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    IWT Countdown:
    Episode 1: Best Talkers (open)

    Welcome to IWT Countdown, where I list them, and our workers I rank them!

    Through out IWT's short yet historical 2 years on top of the world, they're have been mind blowing artist of speech, from worshiped leaders, to company guys who lead this company. IWT Countdown presents to you the top 10 greatest talkers!

    Spinzz, IWT's very first IWT Royal Rumble winner. He's not only an accomplished singles talent, but he's also an accomplished tag competitor, being 1 half of possibly the strongest tag team around, The Desperadoes. All those feats don't come without Spinzz telling you about it. His sharp yet serious tongue can sting anyone at any moment. Known by few nickname's but for sure one of them is...The Lizard
    Bruce Knight
    The underdog who's last 6 months can called a fairytale. Winning the Royal Rumble to beating Aids Johnson and Joey Bryant for the IWT Title to handing Alias Antonio his first loss of the year. Truly his career AND his talking have been on a role as of yet.
    Trip: Has one of the best win-loss records in IWT. He must know what he's doing to a certain extent.
    Farooq's never-been serious attitude founded and lead the short lived group The JOB Squad along with The Artist. Not only is he a accomplished stablemate but a singles competitor, having the best win/loss record of any IWT star at the moment.
    Victoria Parker
    Having the one of the longest and most memorable feuds in history with Aids Johnson not only cements her place in history but also showed what kinda venom she could throw into that microphone. The once almighty Victoria Parker is currently on a hiatus, another loss for IWT.
    Trip: Her feud with Aids was that of legends. Also a 2 time IWT champ.
    6: Arti
    Senhor Perfect
    The triple threat, the perfect one, the first ever triple crown in IWT history, not only are his words of striking excellence flawless in delivery but absolutely *perfect* in winning him matches
    Trip: The first and thus far only triple crown champion in IWT and an IWT HOFer
    Joey Bryant
    Smart, opportunistic and dangerous, this not only sums up Joey Bryant's choice of poison though words but his career in whole. Breakout Star of The Year, 2 time IWT Champion, one of the fastest rising stars in IWT history. He knows it, I know it and we all know it...He personifies the 2nd generation.
    Trip: One of the few 2 time IWT champions and current IWT champ
    Aids Johnson
    He's good...and he knows it, though he has said to have his wrestling days behind him the Talent Management in IWT has stricken down many foes and titles to his win/loss record. Sadly those very words couldn't get him back on top at IWTMania 2 but he is surely still one of the greatest that IWT's ever had.
    Trip: He's the 3 time IWT champion for a reason
    Dat Kid
    Dangerous, sadistic and a creative genius. The man not only made people stars in a matter of weeks but he did it while retaining his "one of the best stature" in the IWT.
    Trip: A legend in the business. Not having him around is tough on said business
    Following the Order of Night to greatness is pretty much just like listening to Britannica's promos...intriguing yet poisonous. She not only made IWT from scratch but made it what it is today. She did have an unfortunate end to her short stay. Hopefully she can return.
    Trip: Been a tough competitor from the start of IWT (before it was IWT really). Also helped helm the introduction of The Order of Night *Winks*

    Let's take a break from the Countdown and look at the overlooked ones in the best of the best in the talk category!
    Chris Kaizer
    Marcus Anthony

    Trip: Also known under his former name, Suicide. Andrew has been a top notch competitor for a long time. I should know - he and his teammate Spinzz took my tag titles. This interview is over! *Throws a standard GM fit*

    Alias Antonio
    Trip: One of the only men to hold multiple singles victories over Aids and current WHC
    He hasn't lost a fraction of his matches...he hasn't met a challenge he hasn't met. He hasn't met a microphone he has shot his brand of poison through. A venomousness crafter of language, he hasn't been matched previously and doesn't seem to be in the future. Another 2nd generation leader and wold champion. His future is bright and not destructive like his words...

    Thank you all for tuning into IWT Countdown: Best Talkers!

    Episode 2: Greatest Events (open)

    Welcome to IWT Countdown, where I list them and I rank them.

    IWT's long event history is something for someone to research, and we did. This is the top 10 greatest events in IWT History!

