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  1. I know this is subjective and depends on people's gauge of what a good match is but IWT has held some amazing matches already this year and it ain't even finished. So I just thought I'd keep track of what I think have been some really solid matches this year. Come up with your own list, and you can even mention yourself if you feel like it.

    My list so far, gonna round it off at 10:

    Bryant/Alias I
    Rock N Roll Desperadoes/Second Generation
    WHC Elimination Chamber

    I couldn't really remember much from earlier this year so I may have missed out on some good matches, but that's all I could come up with. As for Worst Matches Of The Year (don't get bamboozle)...

    Alias/Johnny B. Cool
    IWT Title MITB
    Kaizer/Andrew lel
    Justin Magnus/Clobbersaurus
    CM Punk/Jwab
    Dudes With Tudes handicap match

    None of these matches amount to CM Punk/Senhor from last year though, that was pretty terrible.

    But yeah, go ahead and leave your lists if you want.
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  2. FTJ vs Kid didnt make the worse match of the year list? We won that
  3. Quite entertaining for what it was, deserves an honorable mention though.
  4. That's the first time I've ever made it on a list in a positive light. :blackshock: (That makes me sound so awful) but yay! I'm so glad you liked my match with Trevor! It was awesome!
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  5. Literally everyone made it bcuz of the rumble lol
  6. I'd say it ranked higher than Nick/Majour and that was pretty cool. Keep up the good work.
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  7. At least I'm there in some capacity.

    I would put CrayJ v Shadow, and THG's match with anyone should be on the list for greatest. None of my matches were all that great, I'm sure I've had some ok matches here and there but nothing I can point out as great.
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  8. You said the same for IWTN :willis:
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  9. Theres been a lot of brilliant matches this year it would be hard to narrow Them down
  10. Forgot about CrayJ/Shadow. Definitely a low-end MOTYC.
  11. :boss1:
  12. Goddamnit Trip.

    The post was intended to make people think you're just saying that to be nice. Seesh, it's like the only ratings I get from you are the What's.
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  13. :lol1: That was a sarcastic what. Like "what me?"
  14. Abse!!!!!!

    @Cynthio ban pls!!!!!!!!!!

    Also, I have a new concept to take place of RAW. I'm sending you the details right now.
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  15. stop derailing my thread gtfo stfu
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  16. Ok.

    Dat Kid vs D'z was pretty fun.