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Have you voted in the Google Docs poll?

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    *Voting closed*

    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    and is for the IWT World Heavyweight Championship!

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 36 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.

  2. *Alias' theme song commences to resound throughout the arena, with smoke transcending from the ground floor, garnering a big pop for IWT's WHC. After the 0:12 mark, Alias walks out (sporting his VIOLENCE = MONEY t-shirt, a beanie and some denim ripped shorts) and throws up the devil horns along with raising his World Title. He saunters down the ring, slighty twitching his neck back and forth, looking firm and determined ahead of his title match. Before entering the ring, he wipes his feet on the apron, taking a glare at the IWT faithful. Once in the ring, he throws up the devil horns once more and lays the WHC on the ring mat.*

    Today, today I step foot in the field of battle with one half of the current tag team champions, Andrew, who curiously enough, won a battle royal filled with pusillanimity and unmitigated weakness from all of the people involved. Because nowadays, people would rather compete in a pussy ass battle royal more than challenging me man to man. No wonder people like your partner Spinzz say I don't have any fucking challengers, huh? Because people fear and dread the day where they face a real challenge like myself. Because people fear ME, the rightful WHC of this COMPANY. It is that simple.

    And all of you can try and interject roadblocks on my goal to be the longest reigning and BEST WHC in this company's history. But when I look at the people, the supposed WRESTLERS, who surround me in these confines, I apprehend that the achievement won't be a very tough one to achieve.

    People claw, scratch and smuggle their way into the title pictures via other alternatives like that BS battle royal that took place not long ago because people have no balls in this company, I'll reiterate that fact till the day I die, and of those people is you Andrew. I'll admit, being a tag champ has a lot of merit, I've held that belt twice and I'm sure you already know that carrying that division with your partner is a hefty feat. A burden per se.

    But there's a reason you're stuck in that division, because let me tell you Andrew, you possess all of the qualities of a bonified world champion. But the reason why is simply because you're a dastardly coward. And I'm not saying you're the only one, because you're not. THE WHOLE ROSTER ARE COWARDS, AFRAID TO SPEAK UP AND CONFRONT OR CHALLENGE ME FOR THIS BELT RIGHT HERE. But that's none of my business of course. They can persist in being cowards for the rest of their lives for all I care. I'll just be sitting down backstage, title intact.....forever.

    You see, what has made me more distinguishable than the rest of the roster, and what makes me World Champ today, was the fact that I broke the mold of the stereotypical pussy wrestler ambling around in this company. I broke that mold and said, hey, put whoever you got infront of me and I'll decimate them. Put the whole fucking roster in front of me and I'll still do so, and very few people have proven that statement wrong.

    If I'm itching for a world title match though, I won't enter a battle royal, I'll speak to the champ and clarify I WANT A WORLD TITLE SHOT. If I've got beef with someone, I'll come out to this ring and say so, not hide in my locker room concealing the fact that I freaking hate you. This is what makes the Second Generation as distinguishable as it is. Apart from all of the gold around our waists of course,

    But Andrew, claim all you want that you fit the criteria of the Second Generation, but when you lose your cute little tag belts....and lose this match. You'll have no generation....and no damn self-respecy.

    And tonight.....tonight will just further prove why I'm the World Heavyweight Champion of this company. I hope you're watching Dat Kid.

    *Alias awaits Andrew's arrival*
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  3. *The stage lights slowly start to dim until they completely fade out, and an unfamiliar theme starts to echo throughout the arena*

    *A flash of white light illuminates the darkened stage, and Andrew emerges from the curtain at the 0:15 mark to an outspoken crowd. He's wearing a tight fit, sleeveless Sin shirt, and specifically designed black tights. Andrew raises his title and walks to the ring with it hanging over his head. After entering the ring Andrew places his title on the mat, and meets eyes with Alias. A "This is awesome!" chant breaks their silence*

    "Man to man, that's how you want it? Well I'm right here in front of you, man to man. It really doesn't matter how I got here, all that matters is that I'm here right here, right now. And I am ready for a FUCKING FIGHT! Alias, you can talk all you want, but you know that I don't fear you, I never have. In fact, all you are to me is another Cure pussy who got lucky. The only reason I didn't get in your face sooner is because I wanted you to feel what it's like to be a WORLD CHAMPION, I wanted you to get used to it. And once you began thriving off of it I wanted to be the one to take it all away from you. I wanted to see the look on your face once I took away the title you worked so hard for! It's that cynical side of me that I've been concealing for the past six months.