    10: IWT Extreme Rules 2014
    IWTMania 2 wasn't what everyone expected it to be. Flight delays caused many of the talent to either reschedule or not show up at all. As IWT Extreme Rules rolled around everyone was looking for something that wasn't a disaster and that's what we got. Alias breaking into the ranks, Joey retaining his title and the possible Upper-Midcard rise of Chris Kaizer was basically guaranteed. This was an event of a life time.
    9: IWT Elimination Chamber 2013
    One of the first IWT main events saw a crowning of new champions and the slow fall of IWT legend and first ever champion Frank The Jock. The aftermath lead to an outstanding IWTMania and a great year to come. We hope this can happen again.
    8: IWT Royal Rumble 2014
    You talk about crazy, this event launched Alias Antonio and Bruce Knight into Main Event status as Alias won the X-Division championship and Bruce Knight won the Royal Rumble.
    7: IWT Coronation
    The first EVER! IWT Event clocks us in as one of the best IWT events in recent memory. Aids Johnson, Dat Kid, FTJ, Senhor Perfect and other soon to be legends were on this card as green giants but soon became superstars. Without this event...We wouldn't have an IWT.
    6: IWT Slammy's
    The greatest built IWT event in recent memory with multiple culminations of multiple stories came together for the last IWT showcase of 2013. Truly something to re-watch (Soon coming to IWT Network)
    5: IWT Old School Uprising
    The Generation, The Perfect Dragons, The Dazzling Chav's, The Order, Erik Draven, Anonymous, Senhor Perfect. Nuff Said.
    4: IWT Survivor Series
    This event was a great showcase of IWT's ability to book classics still considered to be a great show this can still be booked again and everyone can enjoy it all over again.
    3: IWT Money in the Bank
    Aids Johnson winning the Money in the Bank, FTJ suspended and much more took place on this classic PPV that gave IWT another nudge in it's Golden Era.
    2: IWT Elimination Chamber 2014
    This took Joey Bryant, Dat Kid and Trip to new heights as these men defeated multiple men to retain their place on top of the IWT.
    Here are some that were just cut from the list
    IWTMania 2
    IWT Uprising (After Extreme Rules 2014)
    IWT Royal Rumble 2013
    IWT Extreme Rules 2013

    1: IWT Summer Slam 2013
    Incognito v Aids Johnson draws the biggest crowd in IWT History, 30,000 (30 decisions) bring this event the greatest esteem in IWT's historical boundaries.

    Thank You all for watching IWT Countdown, stay tuned as our next episode is our Season Finale!

    Episode 3: Greatest Tag Teams (open)

    Welcome to IWT Countdown, where I list them and I rank them!

    IWT's known for it's strong Tag division well we dug into to find the best of the best!

    10: Sackfist and Rodrigo
    Though not the most successful they sure did stick with eachother. They stuck around until late 2013 and in early 2014, Rodrigo retired from the IWT and hasn't been seen since. They were entertaining sadly we might never see them again.
    9: Victoria Parker vs Anonymous
    Surely a long standing team, most notably they competed at the 2013 edition of IWT SummerSlam and at the showcase of the reschedulers, IWTMania 2. Facing for the Tag titles at one event and against The Desperadoes in the other. Both were Tag Match of the Year quality.
    8: Erik Draven & Anonymous
    Danny makes a second appearance here on IWT Countdown but this time with IWT Legend, Erik Draven. The first ever IWT Tag Champions they not only rocked IWT's foundation, but built it up.
    7: Perfect Dragons
    ONCE again Danny found his way into this list. Hell, he only appeared for his tag match at IWTMania 2. This team was built up of pure excellence in both in-ring competition and on the mic. They were truly the PERFECT team.
    6: The Cure (Alias Antonio & Jwab Atom)
    Tag Team of the Year. Tag Champions and some bad ass in ring competitors bring to #6.
    5: The Cure (Ben Dover & Alias Antonio)
    These guys are truly one of kind. Both current IWT Champions and both currently the stiffest competition in IWT put's both these guys in at #5.
    4: The Generation
    Cool name, cool guys, some what long standing in the tag division along with Alkaline/Spinzz and Erik Draven they were unstoppable. This proved once again when they teamed up one more time at Old School Uprising to defeat the Perfect Dragons.
    3: The Dazzling Chav's
    One of the longest reigning champions of all time. They tragically dissolved in early 2014. Hey, cheeky ****s, any of you seen Dazzle?
    2: The Order
    Marcus Anthony and Trip ruled all competition in the mid-card during this time. Though the tragic disappearance of founder Britannica slowed them down they got back up and became dominant

    Joey Bryant & Dat Kid
    Joey Bryant & Fire
    Dexx Dugan & Mike Boston

    1: Desperadoes
    Tag champions, former world champions respectively and some of the biggest names in IWT came together to make this possible. Congratulations!

