OOC IWT needs tag teams!!!

Discussion in 'IWT Archives' started by Trip in the Head, Feb 25, 2014.

  1. Use this thread to try and make tag teams if you like. As far as I know there is the "Daz and Gav Connection", The Order, and The Rock n' Roll Desperadoes (Andrew and Spinzz). 3 teams. Thats it? We need some teams people. I would say at least twice that number would be ideal. If people out there don't want to get pigeonholed to the tag team division if you're on a team, prove the disbelievers wrong. You can be on a team and still be a competent singles performer. Trust me.

    I think @Dolph'sZiggler and @Danielson would make an awesome team if you guys got together like you hinted at earlier. And I know you are both superb singles competitors.

    Anybody else?
  2. gross don't get this tag team division stank on me when I'm trying to win a world title goddammit
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  3. Bro you can't even win in the x division
  4. See thats what I mean. Who says you can't do both?

    Maybe @Delik should just make more impromptu teams on the spot when needed then? Just like on the E? I bet everyone would love that #sarcasm
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  5. I'm sorry are you an IWT competitor?
  6. Nick vs D'Z's corpse! Book it lol
  7. yea
  8. I'm not familiar with your work.
  9. I want to team with Blffl if you know what I mean.:gusta:
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  10. 3 PPV wins bro. Glorified jobber. Every single person that's beaten me has gotten something good after (Joey Bryant, trip, THG) so yeah pretty much the dude that puts people over
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  11. I do but I can't figure out why
  12. i do work better in a tag team so if anyone does want a tag partner......
  13. I want to team with Shadow's sister
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  14. Been there, done that, no thanks.
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  15. I thought there was more tag teams..... Is it really only 3?
  16. I could possibly do a tag team.
  17. Been a tag team champ with two different people. It's a cool thing to do when you're stuck in the midcard, give it a try guys.
  18. [​IMG]

  19. I think he does too. #Incest.
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  20. Were you replying to trips or dat kid...