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  1. I interviewed aids johnson as he left iwt hour ago this is the interview

    so can you tell me why your leaving iwt?

    AIDS - It's good for IWT, i've been doing this 4 years and am tired of it, it was the reason I wanted to leave WWEF, and Tsar has this shit handled.

    I spent hundreds of hours doing IWT, and am tired of it. It was fun, but you and all the new guys have it handled. I saved it from Jono, I saved it from FTJ, and i'm done. It was fun, but you and others can have fun without me. It is time buddy. All my other teammates from the original IWT are gone, it's time I joined them.

    ok well what has been your faverate match at iwt mine is you vs tsar

    Me vs Crayo? Me vs Dat Kid? Me vs Stopspot?

    If I had to pick one, it was me vs Dat Kid easily, it was how I started everything and he is one of my favorite people here. Otherwise I'd have to choose me vs Farooq losing, as he was the best IWT has ever had. All 2013/14, which is why it's finally time for me to close the book brother.

    and finally who will you miss the most on iwt

    no one. IWT moves forward without me bro.

    Thanks Aids we will miss you
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  2. Why is an IWT thread in the locker room section? Why is it called news, when it's an interview? Why does it have a "News" prefix?

    And then you wonder why you get banned. :harvey:
  3. No, he wonders why he gets Fucking Kick.
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  4. "One thread per main page".
    See, this is why you get Fucking Kick.
    Yer don't follow the rulez