    That Raps up IWT Countdown, join us next time here on the IWT Network.

    Episode 4: Greatest Matches (open)

    Welcome to IWT Countdown, where I list them and I rank them!

    IWT is known for heart pounding, and ground shaking action. A select can be masterpieces and these are those that belong in a museum.

    #10: Victoria Parker vs FTJ (Money in the Bank 2013)

    This match was never the greatest in the ring but hell it was a buzz a thousand bee's afterwards. After a controversial ending it was revelead that FTJ had been planning to screw Victoria Parker out of the IWT Title even trying hire henchman who eventually came clean to their crimes and FTJ suffered the consequences. That is viewed as the climax of the IWT Golden Era mid last year.
    #9: Nick vs Harriet Vargas (IWTMania 2)
    After a neck and neck tie in decisions in the X-Division multi man match, Nick and Harriet took to one on one competition in a classic X-Division classic that was replicated but never duplicated. One of the best one on one X-Division matches in a while.
    #8: Chris Kaizer vs King David vs Alias Antonio (IWT Royal Rumble 2014)
    Well, the IWT's golden age might be over but it was intense when the three men known as Chris Kaizer, Alias Antonio and King David clashed in a classic triple threat that launched Alias Antonio to main event stardom, Chris Kaizer to an impressive winning streak and King David to mediocrity.
    #7: Victoria Parker vs Suicide (IWT Summer Slam 2013)
    IWT SummerSlam may be known as the death of the World Heavyweight Championship before being revived and sent down the road again. This year it seems to be the same way last year ran, Victoria Parker (IWT Champ) faced Suicide (IWT WH Champ) in a unification match, Victoria Parker came out victorious and this slowly lead to the death of Suicide and the birth of Andrew.
    #6: Aids Johnson vs Joey Bryant vs Victoria Parker (IWT Survivor Series 2013)
    At the Survivor Series 2013 it was the after burn of a red hor IWT Summer. At the time newcomer Joey Bryant was proving his grounds and Victoria Parker and Aids Johnson were headlining every month. Joey Bryant, Aids Johnson and Parker threw the book out the window and ended Survivor Series with a good taste in it's mouth.
    #5: Aids Johnson vs Incognito
    Aids Johnson, possibly one of the most popular IWT stars of all time and Crayo, a long time investor in IWT along with helping with the companies official creation. When Incognito joined it sent shockwaves and when Aids Johnson and Incognito was announced it really was the perfect way to tap off "The Summer of IWT" in 2013.
    #4: Dat Kid vs George
    Usually overlooked on the IWTMania 2 card but truly this match was a classic. Buried deep in IWTMania 2 with The D'Z screw job, Bruce Knight and the Championship cash in. This match truly deserves a top five spot in my book.
    #3: IWT Championship Match (IWT Coronation)
    IWT was just created and the first show was organized and the champions were to be crowned. FTJ proved that he had what it took to become IWT champion that night but he became a prick and refused to defend. FTJ is an IWT legend despite the annoyances. Also it was the first IWT match...so.
    #2: Alias Antonio vs Bruce Knight (IWTMania 2)
    This match was Bruce Knight's first test and by god it was a tough one, handing Alias his first loss of 2014 and retaining the IWT Championship proved well for Bruce Knight who has lost his spot in the main event.
    Dat Kid vs Aids Johnson
    Victoria Parker vs Aids Johnson
    Nick vs Harriet Vargas II

    #1: Alias Antonio vs Joey Bryant (IWT Uprising March)
    By now you've probably noticed Joey Bryant and Alias Antonio show up A LOT on this show so...what the hell. Joey Bryant who had just won his IWT Championship faced off against IWT X-Division champion Alias Antonio in a match that was a dream, but it became a reality. Alias walked away with the win and eventually went on to become a supporter of Joey Bryant (I think)
    Thank you for watching IWT Countdown, join us next time!

    Episode 5: Greatest Villians (open)

    Welcome to IWT Countdown, where I list them and I rank them.

    In IWT history they're have been baby kissing hero's to backstabbing villains and these are the top 10 GREATEST VILLAINS!