    I've sat by in the tag division for too long, and you're right, it is a hard burden to carry. But an even harder burden to carry is that everyday I had to listen to bitches like you, Bryant, Kid, and every other 'wrestler' claim that they are the best goddamn asset in the IWT. All y'all do is rephrase the way you lie, and I'm sick and tired of all of it because it's all BULLSHIT. You're just as much of a coward as they are because all of you do is hide behind your words. So I am going to claw, and I am going to're fucking eyes out!

    Alias, I don't need to label myself to any generation to beat you, or anybody else. That's all the second generation is anyways, a label. And you're going to need more than a fucking label to stop me from kicking your teeth down your throat, and stealing back the World Heavyweight Championship!"

    *Andrew lowers his mic, and inches closer to Alias*
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  4. *Alias steps back a bit and smirks.*

    Woah, step back a little homes. I really wouldn't want to break your face before the match has even started. So for your own sake, move back a little pal.

    Anyway. Your determination slightly impressed me. But your words really didn't. They just further solidified the fact that you're a nonsensical coward. You claim you're not scared of me, fine. That's fine. Why didn't you just ask for a title shot then? I would have been MORE than pleased to give it to you. And don't give me that BS that you wanted me to feel how it was like to be a Champion.

    You know what? I give Dat Kid a lot of shit, but there is a commendable thing about him. He doesn't want to take any shortcuts. He wants to earn every match and every hard-fought victory. Wait, I forgot. There's also another commendable thing that Kid's done. The fact that he dumped you over a year ago, and the fact that fate will repeat itself because I know, sooner rather than later, that Spinzz is going to do the exact same thing as Dat Kid, leave you high and dry, and move on to bigger and better things. But of course, if you ain't a visionary like myself, Kid....and soon to be visionary Spinzz, you won't see that Andrew.

    You won't see that like you don't see right now, that I'm not a pussy Cure member who got "lucky". And if you still think so, I'd encourage you to speak with all of the men who have fallen time and time again at the feet of Alias Antonio. I'm more than sure they'd corroborrate that I am NOT a guy who got lucky. I'm just that good.

    So you can talk about me being a coward, or a liar, or a pussy for that matter. You can call Bryant that. You can call Kid that. But when you think about, it is us "cowards" who have accomplished more than you'd ever wish to in the glorious IWT. So before running your mouth like a true COWARD, inform yourself, and'd make more sense.

    We may be a lable, but we're a pricey label. And it'll take more than just a few kicks down my throat to take this title off of me Andrew.
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  5. *Andrew looks at the mat, and raises his mic*

    "Do you really want to know why I wasn't in your face opposing you for the World Championship earlier this year? It's because I knew that all of this was completely arbitrary. And quite frankly I had my doubts for a while. Everybody has their doubts about one thing, or another and mine was whether I could rise up to reclaim the World title once again. But I put all of my doubts aside because I know, I FUCKING KNOW that with self-arrogance I could put down anybody I step in the ring with!

    I've always heard that when people brought up my name they'd say I'm pretty good. Pretty good, that's it. But being good doesn't win you matches, or put food on the table. It's about being better than the competition, and that's why I stepped up. I stepped up to you to prove to myself, and everybody else that I'm BETTER than just 'good'.

    And spare me of that bullshit. I know what happened in my past, I've never hid it. Dat Kid left me on what could've been the greatest day of my career. But instead of letting that keep me down like he wanted, I cut all loose ends with him and rose to the occasion. I became one half of the greatest tag team to enter this goddamn company! I also know that not everything lasts forever, and one day the two of us will split. Whenever that day does comes I'll rise to the occasion, jut like the last time! And so will Spinzz.

