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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here​
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.​
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted, and there is a 2 promo per person limit.​
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​
    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension, no questions asked.
    lease do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.

  2. Sack enters the ring, receiving more cheers from fans as he makes his entrance and also a small Mr.Main Event chants begin.

    "Tonight, Night Of Champions to many superstars that remain here in IWT, however tonight is Night Of Retribution to Mr. Main Event. Retribution because like tonight is the qualifier for the title match, back just before the 1st IWT Uprising, I found myself up against Joey Bryant, a rookie in my eyes and thought that would be such an easy win, a win that would put me in the Ultimate X match, however that isn't how things went down, Joey Bryant bested me and is the sole reason I am in the career situation I am in. Joey Bryant is the sole reason I am not the X-Division champion, because you all saw Uprising, I defeated the X-Division Champion, and I would have done it there if it wasn't for you Bryant"

    Sack grits his teeth for a moment in anger, before raising the mic again

    "Bryant, I am a very different man now, I have never under-estimated any opponent I have come across in this tournament, I have proved that I am too good for the division you belong in, I have defeated both Mid-Card Champions, Senhor Perfect & King David, I have outlasted all the mid-carders that have been thrown in this tournament, all but one, Bryant. You are the final guy that I get to leave behind in the mid-card division as I ascend to glory, tonight is my night, I have finally reached my retribution match against you"

    Sack stares down at the ramp

    "Bryant there is no question you will amount to a great superstar here, but you are not better than me. When someone defeats me in a match Bryant, they then owe me two things, they owe me a rematch and I have that now, but they owe me something else, you owed me a title win, you beat me to face for the X-Division title Joey and you failed, heck you were the least impressive in that match by far as no one gave damn. You weren't capable of winning the mid-card belt, unlike you Bryant I beat the Champion, granted you had two other guys in the mix, B.Dazzle and Farooq, great competitors, but my opponent was swapped just moments before my match, you had preparation, I had none, and I still walked out with the win"

    Sack steps back a bit admiring the small cheer from the fans

    "Bryant, I proved the Cure are beatable, I proved that there are weak links in it. You proved you are still not king of the mid-card yet so what hope do you have in the main event scene. I own a victory over the IWT Champion Aids Johnson, and I think everyone wants to see Aids Johnson vs Mr. Main Event, round two, this time it's for the title. That Joey will sell tickets. The other alternative is: IWT Champion Aids Johnson vs Joey Bryant, the man who failed to win the Mid-card belt. People don't pay to see squash matches Joey, with the majority of the main event scene leaving IWT, Jonathan needs new stars to break out, and I am the only star that has broken away from the Mid-Card division, with wins over its champions. As far as I see it Joey, I have already won. I've out-shined you since our last match and I am destined to face Aids Johnson for the IWT Title
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  3. *The crowd boos as they see Joey Bryant run out onto the stage 13 seconds into the song. He taunts and makes his way down the ramp and requests a mic from ringside. He stares Sackfist down.*

    "Sackfist. We meet again, eh? You know for a couple times in this tournament I actually thought you wouldn't be sticking around! Your career is on the line in this tournament, many people don't want to see Mr.Mid-Card himself go, but it's going to come to that at the end of the night. Now people had soooo many predictions at the start of this tournament on who they thought would win and let me tell you not ONCE did my name come up! I find that disrespectful and it just proves how underestimated I was. Some actually are calling it a conspiracy. Somehow I'm working with my Cure "brethren" or I'm getting cheap victories. No fuck you, let me tell you about a conspiracy. A conspiracy is an agreement to perform together an illegal, wrongful, or subversive act. I have done none of that, I have won my matches on pure talent which is something obviously the others lacked. I should be facing Aids right now! You're lucky you're even here but he was smart and cashed in that briefcase and now we have a new world champion. Aids no need to worry though, We'll face off eventually once I'm done with this piece of trash. Anyway, When you're young, you look at television and think, there's a conspiracy. That the companies have conspired to dumb us down. But when you get a little older, you realize that's not true. The companies are in business to give people exactly what they want. Basically I'm telling all you doubters to grow up. The IWT does what's best for business, and that's exactly what I am. Nobody wants to see a Mid-Card legend as a main eventer! You were born to be the opening act, not the finale. You need to realize that and I'm going to help you realize that while your being kicked out of the arena with your tail between your legs."

    *The crowd boos and Joey just smirks at Sackfist.*

    "People love conspiracy theories! Anytime something doesn't go the way they want, or every time something goes against what is predicted to happen, people cry out theories of conspiracies and doubt. Not all of life is a result of a conspiracy by any means! Accident occurs alongside conspiracy and you becoming World Champion would not be a conspiracy, it'd be an accident. The moment you're able to get past me and then somehow defeat Aids is the moment this company goes to shit because to tell you the truth, nobody wants you here. Notice how in every match you were in, your opponents tried so hard to win, not only to advance in the tournament but to get you out of this company so everyone can take the spotlight off your over sized, mid-card head! I am the hottest prospect in IWT history, fuck the rest that I keep hearing about. I came in here and praised these people and I sucked up to get booked, well now look. Closer and closer and closer to the main event each day and with each waking moment I realize I'm closer and closer to the world title as well."

