IWT MITB - X Div. Title - Farooq vs FailFace

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Who's your winner?

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  1. Fluttershy Farooq

  2. FailFaceFTW

  1. [​IMG]
    The following contest is scheduled for one fall... and is for.. the X DIVISION CHAMPIONSHIP!
    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last until 7pm Eastern USA on 9th July hours and there is NO LIMIT on how many you can write in that time.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours and close at 7pm Eastern USA on 10th July.


  2. The lights dim as a speech from a quote from Braveheart plays.
    As soon as the music plays a moonlike spotlight shines on the stage. No one shows up, the light begins to shine around the crowd, until it finds Farooq walking alone, through the crowd as the fans touch him and cheer for him. Farooq wearing a natural made blue robe, and the X Division championship on his shoulder. He jumps over the barricade once he reaches the end of the crowd of fans. He walks up the steel steps and hands the X Division championship to the announcer. The announcer hands Farooq the microphone and he begins to take his robe off. He's now wearing his ring gear, a pair of black tights with a image of the moon on each leg. Blue fingertipless gloves, and a pair of black boots is what he is also wearing.​
    Farooq begins to speak as he watches the stage. "Now, this is the day, here on the Money in the Bank as to where I defend the X Division championship for the first time!" Farooq said as the crowd cheered heavily. "Now let us begin, I think it's fair enough as to why I should continue to be the X Division champion. The entire time, between Payback and Money in the Bank I was fighting! Not because I had to, but because I had a passion to fight! And I still do! Of course I was guaranteed to have a match tonight, and none of those matches would have affected tonights match at all, yet I still fought. Why? Because I desire to get better! I desire not to be the best, because being the best only sets a limit, no, I choose to be better then what I was before! I want to continue to get better and better and better, increasing my fighting will, because it's who I am! A fighter! Whether it is to win or to lose, I fight until I cannot stand up, and even on the ground, I use all my energy left to attack. I even set myself to accept any challenger that wishes to fight me, because I do not fear competition. I know that each encounter, whether it's with someone with experience, or a rookie, that they will provide a new experience to me, and will cause me to better myself even more."​
    "Now as for my opponent, how many matches has he had since Payback? How many as he had before then? How many has he had in IWT exactly? I understand as to why he has received this match, because he was a European champion, the same belt I unified to create the X Division championship, but as to why should he receive this championship? I see no reason whatsoever. He lost it to Sackfist, who to which was not just the European champion, but he was also the Cruiserweight champion, a double champion, and I defeated him for the very belt Sackfist defeated my opponent for. And what has my opponent done to seem like he is worthy for the belt currently? I will tell you this, count all the fans in the IWT arena, and all the fans at home, then take that number and multiply it by the number of zero, that's what he has proven. Nothing."

    "This X Division champion deserves to be held by a champion who turns no challenge away, one that's not afraid to fight, one earns his way to the top! I wasn't handed this opportunity because I lost a old championship, I climbed the mountain and forged this sword known as the X Division! I didn't lay in bed, satisfied because I got an opportunity, or because I am the champion, I continued to train, and I fought more opponents! If I'm going to lose this championship to anybody in IWT, it shall be to one who fights not only on Pay-Per-Views, not only when a championship is at stake, but one that fights for the passion of the fight! To better themselves! That's what the X Division is about, that's what being a champion is about! I fight, and will always fight. I have proven that, but my opponent has lacked to show his face unless it was to demand a title shot, may I ask, where has he been since Payback? Since he asked for his championship match? Because I have been here week in and week out, and I have not seen him. Is that the champion you want IWT? One that only shows when there's a championship on the line, then go vote for my opponent, but if you want one, with fighting in his spirit, honor in his blood, and the will to never give up, then look no further then me, your current X Division and founder, Farooq." Farooq says as the crowd cheers wildly, the crowd now chanting, "Farooq!! Farooq!! Farooq!!"​
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  3. *The lights fade as a video comes on of Mr. Sackfist beating FailFace for the European title. Followed by that, a video of Sehnor Perfect beating FailFace. The lights come back on as a theme plays.*

    *The crowd, still confused by the previous video, awkwardly boos*

    *FailFace walks out with a leather jacket carrying a Kendo Stick, he walks to the ring and enters with a disdained look on his face*

    "Now, before I start my promo here today, I'm going to tell all of you exactly what you were expecting today, a lackluster promo that carrying nothing but the threats of a simple low carder who bitches for a title shot. But today my friends, is not the day for bitching, is not the day for a pathetic excuse, but today my friends, is the day for a great performance by yours truly."

