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    *The vignette starts to play showing IWT superstars in poses as the IWT NoC official theme starts to play*

    *That movie preview voice starts announcing the matches*

    PRE-SHOW: Saturday, September 13

    The bWo (@Indy and @JONES ) Vs Cole Pain (@RedDwarfTechy and @The ReagMaster )
    Ladies and Gentlemen - IWT's Night of Champions will begin a little early this year with a pre-show tag team #1 contenders match! The winners of this match will face the tag team champions later in the night! Who will get the chance to step up and dethrone the Rock 'n Roll Desperadoes!?

    Monday, September 15th
    Ryan (@Butters! ) Vs Raynor (@Trevor~ ) Vs Lord Lee (@Ovalhead Le Jobber )
    A triple threat between 3 unbelievable IWT superstars. Who will emerge victorious and have the opening match spotlight put on them? Butetrs and Raynor already have a past, but Lee is an ex-champion. Will he put them both in their place?

    Tuesday, September 16th
    Tag Team Title Match
    Desperadoes (@Shadow and Stopspot) Vs bWo or Cole Pain
    The Rock n' Roll desperadoes have had no real tag team challenges since facing the team of Bryant and Kaizer, which ended in a DQ. Can the winner of the pre-show tag team #1 contenders match prove they can be the next ones to actually give the tag champs a challenge?

    Wednesday, September 17th
    (OOC: Do some vignettes and build additions guys!)

    Thursday, September 18th
    European Title Match
    B.Dazzle (@B.Dazzle ) Vs Midas (@Stopspot )
    Can B.Dazzle bounce back from losing his MitB briefcase by winning the European championship? The feat won't be easy as he faces a double champion in Midas who is also half of the tag team champions. Will he have enough left in him after the tag title defense to defeat B.Dazzle too?

    Friday, September 19th
    Alias Antonio (@THG? ) Vs Ami Ennemi @Ami Ennemi
    Ex-WHC Alias Anotnio faces off against newcomer Ami Ennemi. Can the fresh face make a huge name for himself by taking out on of IWT's top tier stars? Don't miss this epic confrontation.


    Gav the Chav vs Fungi (@Fungi )
    Who is Fungi? Another Chav? Can he shut the mouth of IWTs chaviest of the chavs, Gav the Chav? Gav holds the IWT MitB briefcase now and a loss here would not help his momentum. What will transpire as two chavs go head to head for the first time in IWT?

    Saturday, September 20th
    X-Div Championship vs Hardcore Championship
    Jwab (@Hollywood Jwab ) Vs Victoria (@CrayJ Lee )
    The IWT A-Lister Jwab has called out the IWT mainstay Victoria Parker with the intention of combining the X-Div belt with the Hardcore belt! Can he succeed in IWT as much as his movie 'Protectors of the Universe' has in the box office? Or will IWT's only remaining female prove that she still deserves the title she earned in her return match in IWT?

    Sunday, September 21st
    IWT and WHC Title
    Joey Bryant (@DK James ) vs Chris Kaizer (@Bill Clinton )
    After having a short stint as a tag team Kaizer decided he wanted a shot at the top instead of just riding his partner's coattails. And IWT's top performer was happy to oblige his partner. More of a friendly rivalry instead of a heated feud, these two will meet at the IWT NoC main event! Who will come out on top and be the target of the IWT MitB briefcase holders?

    Tune into IWT Night of Champions IWT'ers! You won't want to miss it!

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  2. Honestly think it'll be one of the best shows in a while.
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  3. Lots of potentially great matches hope me and fungi steal the show
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  4. Dis gun b good
  5. Pretty cool to debut as a tag team in a No. 1 contender's match, and if we win, we could become Tag Champions in the same show. Pretty hyped for tomorrow (My Pre-show match and the rest of the show, as it looks like a good card.
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  6. Oh you two deserve more credit than me on this one for sure. I took more of a backseat spot in this one. I just made the fancy announce thread
  7. I forgot to tell you, but I was working on some match card graphics for this event too. Good thing I only had one done, and I'll try to make one for the next major PPV.
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  8. Excited to work with both @Ovalhead Le Jobber @Trevor~

    It's always fun to work with people who are just as hungry and as determine to be champion as you are. May the best man win.
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  9. Post the one you had so we can see what it was like?
  10. A "fuck this theme" chant breaks out in the IWT Arena
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  11. Reminds me of the Bella Twins fighting over their theme... Trip is so Brie whilst Jono Is Nikki.

    Now Brawl.
  12. I wish you died in the womb!

  13. *Collective gasping from the only person in the audience*

    "NO he didn't?"
  14. Here's something funny, I thought today was my match... so i stayed up late tonight waiting... and waiting...

    At least now i won't be late for my match, got my sleeping off pattern! :p
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  15. :dawg:
    trip whi u do dat 2 buterts?
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