    *He paces around Sack as he talks, just like he did to Farooq.*

    "That's one thing everyone loves about me, I can get into your head just by speaking my mind and it's funny that Farooq decided to split after I beat his ass and now you're going to have to split! I am going to not only get rid of 2 veterans here but become the fastest rising world champion in IWT history. Farooq complains he was never paid enough and he wants to come back with a bigger check, I wonder why! The guy couldn't find the letter W even if it was tattooed on his balls. You're not getting anywhere closer to the title Sackfist, your journey ends here. I am the IWT martyr, I want people to lie and die for me! I belong here, you DON'T! I preach and preach every time I come to this ring that I am no longer the new kid down the block, but the martyr that has sacrificed himself time and time again just to save this company! I want to actually CURE it. Not cure it in the way the Cure wants, no! Cure it from idiots and peasants like you that can't even hold a candle to a new kid. You talk of retribution but if a person acts irresponsibly in his own life, he will pay the consequences. Retribution 99% of the time does not happen because that person gets ahead of themselves and builds up too much confidence. That's what you do each time and you happen to squeak out little wins but this is a big win and there's no getting around this one."
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  4. Joey, you have sacrificed nothing here. You are still the new kid on the block and all this conspiracy talk is nothing more than a tantrum from the kid because he doesn't get his own way. Unlike you, I am grateful for every single thing I receive because I put the hard work to get them. Like all the great wrestlers, they begin in the mid-card division, they pay their dues and once management see they are too good for the competition, they move up to main event shows. Management did the same with me Joey, unlike you, I have paid my dues, however management decided to earn a quick buck on my ascension to greatness and gave me another stepping stone. However Joey, we both know that the loser of tonight will go back to the mid-card division.

    Sack steps closer to Joey and begins to point as he speaks

    You talk about conspiracy, well let me give you some business truth, management know if you lose, unlike me, there is still room to grow, you will sell tickets for competing in the main event. If I go back there Joey, I proved I am Mr. Mid-Card, I proved that I am king of the mid-card division and that there is no challenge there for me, so the smart business decision is to send me on my way, no one pays for a jobber match and that is what any newbie or mid-card superstar will have with me. Nobody in IWT deserves the title match more than me, more than ever IWT needs a Main Event Superstar they can trust, someone to hold that title through the rut it is currently facing. I mean no disrespect by this, but Joey, I believe IWT would close its doors by having you win this tournament. IWT wants to see the long awaited rematch, Aids Johnson, Former Mr. Money In The Bank, the Two Time IWT Champion to go one on one with Mr. Main Event, the King of The Mid-Card Division and the only man to ever defeat him as champion. That match will put butts in seats at the event. All eyes would be on myself and Aids, I just hope the champion picks a major match to suit the occasion

    Sack looks out at the fans as they give a major cheer

    I have come to far Joey, my journey in IWT is not over until I hold the IWT Championship, until I finally stand at the top of the mountain. My name will go down in IWT history, I will be the superstar to go on and pull IWT from the sinking ship it is apparently on. Mr. Main Event is here and nobody is going to stop his climb to the peak. You can kick and try to pull me down, but after this match Bryant, you are gonna free fall back to the bottom of Main Event mountain, and start again. I know I will see you at the top, when I hold the IWT Championship. I have been waiting for my rematch, and I will not lose when the stakes are this high. The pressure to make IWT succeed is on our shoulders and I will be the one to give hope to all the IWT superstars who need that hero, the one who will be the first of many to remove the gold from the grasp of the Cure.

    Sack then locks eyes with Joey

    Joey Bryant, you are no longer my equal. Someone who needs an alibi for losing is someone who doesn't deserve the IWT Championship match at stake. However you perceive it, your going to lose to me, call it a conspiracy, call it a genuine loss. I will be going to face Aids Johnson because I am the one who deserves it, the IWT fans put their support behind me every single match I have been in, and I have even more support now that my back's against the wall. I know that the only superstar who has what it takes to end my career is carrying my belt, not some nut who has lost his tinfoil hat. I am the #1 contender, I will walk out of this match and face Aids Johnson because that is what the business needs right now, your up against the newest Main Event superstar and you Joey, you're haven't got what it takes to be a main event yet
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  5. "Lucky you, Sackfist. Able to get passed your last couple opponents and keep your job. But your past opponents were mid-card legends but I'm above that level. You're not looking into the eyes of a mid-card punk, you're looking into the eyes of the Butcher. I've demolished each opponent that has stepped in front of me so far and you are not going to stop me. If Aids is the king if this company, then I am his Prince and all it takes is one incident for him to fall over and die and the Prince to take over as the new King. IWT is a place of death, it's a place of sin and while you play on the safe side of things, always making sure you please these people, you're only hurting your own soon to be non-existant career. And you can run to FSW or just file for unemployment checks, either way you're still going to remain a failure. When you're sitting at home watching my matches, just dial 1800-MAINEVENT and you'll be able to reach me."

    *He laughs at his own joke as the crowd continues to boo.*

    "Do you actually believe that you have a shot? You're so proud to be Mr.Mid-Card and it's sickening to me simply because of the fact your only goals are to be the "king" of the mid-card but I know you remember it well when I beat you and stopped you from being king of the mid-card again. Just like now, when I'm going to stop you from becoming the king of the main event. You've belonged on the mid-card your entire career, nobody wants to see you main event PPVs. You're correct, Im not your equal, I'm better than you and I've always known that. And the moment that Jonathan is handing you your last paycheck as you pack your bags and head out, you'll realize the same thing I realize now. You have no room to grow because you've already grown to your full potential! Your full potentional is in the mid-card while I, I haven't even gotten started yet. No one wants to see a rematch with you and Aids, no. They want to see Aids taken off his high horse by a fresh face and someone who knows they can dominate anyone they step in the ring with. And you're not that guy. I need no alibi, my consistency is my alibi. Anytime someone takes a shot at you, you fall back on your mid-card achievements. I have what it takes to be main event and I'm just going to continue to prove that. No one expected either of us to get to the finals, let's be honest. But here we both are. We're simliar in many ways and the main difference is only one of us is going to face Aids Johnson and that's me. The only thing you'll be facing is the unemployment line."
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