    *Mixed crowd reaction*

    "The videos I told the production team to show before I made my entrance showed a broken man, a man who only wanted a title, who didn't care how or if he showed his best to get it. A man who didn't care about his fellow superstars, or his own division for that matter, all that mattered was when his next title shot was. He was late to matches, hell, some he didn't even show up for. That man was a lazy bastard who didn't give a damn unless he had a title around his waist. But today ladies and gentleman, I stand before you a changed man."

    *Small cheers*

    "All the things that Farooq said about me perfectly reflected the man I was. A man who was broken, but today Farooq, you face a man with a new outlook on the entire wrestling scene. You're facing a man that is now willing to give his heart to this ring and these fans whether he has a title around his waist or not. You're facing a man that is willing to do what it takes within these ropes to take any and every title as long as I believe I can, and these fans accept that."

    *Mixed reaction, battling chants start with "Farooq!" and "FailFace!"*

    "IWT fans, I understand where you are coming from now. You want a champion that fights, and will do whatever it takes to give you fans a show?! I agree with all of you 100%. IWT fans, I promise you, whether I walk out tonight with the X Division title around my waist or not, I promise all of you that I will continue to give my all in this ring for all of you fans!"

    *Mixed reaction and chants continue*

    "But I'd like to close my first promo with a thought for all of you today. Do I deserve the chance? I would rather prove to you fans that I deserve a second chance, rather than walk out with a title that I probably don't even deserve. But if you fans do decide I deserve it, I still will keep my promise of working hard in this ring for all of you day in and day out."

    *Mixed reaction and chants continue*
  4. Farooq picked up the microphone and began to speak again, "Even if you have truly changed, I still cannot allow you to leave with this belt. This championship represents this division, a division of hard working wrestlers that will make a name for themselves in the future. I have fought to long, and to hard to just allow it to fall into the grasp of someone else who earned this belt through simple rules and regulations. Every time I step into this ring, no matter what, it's to give it my all. That's what makes a champion, and why I am the X Division champion. I come in with a closed fist, not expecting my opponent to give in or give up, because I don't expect that of myself."

    "Everytime you come into a fight here in the IWT, whether it's the way you did now, or climbing to the top, you leave it all here in the ring. All the blood, sweat and tears, because you should come in, expecting to win. If you have even the smallest of doubt that you're going to lose, then you're going to lose. This is a brutal company, not for the faint of heart. Do I believe you deserve a second chance? Absolutely, but that does not mean I will go easy on you, or hold back. I will continue to give one hundred percent, and beyond here in the IWT!"

    "I came into this match, expecting to win. I came into this match with the X Division title, and I expect fully to leave with the X Division title. To take this title away from me, you, and everybody else in the IWT locker room with have to push me beyond the limit, and pry it from my cold deceased hands, because just like the rising moon at night, I am the light of this division. I am the one who represents it with passion, the one who represents it in a fighting manner. I don't expect you to give up right now, you have your shot at the X Division championship right now, so make your move."
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  8. I enjoyed this, both have very different styles of promoing and i think they complimented each other
  9. "And the winner and still X Division champion, Farooq!" The announcer said as she handed him the X Division championship. The referee raised Farooq's arm as he held the championship up high. The crowd cheered loudly for Farooq as he put the championship on his shoulder. Farooq turned his attention over to Failface and extended his hand for a handshake, in respect of the match.
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  10. *Shakes hand and leaves the ring*
  11. *Adam runs down the ramp and hits Failface with his briefcase, He backs off pointing at the title and says "Im coming for it! Its mine!"​
  12. Farooq climbs out of the ring, going underneath the ring and picking up a barbed wire covered 2X4 and chases off Adam. "If you want a challenge, then you have received one!"
  13. *Adam runs and runs off behind the stage*​
    OOC: Just starting our Summerslam feud, Looking forward to it :)
  14. Farooq checks on Failface, making sure that he didn't get to badly hurt from Adam's attack.

    OOC: It's fine ^^ it's interesting now