    #10: #7: Senhor Perfect

    The Triple Threat really knows how to get under everyones skin. From having one of the most successful runs in IWT history and backing up everything he says he can he's truly perfect and one of the greatest villains.
    #9: Lord Lee
    The guy's rich, he hangs out with Donald Trump in the box seats above the arena and he held that IC/EU title for ages. He had everything and he let everyone know about it.
    #8: Harriet Vargas
    Not only is she backed up by one of the IWT's true legends but she's also backed up by skill. Everyone loves to hate her even if she didn't do anything.
    #7: Dolph's Ziggler
    This guy was bad and everyone loved it. Screwed over and throwing one of the best promos of the last year at former IWT GM Jonathan in what was his last straw. This guy was the one man nWo for sure.
    #6: Victoria Parker
    A gun wielding maniac that got her motivations from Chris Benoit. Nuff Said.
    #5: Aids Johnson
    This crazy drunkard ran rough shot over the IWT for a full year. From skipping town after winning the IWT title to coming back and claiming it again. Everyone loves to hate. Rightfully so.
    #4: Joey Bryant
    The New Blood in the IWT and surly but for good purpose the new blood in The Church. From being a dominating rookie to the biggest name in IWT. Some say jealousy from his near instant success but he's had his fair share of bastard moves.
    #3: FTJ
    Whether it be pushing Dat Kid off the ramp, hiring henchmen to attack Victoria Parker or refusing to defend the IWT Title this man is a crazy bastard.
    #2: Chris Kaizer
    The man that goes by Total Nonstop Heel, this man is a bastard and he knows it making the budge of his confidence that much harder.

    Marcus Anthony
    Alias Antonio

    #1: Dat Kid
    The guy claims to be god, he's ended countless careers and has the accomplishments to show for it. Imagine Charles Manson as President...Bad stuff.

    Thank you for watching IWT Countdown, join us next time!

    Episode 6: Dominators (open)

    Welcome to IWT Countdown, where I list them and I rank them.

    In the IWT many win, many lose but only a select few dominate. These are the Top 10 Dominating superstars, now keep in mind their reign of terror doesn't need to be in tact at the moment but a past dominating winning streak will be counted in as well.

    #10: Chris Kaizer
    Sleeping his way into victory, he's been on a hot trail for months now. Winning the European title and failing to capture the Tag Titles due to a DQ win for The Desperadoes.
    #9: The Order
    IWT GM and Marcus Anthony were forces that no one could deal with while being in active competition. After winning the Road to WrestleMania tournament and going on to defeat the Dazzling Chav's. They grew apart as Trip became IWT GM and Marcus started taking hiatuses. They were still dangerous men on a calm path.
    #8: The Desperadoes
    Being one of the most dominating team in the IWT ever since IWT Mania 2. Having won the IWT Tag Belts in a landslide victory against the Dazzling Chav's and The Order. They've been on a role and nothing seems to be slowing them down.
    #7: Senhor Perfect
    Being one of the first IWT champions ever. He was also one of the first IWT Intercontinental champions with even more accomplishments he was known as the Triple Threat. Being the first Triple Crown champion. The second being Dat Kid.
    #6: Victoria Parker
    She was one of the greatest IWT champions of all time and was on a dominating role in her first IWT Title reign. Recently returning and winning the Hardcore title on her return night.
    #5: Aids Johnson
    The guy was the King of the Ring so to speak in his 2nd and 3rd IWT title reigns. Holding the titles for months on end.
    #4: Joey Bryant
    Billed as the future a couple months after his debut. He has been IWT champion since May and almost won the IWT Tag Titles. Even though an upset turned the tables he was able to revive himself and re-capture the IWT title.
    #3: Dat Kid
    Being defeated in only rare instances such as when facing two competitors at a time or when facing Trip. Seeing this man laid out for a 3 count is rarer then Artist winning a match.
    #2: Alias Antonio
    Basically owning the list. He has lost only a couple times during his one full year here in the IWT. He is well known for being one of if not THE most dominate superstars in the IWT today.
    #1: Farooq
    Having the greatest W/L record in IWT. He was undefeated for a majority of his IWT career only losing a couple times in his two year IWT career. Even though being the most note worthy IWT star he still has NEVER held the IWT title. The title he challenged for before being defeated and leaving the IWT.

    Thank You for watching IWT Countdown and join us next time!

