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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    @Ami Ennemi vs @THG?

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is a 2 promo per person limit.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.


  2. *

    *The lights in the electric IWT arena turn opaque as Alias Antonio's theme commences to reverberate throughout the PA System, with smoke transcending from the stage and the crowd emitting some mixed, yet loud reaction for the former IWT Champ and new FSW golden boy. Through the smoke comes out Alias Antonio, clothed in his usual attire whilst holding a kendo stick. He ambles his way down to the ring, shaking his head vehemently, completely focused for this ever so important match up. He swiftly enters the ring and grabs a mic.*

    By now, you all should know the categorical amount of mental anguish and torment I've been through lately. It's a thing that's kept me somewhat somnolent and dormant. And I know you people have noticed that, because as much as I'd like to lie to myself like many others here do, I can simply not. No one cares who I am anymore. No one cares WHAT I do anymore. No one cares about my damn promos and no one cares about this goddamn match!

    *Starts pacing*

    I've lost my edge that has won me so many battles, I've lost my supremacy at the top, I've lost my World Title, I've lost my house, I've lost everything that was close to my heart yet I remain unfazed. And you know why? Because despite all of that I still have the unmitigated craving to kick some ass tonight. And that's a thing you can't lose, and it's a thing you can't teach either. You're either born with it, or unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end of things. That brings me to you Ami Ennemi.

    You know why you needed that convoluted, contrived per se, hype surrounding your ever so exalted debut? Because if you walked in as the average Joe so many people have walked in as, you'd be instantly at the bottom of the totem pole, you'd be lucky to have a match with Roadster at this show. But even then, even with your mysterious, ominous debut, I can bet all of my belongings, what I have left of them anyway, that you would STILL be at the bottom of the totem pole. But Mr. Nice Guy Double A stepped in and handed you the proverbial, hypothetical olive branch. What wrestlers have worked years for, I was giving it to you in a silver platter only moments after stepping through that curtain.

    But you see, my intentions at first weren't personal with you at all Ami. I just had to do what I had to do in the name of FSW and in the name of Alias Antonio, I was just on the long road for redemption and you just so happened to be the first IWT scapegoat in that said road of redemption. I clarified and made a 100% clear that I was gonna systematically and methodically exterminate and DESTROY everything Jono and Trip may have SLIGHTLY moved their ass for, and that is still my plan no doubt. But my biggest mistake was completely underestimating you and your mind games. I knew you had high hopes here, I knew you were going to do something bad to me, but you blew those expectations out of the water and did something no one has ever been able to do in my tenure here with the IWT. And that is hurt me not only physically......but mentally.

    You took this feud to a whole new level Ami, you walked in here and instantly demanded the highest calibre matches, I gave THAT to you. You wanted to hurt me, you wanted to mess with me mentally....I will also....give that back to YOU.

    You've got a hot trail of blaze behind you, but it is my job to cut it short.

    Tonight Ami, certainly....a bitch.

    *Alias smirks sadistically at the hard cam.*
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  3. The lights shut off as the music begins. The arena, bathed in darkness as suddenly a candle light is seen on stage. The man holding the candle light is dressed in black boots, black pants, black gloves and a red and black coat, with the hood on to cover his face. The man walks down the ramp slowly, keeping the candle just above his head as she crowd watches in awe. He continues to walk, slowly making his way up the steel steps that are beside the ramp. As he stands on the apron, he brings the candle close to his face, and blows it out. With the sudden light gone from the candle, the lights in the arena return to shine. Ami enters the ring, starring at his opponent as he removes his hood. It reveals he's wearing a black long sleeved shirt, with the yin-yang symbol on the back, and his black and white, with gold lining full masquerade mask. He takes his coat, tossing it towards the announcer's table as a announcer hands him a microphone.

    "You certainly are a interesting one. Instead of going after champions, and remaining in this company to learn from your failures, and get another battle with the man who took you down, you prefer to run. Run to the company, FSW with your tail between your legs, only returning to attack newcomers here. That, is a pitiful sight to see Alias. The man who ended David's X Division reign to start his own, the man who become tag team champion, not once but twice, the man who stood toe to toe with the IWT Champion, while having the World Heavyweight championship around his own waist, performing like a mediocre child."

    "And yet, you have the stomach to talk down to someone who has just began? Someone who started on the same path as yourself, and many other IWT wrestlers here in this company? It's interesting. Whether I win or lose this match Alias, I am not going to the bottom of anything. You have already destroyed that chance, since I'm standing toe to toe against a former World Heavyweight champion, or are you just not credible enough to have on my match history? That is your choice of course, I won't drown in my own sorrow, look for a scapegoat or gather pity...such as yourself. Just like many great warriors in the past, if I fail to defeat you here, I will pick myself up, learn from my mistakes, and become even stronger than I have before, not become a mental patient like yourself."

    "Keep your mind on this match as well. I could care less what Dat Kid, Jonathan, Trip or Senhor are up to. Look at me, you're not fighting them, you're in the ring with myself. You lose focus of your goal, and you won't be able to win, why do you think it was simple to attack you the ways I did? Because you left yourself open and unfocused. I myself, never lost focus in this match. Ever since the day you accepted the open challenge I left, I have been training. Training harder than you can imagine, mentally and physically. I have one purpose in IWT, and it's not to ruin one person's or other people's ideals, it's to make sure I am the best. I have come to this company, just to fight. I didn't come to become a friend or a enemy to anyone here, I came to fight. Despite your hatred or anger for me Alias, I have nothing against you. There is no love or hatred, just the battle between us. You keep letting your emotions get the best of you, controlling your mental state and body. I, will continue to climb the totem pole, no matter how many times I have been struck down, I will continue to climb, climb and climb, until I have reached the top, not run off and begin to climb a shorter pole because I fear the thing that can make me successful, failure."

