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IWT - Money in the Bank cash in specials

Jonathan, Jul 26, 2014

Will they have a successful cash-in? Maximum $5k stake - if you bet over that the bet will be deleted
This Event is closed and is no longer taking wagers
This Event was settled Sep 30, 2014
  1. Delik submitted a new betting event:

    IWT - Money in the Bank cash in specials

    Place your wagers here...

    *Maximum $5000 stake per bet - if you bet over that the bet will be deleted*

  2. Can you do one of those pools where everyone picks, I dunno, a month maybe, and the winner gets it all? Of course, I would hope no one would abuse it
  3. Don't know why but a gut feeling tells me both will lose.
  4. What do you mean
  5. You've never done that? Basically, everyone pays a fixed amount to pick a "time" when they think the briefcase they bet on will be cashed in (I said months cuz that would give us 12). The person who gets it right gets all the money that was bet.
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  6. Very cool Trip. Thanks for explaining. Sounds like an interesting way to place bets. I am intrigued. I need to investigate this further.
  7. A good example of it is in 40 Days and 40 Nights IIRC. I think they bet on which day he will crack and :fap: when he swears off sexual gratification of any kind
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  8. Everyone that didn't put their money on the "B. Dazzle Unsuccessful Cash-In" is dumb. Gav ain't gonna let that nigga win the title.
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  9. We can't bet on football but can on this. Genius.
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  10. Since Dazzle lost his briefcase doesn't that mean he was unsuccessful to cash in?
  11. Nope. That bet was void and deleted, stakes were returned.
  12. [​IMG]

    Gav that mother fucking Chav ftw.
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  14. Lol gav thinks if you believe in him you'll go all in on a sucessful cash in
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  15. You know I did.
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  16. Yes lol thats exactly what gav wants to see
  17. Re-opened to delete Nick's bets as he's MIA, settled Gav's bets. Will re-do Nicks now.
  18. Way to get that W Gav. 8k i'll never need in my pocket.
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