    Episode 7: Greatest Champions (open)

    Welcome to IWT Countdown, where I list them and I rank them.

    IWT has champions, good and bad but only a few are great WORLD champions!

    #10: FTJ
    The first IWT champion was FTJ. He had many ups and downs in his career but the greatest up was defeating multiple men in the first ever main event in IWT history. Even though a rocky ending affected his legacy he was still one of the greatest champions of all time.
    #9: Eric Draven
    Being the second ever IWT Champion after winning the belt from FTJ at the Royal Rumble 2013
    #8: Suicide
    Winning the World Heavyweight championship and going onto SummerSlam to face Victoria Parker in a unification match that is still talked about today.
    #7: Christian
    Successfully defending the IWT World Heavyweight championship at the first IWT WrestleMania. Going on to hold the title for longer. Known as the one who grew and destroyed the World Heavyweight championship.
    #6: Alias Antonio
    Being a new member of the world title gang he's still held the title longer then anyone in recent memory
    #5: Joey Bryant
    A two time IWT Champion and also another new comer to the ranks of world champions. He has held the title since May and doesn't seem to be losing any steam any time soon.
    #4: Senhor Perfect
    Being the THIRD ever IWT Champion. He held the title for 2 months and 20 days but was absolutely perfect while holding it.
    #3: Aids Johnson
    The first and only 3 time IWT Champion in history. Hall of Famer and the one of the most well known IWT stars in history. Truly a legend.
    #2: Dat Kid
    Holding damn near every title in the history of the IWT and still going strong on his quest for total dominance.
    #1: Victoria Parker
    Known for cutting some of the greatest promos in recent IWT memory. A quality worker who may not have the longest list of accomplishments but has the fan-base and matches to prove her claim at Number One

    Thank you for watching! Join us next time.

    Episode 8: Missed Opportunities (open)

    Courtesy of IWT Magazine - August 2014 edition (Jwab)

    #10. Rhod
    One of the most promising young talents in IWT History. But like the mythological Icarus, he flew too close to the sun and burnt himself out. Leaving the company. His "Crusade" for change along with Adam and Nano floundered to such an extent where Rhod quit. FUN TIDBIT: The Cure (Jwab & THG) beat The Crusade (Adam & Nano) for the tag titles.

    #9. Failface
    Had all the tools to succeed, but minor slip-ups always seemed to be the reason behind his major career setbacks.

    #8. Marcus Anthony
    Great tag team wrestler with a promising singles career in his sights. While receiving some of the biggest pops in IWT History, he never seemed to get the opportunities that Trip got, leaving him in the dust of The Order.

    #7. David
    Debuted with the most dominant force in IWT, The Cure. He held the X-Division title for a span of five months becoming the longest reigning X-Division Champ of all time. After losing the X-Division title and losing his qualifier to get into the World Heavyweight Championship Chamber. He lost all motivation and became absent among the IWT Roster.

    #6. Frie
    All the talent in the world, backed by SIN, but could never get that win. His frustration from losing lead him to his demise as he backed down from the MITB match and hasn't been seen since.

    #5. Airbourne
    Managed by a creative mastermind and beating the man himself, Aids, people thought Airbourne was destined for greatness, but within a blink of an eye, he disappeared.

    #4. Bruce Knight
    Won the Royal Rumble. Won the title at IWT Mania II plus beating Joey Bryant & Alias Antonio in the same night making for the perfect 'Mania moment. But, his reign ran through his fingers like sand in an hourglass and was never seen again.

    #3. George
    Some would say being the Leader of the Cure and being one of the most gifted on the mic and in the ring would translate into a spectacular singles career, But once he fell short of capturing gold on two occasions. He disappeared.

    #2. Crayo
    Weeks if not months leading into his promising debut against Aids Johnson, also known as the biggest match in IWT History, and then..... nothing. One of the biggest unwritten chapters in IWT History.

    Honorable Mentions

    #1. D'Z
    One of the most hyped names ever to come into this company. But his one month run fell flat after not being able to claim the European Championship from Lord Lee. He was never seen again.

    Episode 9: Show Stealers (open)

    Welcome to IWT Countdown, where I list them and I rank them.

    Every IWT PPV has great matches, but only some PPV's have show stealers. Some times more than one, but here are some of the greatest show stealers in IWT PPV events.

