Miss Vargas, I would be very careful if I were you... Now sweetheart I know how much you want to be taken seriously, but I really really do not want you to break a nail and I'm really looking forward to seeing how you can hang toe to toe with me in this ring after all that trash talking you had done, I would be very careful because the word that you used to describe me a week back... well... you know what they say about karma.... it's exactly what you're gonna be.... my bitch." Aiden paces towards the ropes. "And Frie, There's not a whole lot to say about you... We've never really crossed paths until tonight and it breaks my heart... I think we could of been really great friends if.. if wasn't for me slamming a ladder in your face tonight... Oops... Sorry, I guess I'm kinda sensing where this match is heading and honestly... It's not heading your way." Aiden places his right hand on the top rope and sighs.

    "And Nick... Our X Division Champion... You and I haven't exactly been the best of friends and we've never communicated that much, Which is surprising... We were both in the same stable together for a long time and that stable was most defiantly a force to be reckoned with... But beside's that you and i both know what exactly is going to happen tonight... Our GM will be watching, Marcus will be watching and they will be on the edge of their seats biting their nails... hoping that it doesn't get to the point to where it's going to end up.... just because you were in the same stable as me... don't think I won't drag you down and knock your face on each and every single rung until you are left laying there broken.... No hard feelings though!"

    Aiden Smiles looking back at Justin Magnus And The Artist
    "I will not be the victim of this match, I will prevail and I will prove that there is strength in multiple numbers... Isn't that right, Parker?" Aiden points to the side of his head. "That's right, Aiden."
    He lowers the microphone and places his hand on his chest. He begins to laugh uncontrollably.​
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  5. The arena goes dark, and a few seconds after, burst of pyro erupts from the stage, starting the song.

    Nick walks out wearing his ring gear and his t-shirt. He walks around the ring, inspecting his opponents, and grabs a microphone. He rolls the ring and shakes his arm, examining the ring.

    "I've got a lot of things I wanna say, but I know I can't. Because like Justin Magnus said, time is money! And I don't wanna waste time, because the quicker I get that briefcase the quicker I'll be happy... Or maybe not. Because in recent weeks, I've become a bit disgruntled, and I feel unappreciated. Really a lot of what I have to say isn't about my opponents, but it's about me."

    Nick cracks his neck and smirk.

    "Oh Artist... or is it The Reaper now? You claim I haven't had a worthy contender. You also think that you are one. You think that you can beat me because we haven't faced. Ironic how Mr. IWT Network himself doesn't know that he lost to me months ago. I have no problem with destroying you again."

    "They say numbers never lie. Well if that's the case then I should be the favorite. Because I have more wins than anyone here, I am on the longest wining streak in the IWT. I have won Proving Grounds, a Survivor Series tag match, an X-Division battle royal. I am unbeaten in multi-opponent matches... and it just makes me SICK that I'm not considered the favorite. And why? Because Harriet is cool and she has Aids' army of fanboys backing her up even though he abandoned her months ago! Because Frie has two hasbeens backing him and trying to guide his way to the top? So they'd rather pull for them? And you know what makes me even more mad? The fact that I've BEATEN THEM!"

    He kicks the turnbuckle and let's out a scream. His arm twitches as he slowly brings the microphone to his face.

    "And you know what else makes me sick? The fact that i don't get recognized as a member of the 2nd generation. The fact that everyone talks about Joey Bryant and Alias Antonio as guys in the 2nd generation. But I get no recognition. Hell, even that hypersomniac - not insomniac Frie - Chris Kaizer gets more recognition for being 2nd generation than me? And WHY? I wish I knew. It's fine though, I get it. I've always been a dark horse, I've always been the blue collar guy. So I'm using MITB to prove it. I've already proven I'm the real deal. But I'll show that I can hang with the 2nd generation and that I am at the top of the ladder."

    "I'm here to make a difference. It seems you can't make it in IWT without any back-up. Without someone giving you that extra little push, without someone to hold your hand along the way. I've never really had that. The Order abandoned me almost immediately. I'm one of those rare guys, that has made it in IWT not because of extra help, but simply because of my drive, my passion, my work ethic, my talent. I'm here to make a change. That talent and working hard alone can take you to the top - that you don't need anyone else."

    Nick lets out a deep breath and leans back on the turnbuckle.

    "I've scratched and I've clawed, I've been given NOTHING. I'm gonna raise hell, I'm gonna tear the house down like always... And like always, I'm gonna win. And there's simply nothing you can do to stop me."
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  6. I got hers my man. She PM'd it to me earlier so I could post it for her. She got last promo, so we are waiting on @F.R.I.E still, then I can post hers.
  7. He hasn't been for nearly 2 days.
  8. Frie's internet has been messing up & none of his browsers will work. He said he could do one later today. Either Stop, or myself will post it for him if that's ok.
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  9. I don't mind, thats basically what I did for Majour since she is on her trip and the time differences are all whacked out.
  10. Whoever is posting for Frie you got 8 hours from now or we move to Majour's and he is out.
  11. See, glad we started them on Monday now eh? This shit will go till Tuesday lol. But I hope people are enjoying it at least.
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  12. Remember what we said about the point table with Solidus and not showing up means you don't get things? Think I might have some fun this week.
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  13. I'm out. Post Majour's.
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  14. You sure man?
  15. I'm sure
  16. Alright then.

    Harriet Vargas' Promo (open)

    Show Spoiler

    *The lights fade to black*

    *At 0.25 the arena is slowly lit up, Harriet is standing at the top of the ramp, hood up and mask covering her mouth and nose. She stands at the top of the ramp for a minute or so before making her way to the ring.
    Discarding her hoodie and mask, she slides under the bottom rope and runs to climb a corner of the ring, raising her arms in the air, absorbing the crowd reaction*

    *Harriet steps from the ropes and turns to face her opponents*

    I could write an essay, just like our friend The Artist or whatever he goes by these day. But judging by the laziness on parade thus far, I could outshine the lot of you by just breathing.

    *Harriet shrugs, shaking her head at her fellow opponents*

    I mean, let's be honest here- everybody so far has been shamefully lazy when it comes to addressing yours truly. Also, pretty inaccurate.
    I blew a main event? What main event, Artist? Those clowns that claim to be GM's have never given me a chance to main event... Yet. But once I climb the ladder to that contract...well, that will be the main event that I deserve.

    And the laziness continues from each and every other 'competitor', Nick complained and cried...again. Nobody takes you seriously as a competitor? So man up. Whine like a bitch, get treated like one... Just like the Princess of Darkness, Aiden Ryan.
    You've been given nothing, Nick? Damn right! Why should you have everything handed to you? You entitled little shit. You actually disgust me- your constant crying is, hand to God, almost as pathetic as the delusion that radiates from every pore of The Artist. Put on your big boy pants and fight.

    It's clear as day that I don't need Aids' approval- and if you hadn't noticed, you guys aren't facing him... So how about you step up and talk about ME, just for a change. Or would it be too hard to come up with something a little original?

    I guess it does work in my favour though, showing just how thoroughly useless and undeserving each one of you truly is. I should be grateful, you're only making my journey to the top of that ladder all the more easy, starting my ascension to where I truly should be- at the top of the pile.

    @Delik - start the voting. I guess we are just looking for the highest score at this point since F.R.I.E. backed out.
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