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  1. All matches start at 5am Eastern USA and end at 7pm Eastern USA on their specified dates below.

    Monday 8th July: MITB Predictions
    Rhodes vs airbourne908 vs NanoRah14 vs Adam568 vs Danielson vs Alkaline (or Senhor Perfect - whoever loses the TV/Intercontinental Unification Match)
    Which man has what it takes to go to the top, grab the briefcase and earn themselves a shot at any title, any time, for up to a year? Find out, at Money in the Bank!


    Tuesday 9th July: X Division
    Fluttershy Farooq vs FailFaceFTW
    FailFace got himself this match by calling out the current champion, who was kind enough to grant him a title shot!


    Wednesday 10th July: Tag Team Championship
    Victoria Parker & Danielson (CrayJ Lee & Danielson) vs Creators of Chaos (Adam568 & NanoRah14)
    On Wednesday, the former champs Victoria and Danielson cash in their rematch clause against the Creators of Chaos, Adam and Nano! Who will come out on top when these two great teams collide?

    Thursday: NOTHING


    Friday 12th July: World TV/Intercontinental Unification
    Alkaline vs Senhor Perfect - The loser of this match enters the Money in the Bank match
    The longest reigning champion Senhor Perfect puts his Intercontinental championship on the line against the rookie Alkaline, in a unification bout. Who will reign victorious and create the super-title?


    Saturday 13th July: World Title
    Seabs vs Aids Johnson
    The calm before the storm... the newly returned Aids Johnson takes on the World Champion Seabs in what could well be an absolute thunder storm of a match. What will happen when these two titans collide?


    Sunday 14th July: WWE Title

    CrayJ Lee vs Respect Gohan6425
    And finally, the grand-daddy, the magnificence, the MAIN EVENT! Newly crowned IWT champion Victoria takes on "The best in the world" Frank the Jock defending her title for the very first time. What will happen when the 'great' FTJ tries his hand at regaining the IWT title? Tune in to Money in the Bank and find out!
  2. Why does FTJ have my moniker?
  3. why is there not 2 mitb matchest!?
  4. Does it matter?

  5. well that how wwe does it? it make sense for us to do it that way.
  6. Not enough people bud, plus the titles are being unified soon.
  7. Just cash in either one of them.

  8. not if i win it. lol! and we do used the new guy to be in it.

  9. The titles are being unified either way lol, me vs you at Summerslam. I'll be Cena and you be Punk? I suppose we could reuse guys?
  10. If someone can make this picture smaller, it'll mean this is the one you're chasing and it's for either the WHC or WWE Championship.

  11. NO! b/c who to said the winner of mitb will not used to cash in there shot at summerslam!? Or who said when I beat Lee she will used her rematch clase! Clearly did not think thing though!

  12. [​IMG]
  13. I don't make the rules. I'm assuming the rematch is done in between PPVs.
  14. Hey, if it's possible, could me & Eddy aka Alias just get a match on the PPV? We have literally only had 1 match and it would be pretty cool to have some more lol.
  15. Sorry, everything is complete now and who would you face? Next time let us know before we've completed the scheduling :)

    And you can have as many matches as you want here, just make a thread in the section challenging people :)
  16. (Jonathan) Johnny I'll take on Jawb and Eddy in a handicap match. That is if they choose to accept
  17. If I could win the last predictions contest I can win this match!
  18. Do a unique ladder match like a rookie ladder match lol.
  19. It will be me & George The Mystical. Eddy will be ringside for this.

  20. I accept under these conditions.

    1) One promo only from each participant. We can hammer out a date for these promos whenever.

    2) If The Cure wins, we get a tag team title shot at the next PPV.

    - Mystical George.