    #10. The Dazzling Chav's vs The Order
    After months of anticipation and a billing of one of the hottest tag team matches to happen. When it did it not only blew most of the previous matches away but it gave the tag team division a new life.

    #9.The Jwab vs Nick
    In a match with high hopes many wondered if it can live up to the standards. After Jwab won a tournament for the right to face Nick at SummerSlam it was on. Jwab and Nick threw out everything from their wrestling hand books and put on a MOTN candidate.

    #8. The Desperadoes vs The Order vs The Dazzling Chav's
    Just as soon as The Order won the titles, they lost it just as fast. Merely a month after winning the titles that took them months to attain, The Order defended them in a match against The Desperadoes and The Dazzling Chav's in a tag team classic that proved that a new tag team division was put in place and ready to rock 'n roll.

    #7. Dat Kid vs George
    The match that headlined the World Heavyweight title division at WrestleMania 2 had shaky skeptics considering the massive disaster most of the other matches were. But when cut loose they put on a match that rocked WrestleMania and showed that Dat Kid still had it in him.

    #6. The Desperadoes vs Chris Kaizer and Joey Bryant
    Dat Kid and Joey Bryant won a match to face the tag champions, but when Dat Kid bailed, Chris Kaizer was brought in to help Joey Bryant take down The Desperadoes. When they clashed, it wasn't a battle it was a war with pretty colors and great tricks.

    #5. Aiden Ryan vs Trevor Raynor
    Aiden Ryan and Trevor Raynor fed off the fact that the match wasn't garnering much attention. They not only threw out everything from their wrestling handbook but they threw out everything from EVERYONE's wrestling handbook in a tournament classic.

    #4. Joey Bryant vs Sackfist
    In a match that decided the fate of the IWT Champions challengers this match not only kicked down the door of the champion they tore down the house of the champion. In a match that lead to IWT Staff members choosing the winner via score card it truly formed a template that still has yet to be matched.

    #3. Nick vs Harriet Vargas
    Harriet Vargas and Nick tore the roof off of the Superdoom at WrestleMania 2 in a match that not only outshined the main event, but outshined Extreme Rules.

    #2. Dat Kid vs Aids Johnson 1
    In a match deemed Protoge vs Predecessor, it was a highly anticipated contest that blew down the glass ceiling making Aids Johnson and Dat Kid legends right where they stood.

    Honorable Mentions
    Joey Bryant vs Aids Johnson vs Victoria Parker
    Manik vs Harriet Vargas
    Jonathan vs Adam (lolno)
    Andrew vs Victoria Parker
    Dat Kid vs Trip in the Head
    Dat Kid vs Alias Antonio

    #1. Joey Bryant vs Alias Antonio
    In a clash of the future, the match tore down post WrestleMania's Uprising show, and built new foundations for both men. Alias vs Joey 1 has the same impact as Dat Kid vs Aids Johnson 1. Meaning, it was a dawn of a new era.

    Thank you for watching and join us next time.

    IWT Rewind
    Episode 1: Special Knight (open)

    Welcome ladies and gentleman to IWT Rewind, the only place to get the backstage scoop on IWT's greatest matches, moments and so much more along with the drama and story leading to the match it self!

    This episode we take a look back on one of the most famous IWT matches to date, the seasoned veteran Aids Johnson vs the reigning champion, Joey Bryant against the wildest of third competitor choices, Bruce Knight.

    But before we blaze into that, we have to go back nearly a year prior to when Joey Bryant had just debuted, Aids Johnson was on top and Bruce Knight was unknown. In the year 2013, Aids Johnson won his first of THREE IWT Championships. Joey Bryant debuted shortly afterwards, in which he proved himself numerous times which led to many IWT Championship title matches. With no prevail in those matches some of which are more famous than others like Victoria Parker vs Joey Bryant vs Aids Johnson at Survivor Series in 2013. He was met with a faithful crowd and supportive locker room as he headed into the Elimination Chamber with nothing but a strong following and walked out with the IWT Championship. Prior to that event at the IWT Royal Rumble Bruce Knight a relative new comer to IWT shocked the world and won the second EVER! IWT Royal Rumble. Now with the basic outline set for IWTMania 2 Knight and Bryant went on to a war of words. Lost in that heated build to IWTMania 2 was Aids Johnson, and his IWT Title rematch which hadn't been used. He put in his rematch clause just days before IWTMania 2. Aids Johnson went toe to toe with Joey Bryant and Bruce Knight in a battle for the most prestigious title in IWT.

