IWT MITB - World TV/Intercontinental Unification Match

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Who is your winner?

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  1. Senhor Perfect

  2. Alkaline

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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall... and is for.. the World TV and Intercontinental Championships! The winner of this match will be the unified champion! The loser of this match enters the MITB ladder match!

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last until 7pm Eastern USA on 12th July and there is NO LIMIT on how many promos you can write in that time.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours and close at 7pm Eastern USA on 13th July.

  2. Jonathan Alkaline it's the wife's birthday tomorrow so we're doing stuff tonight and tomorrow. Is there any way we could postpone this until Monday?

  3. Fine with me mate, if you want we can have this at Summerslam.
  4. That's up to Alkaline I suppose.
  5. All champions must defend their titles monthly, it's why we stripped Farooq of his United States title before. Waiting til Summerslam would violate that, unless both contenders defended their titles before Wednesday the 17th. Aside from that the loser of this match would go into the MITB match, which is a predictions contest. If this match doesnt happen before then we'll have to remove that.

  6. We stripped farooq because he didn't show at all. At least Senhor is telling us the issue. And the rules no longer state that the champ. must defend his title every month.

    If the match doesn't happen then it's no great issue that they aren't in the MITB match. Summerslam was just a suggestion, this match can happen on monday if both parties are happy.
  7. Senhor Perfect Jonathan Dat Kid I have no problem doing the match on Monday. I won't deny Senhor the right to hang with his wife on her birthday.
  8. Same time monday guys?
  9. I'm not doing anything Monday so yeah it works. I'll give a shout out if something comes up but pencil me down for same time Monday.
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  10. Thanks Alkaline, I owe you one.
  11. *three nudes.
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  13. not sure if i laughed harder at the video response or your avatar. SCOTTY!??
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  15. [​IMG]
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  16. On the way
  17. And the match is on... NOW! Promos close at 7pm Eastern USA on 15th July/1am Plopspot's time on the 16th.

    Voting will then last for 24 hours.
  18. *Alkaline enters the arena, pyro goes off down the ramp as he walks to the ring. He enters the ring, dressed in his ring gear and with the TV title around his waist. He slides between the ropes and poses in the ring as the music dies down.*​
    Alkaline: Well here we are, Monday night and it is time for the real main event, because we've all seen what happened to the IWT championship match.​
    You all know me, and if you don't: your loss. My name is Alkaline. I am one of the hottest commodities going in this company today. I am Mr. Match of the night, some would say the scumbag. But most importantly, I am the future of this company and your world TV champion.​
    Tonight, I am here to write history with a man who is used to writing history. Tonight is the unification match between Senhor Perfect's intercontinental title, and my world TV title. Where two titles enter but only one leaves. History will be made tonight and all of you scumbags are here to enjoy it.​
    Let's talk about my opponent. Senhor Perfect is one of this company's greats. One of the closest things this company has to a legend. He held 3 titles at the same time. He's the human triple threat. This is the guy who has held the intercontinental title roughly since its inception. A man who has seen wars come and go, a man that defines the word champion. So you may ask, how can I compete with that? Simple, Senhor is a part of history while I, I am a part of the future. Senhor has been through wars but so have I, remember how I won this belt a month ago. I was the man who took Joel Rain out to the battlefield and burned through him like the German blitz. I was the man, who before that went to war with our tag team champions, I might have lost that battle, but it hardened me, it taught me what is needed to win. Made me into the champion that stands before you today. I know what it feels like to lose, I've been at the bottom. I know how it feels like to win, I've been at the top. And quite frankly, I enjoy being at the top a lot more than being at the bottom. I am the guy who came into this company to cause change. To eradicate the chaos that surrounds this company's roster and the matches we run, and that alone has been a war. But I won't tire, I won't stay down. I will get back up and fight whoever stands in my way and say whatever I have to say. I might step on a few toes and aggravate a few people with my attitude but quite frankly I don't care. I say what needs to be said when it needs to be said. And if you don't like it you can smoke off and die. ​
    Never the less I am a proud champion in this company, I am proud of wrestling for this company. Because with every match I have I get closer to my goal of changing it, turning it upside down and in the right direction. They say only geniuses work well in chaos, well call me Albert Einstein then! Every match is a war for me to overcome, and tonight I face my biggest challenge yet. ​
    I know who you are Senhor, You are one of the men I looked up to when I joined this company. I watched your matches, read your books, studied your work because quite frankly you were a role model to me. You set records in this company, but records are meant to be broken. The man I watched when I first found this company as a fan has changed into the man I see today. The warhorse of old has grown weary, tired and bruised, but still you keep going. Still you keep fighting. Maybe in part because you feel obligated to fight at such a standard as you do. Maybe in part because you have forgotten how to do anything else. We are the last of a dying breed you and I. While everyone else trash talks themselves to title shots, or fishes for votes, or gets belts by spending time on their back, you and I earn our gold. We are warriors you and I. Champs hanging with chumps. But you are an old warrior, and I am fresh and young. New generations always surpass those that came before, and in the long run it won't be any different between you or I. You might beat me tonight old man I would never count you out of a match. But I will be the one to win the war. When I look in your eyes I still see fighting spirit, but I also see it dulling. Whilst mine is still burning hotter than ever before. I'm going to give my utmost to beat you tonight Senhor, so you can get the time with your family and the rest that you deserve. I will take up where you left off and I will continue on the march of the dying breed in this company, either until you come back stronger than ever, or someone younger and fresher than me bests me. One could say that I am saving you from yourself. At ease soldier, you've earned your rest.​
    So when you ask yourselves "how can Alkaline beat Senhor Perfect?" I have this to tell you. Because I know men like him, because I am a man like him, a warrior. And I know what he can dish out. And more importantly, I know that I can take it. Everything he throws at me I will withstand. I will get back up and strike back. And I will keep doing that until one of us is down, and it won't be me. I know how vicious I have to be to win, how hard I have to push. And I am willing to go that far to win, always have been, always will be. I will not die, I'll get back up and prove time and time again that I am the prince of the punch, the Sultan of the submission. That this ring is my jungle, and I am the king of this jungle! I will win because you quite frankly can only beat me by killing me, and no one in this company can kill me! ​
  19. OOC I'll post mine within the next 2 hrs