    Seeing is believing, Alias. Or so that's what they say. And I've seen so much underhanded tactics from Kid, and Bryant that it's safe to say that my assumptions of them are in fact correct. But it has been different with you, I've always seen you as a pawn. A solider with no name. Whether it be with the Cure, or the Order. I may have conceived that wrong though. But so have you.

    Coward, pussy, pawn. These words can only get us so far in a fight. So, let's finish this how you originally planned- mano e mano."

    OOC: I don't have an excuse with taking so long. Can we get the time extended so we can cut an extra promo or two? Title matches deserve more than two promos.
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    *Voting closed*
  7. Just ignore Shadow's request, eh?
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  8. We want more promos.
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  9. Well in all likely hood, I don't think @THG? is available for more now anyway. Thats why he asked if we could get the match early on the card and then asked to post the match thread early. He had something IRL going on this week IIRC.
  10. Hoping for that sudden death though.
  11. did NOT expect 12 votes. that's awesome.

    anyway, why do we have to wait 36 hours? why can't it just be 24?
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  12. I'd like to point out that I did not vote. I voted yes in this poll and clicked the link to vote but that voting system made me exit the tab immediately. (jk I put 5 on everything after typing this paragraph, SUDDEN DEATH)

    Voting system is shit. If you didn't want people to vote for people due to whoever has most votes, just make it like a google doc but not me having to rethink the whole promos and scale them about Used Potential. The fuck? I get on to read some promos between 2 of my favorite people in IWT having a match and I have to rate them on Used Potential.

    I miss the old IWT. The one with crazy old Aids Johnson, Brit and the wolf cult, the Dat Kid that won, and the one that I didn't have to think about every sentence and vote for someone.

    Plus, I'm willing to put money down that some of the people that vote with that just put random shit in favor of who they want to win.
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  13. There will always be problems like that Jwab.

    Used Potential in my view gives the users very helpful feedback, feedback I could've used before becoming Jobster/Jobie/Jobcosis/Jobtsar. Telling them if they are not putting out a good showing is pretty helpful. The golden days of IWT are gone.
  14. Sorry you feel that way Jwab, but nothing stays the same forever.

    Aids retired (technically - back now for who knows how long)
    Brit left for now (IWT I mean)
    And Dat Kid took a hiatus for his internship in L.A. (I have a big stakes match with him tomorrow though so that winning Dat Kid you like so much may be back)

    We obviously can't please everybody all the time either, so take it for what it is. You don't enjoy it? My bad, but nobody is forcing you. And if you have a better idea for the voting system why don't you throw out some ideas instead of just bad mouthing the system that is now in place, hmmmm?
  15. I never told him to switch it back. We tried 36 hours because a couple of events ago the voting count was shit so I thought a longer time would help.

    @Delik - I guess we may not need the 36 hour thing anymore. Everybody seems to complain about the longer wait now so just knock it back down to 24. People miss the voting period then oh well I guess. But it seems people have been stepping it up lately - which is cool guys, thanks.
  16. Yeah cuz I don't think anyone else is gonna vote so there's no point in waiting any longer.
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  17. So we wanting to end this now, or just back to 24 hours for future matches?

    Also, @JwabHDTV nobody is forcing you to vote.

    Like I said before, if someone can't be bothered to take a few minutes to read a promo and score it accordingly, then I wouldn't want them determining the winner of my match.
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  18. Give the results now pal.
  19. We can end the voting for this now as far as I'm concerned. And set the voting times back to 24 hours I suppose. It worked that first show we did it on, but now everyone seems to be getting their votes in quickly enough. For now anyway......
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  20. Your winner.... and STILL IWT World Heavyweight Champion, by an average of 8.5 to 8.19047619... Alias..... ANTONIOOOO!!

    Full results here >>>
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