    Aids Johnson vs Joey Bryant vs Bruce Knight

    IWT was witness to the rise of Bruce Knight as moments later he defeated Alias Antonio handing him his first loss of 2014. This led to the build of Joey Bryant who would go on a month later to retain his gold and would spell the end of Aids' in ring career. Possibly the most influential IWTMania 2 match other than the D'z screwjob earlier that night. IWT only hopes for more matches of that magnitude in the near future.

    Episode 2: A Dazzling Order (open)

    Welcome ladies and gentleman to IWT Rewind, the only place to get the backstage scoop on IWT's greatest matches, moments and so much more along with the drama and story leading to the match it self!

    In this episode we take a look at polar opposites of the tag teams, The Dazzling Chavs and The Order. Both known as dominant persona's in the ring but truly this match stole the booked show at IWTMania 2 after a long hard battle they finally met toe-toe to toe-toe.

    Before we leave a dazzling trail into the match, we have to go back to the IWT Tag Team Championship Tournament that culminated into IWTMania 2's tag team match. The Order was seen as the perfect contenders but even after forming The Order and dominating most, they proved themselves again. After winning the tournament the Dazzling Chav's and The Order went into single warfare at least The Dazzler and Marcus Anthony did. At IWT Uprising in March. Dazzle and Marcus Anthony never happened as Dazzle failed to show up. While Trip and Gav fought they were in a Triple Threat with an early Artist. The match was short and Trip dominated the match. After the event had The Order standing tall, satisfaction hadn't been reached. The Order was set to make their mark and set it they did. After months of bad mouthing and classic promo battles it finally culminated. IWTMania 2, live in front of tens of thousands of attendees waiting for the match that had the most anticipation behind it...Gav, Dazzle vs Marcus and Trip LIVE on April 6th 2014, On IWTMania 2!

    (Marcus Anthony, Trip in the Head) The Order vs Dazzling Chavs. (Dazzler, Gav the Chav)

    This event proved that all great things come to an end, The Order would successfully defend it once before falling prey to Andrew and Spinzz. After the event Trip in the Head would be promoted to GM, while Marcus Anthony would take a break from IWT as he would attend to personal business. The Dazzling Chavs would go onto fight one more match in a losing effort where Dazzler announced his retirement and Gav spent the next couple of months searching for Dazzler. After a thunderous return, Dazzle and Gav are bitter enemies. So much can change in a matter of months.

    Thank you for watching IWT Rewind! Next time on Rewind, Artist vs Dat Kid because I'm running out of ideas. The heartbreak and triumph of both competitors that created a great build and match culminating in a past over future situation.

    Episode 3: Artistic Approach (open)

    Welcome ladies and gentleman to IWT Rewind, the only place to get the backstage scoop on IWT's greatest matches, moments and so much more along with the drama and story leading to the match it self!

    In this episode we take a look and journey into the 3 month feud that culminated in one of the most unsuspecting showings of The Artist's career, and one of the best showings from Dat Kid as we delve into Dat Kid vs The Artist at Uprising 6-23-14.

    Before we do that, we must go back 3 months earlier the night after IWTMania 2. During the first EVER edition of The Art Show, an angry Artist who had opened up a grudge after Dat Kid trashed The Artist on the night of IWTMania 2. Openly challenging, insulting and degrading Dat Kid, Dat Kid finally replied. Dat Kid would go onto the take on The Artist before challenging The Artist to a match at Old School Uprising. Career vs Title match was put in place. The two men would clash and cross each others paths for the most part of April. On April 29th it was announced that The Artist had taken a hiatus from the IWT and it's parent company the WWEF. On June 1st more than a month after his odd departure during the same event where The Artist was supposed to face Dat Kid, The Artist returned with a chip on his shoulder after Dat Kid had left after losing the World Heavyweight Title at Extreme Rules to Alias Antonio. It was announced after the event that The Artist would face Dat Kid for the first time ever, this time The Artist who had gained a #1 contender shot for the title would be putting the title shot up for grabs as The Artist battled Dat Kid in a Contendership v Career match!