    Ami lowers the microphone away from his face, looking towards Alias. Ami doesn't even seem to blink as he keeps his focus on his opponent.
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  4. *Alias contemplates Ami's conduct with close attention. He starts speaking again.*

    I was afraid you wouldn't show up, Ami, since your past cowardly acts have led me to believe so, but here you are with your flesh and blood present, mystifying as ever. You're like a walking riddle, you really are, hard to crack the code. Similar to what I am. An enigma. A pigment of each and everyone's imagination. An unimaginable paradox ready to torment each and every one's soul and spirit and mind and consciousness and....

    *Alias hushes and lifts his finger, before laughing and shaking his head, stopping for a moment.*

    You see Ami Ennemi. I could have walked into this event DEMANDING my rematch clause against the providential IWT Martyr and Champion Joey Bryant, but I opted against it. I didn't want to waste away that opportunity just that quickly. I've explained in other speeches actually that I have ulterior motives heading into The Rumble. I said I would take on anyone inhabiting "god's" green earth and I said I would defeat all of em heading into the Rumble where I'll finally take my win back on Joey Bryant, where I will avenge my shady loss. I remarked that post-Summerslam would be the Renassaince of Alias Antonio......but you just don't get IT Ami. You just don't.

    I'm not running buddy, I'm right here. And after I dispose of you Ami, I'll be standing right here, RIGHT HERE!

    And yes, I do have the goddamn stomach to come out here and talk down to you. When you debuted, you were a nobody, you didn't match let alone surpass people's expectations. But I instantly propelled your relevancy to the top. Then you had the gall to destroy me and my house? You expect me to hold you in high esteem or regard after all that? Me of all people? It seems you're truly overvaluing what type of person I am. I may have lost my edge in this ring, but I sure as hell haven't lost the edge in my heart.

    You didn't start the same path I did, not one fucking bit. I walked in expecting nothing, expecting just a short stint as some "enhancement talent", but I built a brand, I revived the tag division AND the X-Division and I became a bonafie World Champion. You on the other hand, judging by your demeanor, you expect to have the whole world in your hands, and I'm sure you believe it. You can act as humble and modest as you want, but that doesn't conceal, unlike the mask concealing your face, the fact that you're a smug, green, unworthy rookie.

    I openly admitted that I underestimated you once, and that cost me. I'm overestimating you this time, and it'll sure cost YOU.

    My focus and concentration is a 100% on you tonight Ami, I'll give you that. But tonight....I don't see a competitor.....tonight.....I see a sacrifical lamb whether you like it or not because you'll always be known as the guy who's career was destroyed by.....yours truly.....

    *Alias pauses and smirks*

    Alias F'N Antonio.
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  5. Ami brings the microphone to his lips, beginning to speak as he doesn't keep his eyes off of Alias.

    "Your words are clouded by lies. I said I would fight for everything, never did I expect to accept things that were handed to me. You call me a nobody, yet you get worked up whenever you speak to me. I came into your house, to send a message to my opponent, and seeing as it even affects you tonight, the message was sent clearly with no delay. You may have the edge in your heart, but time is coming close. Your body, your ability is starting to cease on you Alias. You can have all the power on the inside, but unless it's released to the outside, to be put into action, your power mind as well be one hundred miles away my dear opponent."

    Ami walks around Alias, suddenly a candle slipping through his sleeves. Ami snaps his fingers, the lights in the arena shutting off instantly as the candle appears to be lighten up.

    "Indeed what you see is a lamb, a newborn sheep. That is what you see with your own eyes, something small, delicate, precious... but just as Satan appears in the Bible, I am but a wolf in sheep clothing. You think you'll be able to put me on the alter, sacrifice me easily with a simple I will protest, just as you feel comfortable with spilling my blood, and destroy you. When we both leave the alter, it'll be with your blood on my fur, and you being carried out, dead and broken. Keep fueling yourself, keep mesmerizing your words Alias. Keep losing yourself in anger and become a ship of hatred, starting a path to your own demise. I'll be the whirlpool, drawing your ship in and destroying it, myself."

    Ami walks over to Alias, bringing the candle over them so that their faces are shown.

    "You will not destroy me, because there is nothing to destroy yet. The area has been groomed, ready for the plantation that is my career. You have nothing to destroy, that can't be fixed. As for you, you have a lot to lose Alias. Time will only accept one of us. Let us see, who has been denied."

    Ami blows out the candle, the lights in the arena returning with the referee standing between them. Ami tosses the candle onto the outside of the ring, prepared to take on his opponent with everything he has.
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  6. OOC: 2 promo limit I think it is so @Delik if you may. Good match Ami.
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  7. OOC: It was good. I hope our paths cross again soon.
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  8. Great match! Match of the Night so far.
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  9. Just a sec guys, I just got home
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  10. I'm the only vote? Wow, upsetting. Really good match to both involved, kudos.
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  11. 6 votes? wow.

    @Delik post results
  12. Fuck my bad was working and missed the vote, really enjoyed it though.
  13. Your winner, with a score of 8.333333333 to 8.166666667........ Ammmmiiiiii! Ennnneeemmmmiiiii!!

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  14. Do what?
  15. Trying to be funny voting all 10s on this match and Gavs
  16. How do you not know that I really liked all of those promos?
  17. Comical genius
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  18. Damn, Ami's debut and gave Alias only his 6th defeat.