    The Artist vs Dat Kid

    The match is viewed as The Artist's greatest performances in his IWT career. The match also launched the Title Unification talks for SummerSlam. Later than night Dat Kid would refuse to take on Alias Antonio demanding he have the match at SummerSlam. The Artist would lose ANOTHER World Title opportunity to Andrew. Following the night Dat Kid would lose and become IWT GM Trip's slave. The Artist would go on to lose the World Heavyweight Money in the Bank before retiring. The match was truly a turning point for many. The match could or could not have been a match of the night.

    Thank you for watching IWT Rewind. A platform I used to boost my self esteem.

    Episode 4: Double Death (open)

    Welcome ladies and gentleman to IWT Rewind, the only place to get the backstage scoop on IWT's greatest matches, moments and so much more along with the drama and story leading to the match it self!

    In this episode we take a look at one of the most iconic matches in IWT history. One of if not THE longest match in IWT history...Joey Bryant vs Sackfist. The match to determine the #1 contender for Aids Johnson's IWT title was up for grabs in a big tournament that had Sackfist and Bryant in the finals before a sudden death was enacted when ANOTHER sudden death was enacted by staff members only leading to a 1-2 decision in favor of Joey Bryant.

    That match will come to you a little later on but before that we must travel all the way back to July when Joey Bryant first burst on the scene with a major impact within months of his debut he was a top contender for the IWT title. After SummerSlam the IWT title was conjoined with the World Heavyweight title in which made the top spot in the company a real tough task. After Aids Johnson successfully cashed in his IWT Money in the Bank contract, defeating Victoria Parker. Aids Johnson would go onto defend the title against the winner of the IWT Title tournament that was put in place. After hard fought battles it boiled down to Sackfist vs Joey Bryant, two relative big shots in the IWT had a battle to see who would go onto Bound for Glory as the #1 contender. Without further buffering let's take you to this iconic match that would go down as one of the best ever.

    Joey Bryant vs Sackfist

    As the appreciation flowed from all backstage this match served a purpose and showed everyone exactly what it can do. From breaking down boundaries to having a Once in a Lifetime predicament and turning it into an all time great match.

    Thank you for joining us and we'll see you next time on IWT Rewind.

    Episode 5: Future meet Future (open)

    Welcome ladies and gentleman to IWT Rewind, the only place to get the backstage scoop on IWT's greatest matches, moments and so much more along with the drama and story leading to the match it self!

    In this episode we take a look at one of the most anticipated matches in IWT history. Two future stars battling it out before the "Showcase of the Immortals." Goliath vs Goliath, Alias Antonio vs Joey Bryant I at Uprising in March 2014. We'll get to that a little later, but first we must go back a year prior as Joey Bryant and Alias Antonio break into the IWT.

    In mid 2013, the IWT was as hot as it ever could've been with fresh new storylines and new faces taking the reigns of the IWT. Out of the mix arose Joey Bryant and Alias Antonio, two indy names who had worked their way up to the IWT finally debuted around the same time as each other. Alias would launch straight into the tag team ranks as Joey Bryant kept a low profile as a singles competitor. After SummerSlam, Alias Antonio would continue his ranks in the tag division as Joey Bryant gained more and more support from the IWT, and it's legion of fans. After winning a tournament for the right to face the IWT Champion, Joey Bryant would sky rocket as the Next Big Thing as he over shadowed Alias Antonio's slowly growing, strong following. As 2013 came to a finish Dat Kid was assembling what he called his "Church" A legion of his minions forming together as one to stand along side Dat Kid in his battles. Soon afterwards, in early 2014 Alias Antonio would achieve his first singles championship, The X-Division title. While Alias' popularity soured to new heights, Joey Bryant cashed in on the opportunity of a life time winning the IWT Championship in the Elimination Chamber. After the Elimination Chamber, Alias Antonio and Joey Bryant would clash many of times before the official match was made. Alias Antonio vs Joey Bryant at Uprising in March 2014!

    Joey Bryant vs Alias Antonio: Uprising - March 2014!

    In a match that showcased guts, and heart from the future of the IWT. It not only assured what is to come, but it molded a new template for the newcomers in the IWT to follow. Once in a Lifetime this classic showdown was. but in the end it was expanded upon to make it 1-1.

    We'll see you next time on IWT Rewind!

    IWT Home Video
    Finding Aids Johnson (open)

    Dat Story (open)

    Destiny: The Joey Bryant Story (open)

    Aids (open)

    Jesus Wept: The Dat Kid Story (open)

    IMPORTANT (open)

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