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  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    and is for the IWT European Championship!

    Midas (@Stopspot) Vs B.Dazzle (@B.Dazzle)​

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is a 2 promo per person limit.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.



  2. *The crowd becomes confused as an unfamiliar theme plays around the arena. Finally, as the music begins to pick up, the crowd lets out a strong mixed reaction as B.Dazzle makes his from the backstage area. B.Dazzle waits patiently at the top of the entrance ramp, keeping his head down as the music keeps playing. Suddenly, B.Dazzle raises his head head up, looks around the crowd, and raises his eye-brow to a big pop. As soon as B.Dazzle does this, the theme on the speakers shuts off.*


    *The crowd pop as B.Dazzle's actual theme plays and he heads down the entrance ramp. He walks up the steps, and walks across the ring apron. B.Dazzle climbs up the turnbuckle, and looks out to the fans. He smells the electricity in the air, and then raises his hand to a mixed reaction from the crowd. B.Dazzle heads inside the ring, and makes his way to the turnbuckle across from him. B.Dazzle climbs up to the middle and raises his arm in the air, to another mixed reaction. B.Dazzle climbs back down, grabs a mic, and walks to the center of the ring.*

    Dazzle: Finally........

    *Mixed reaction.*

    Dazzle: FINALLY....

    *Another loud mixed reaction.*

    Dazzle: FINALLY................B.Dazzle has come I....W...T!

    *Mostly cheers this time, but some boos can be heard.*

    Dazzle: Which means finally, the night you've all been waiting for since Summerslam is here. It's Night of Champions, all titles on the line, new champs will be crowned, championships will be retained, Gav the Chav faces off with his equally retarded opponent. All that and more, tonight! But most importantly, tonight, right now is the true main event. It's not the IWT Championship match, no it's not, it's the European Championship Match. For the first time, one on one, with the Euro title on the line, B.Dazzle will look to take the European Champion from the clutches of Midas. Midas, you have gold everywhere. On your waist, and around your shoulder. You're a double champion, and that's something to be proud of, but let's not forget who also has been a double champ before. B.Dazzle has been a double champion before.*

    *Dazzle starts pacing back and forth.*

    Dazzle: You see Midas, there was a time when B.Dazzle was also the tag team champion, carrying it around his waist. But he wasn't just a tag champ, he was the Intercontinental Champion too. He was a double champion. B.Dazzle hasn't been a champion for quite some time, and he wants that drought to end tonight. That Euro title you hold, it used to be the I.C Championship, and most importantly, it used to be B.Dazzle's Championship. B.Dazzle never got his singles re-match months back, but he is getting it tonight, and you can bet your bottom dollar that B.Dazzle will not squander this chance. Too many times in his career, has B.Dazzle let opportunity slip right through his fingers. Too many damn times has B.Dazzle squandered his chances. Headlines say B.Dazzle's downfall is beginning, but the headline writers can all kiss B.Dazzle's dazzling ass! Tonight will end that downfall in a single solitary second. Actually, let B.Dazzle correct himself, that downfall will end in three seconds, because B.Dazzle is going to lay your ass down with a B.Bottom in that center of the ring, pin your ass for the one..two...three, and once again prove why this company should be looking at B.Dazzle in the same light as Alias and Bryant.

    *B.Dazzle starts getting fired up.*

    Dazzle: Your name is Midas, which reminds B.Dazzle of the old Greek Mythology story of Kind Midas, the man who could turn anything he touches into gold. Well, while it didn't work out too well for ol' King Midas, B.Dazzle hopes it works out best for you, because after tonight, you're gonna need all the gold you can, after B.Dazzle takes the golden prize of the European Championship back around his waist! Now, Midas, bring your rudy-poo candy ass down to this ring and get ready for B.Dazzle to whip that monkey ass!
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  3. Midas comes out onto the stage, draped in a golden jacket and with his European title strapped around his waist. He poses on the stage as dollar bills and gold confetti falls from the rafters onto the crowd. Midas stands on the edge of the stage and looks down at B.Dazzle before he starts walking towards the ring. He removes his jacket, grabs a microphone and steps into the ring.

    You talk about suffering from a drought Dazzle. And that’s true. You’re a man who’s stuck in a desert, Lorentz of Arabia without his camel. You’re stuck in the middle of the Sahara and all you see is sand, sand and sand. Dunes of sand as long as your eye can see. You’re stumbling about in the sun searching for water and shade, when you see something on the horizon, something that shines and call to you, something that pulls you in. What you see isn’t water; it’s not an RC Cola machine, but a championship, a beautiful, glistening championship title.

    Midas unstraps the European championship and holds it up in front of Dazzle.

    This championship to be precise. My European Championship. But just like everyone who has stumbled into the desert before you Dazzle, you will find that that thing which draws you to it is nothing but a pipedream, a mirage. And just like a mirage your dreams of championship gold will slip through your fingers like fine desert sand here tonight. Because you picked the wrong opponent to face, you picked me.

    Midas slings the European title around his left shoulder and looks Dazzle in the eyes before he continues to speak.

    I’ll gladly give you that rematch of yours Dazzle, but don’t expect that this will be easy, that I’ll just lie down. You might have held this belt in a previous form a while back. But don’t expect to just get it back. I’ve earned this belt. This is my property! I have bled for this and I sure as hell am not letting it go in the first place. What type of business man would I be to let go of a prime acquisition without turning a profit off of it. So I think I’ll hold onto this.

    Damn true my name should remind you of the mythological King Midas of old. And damn right everything I touch turns to gold. I turned Chris Kaizer into gold the moment I stepped into the ring and won this belt from him. I turned the BWO into shiny golden turds just earlier tonight when I gave them their 15 minutes of fame. And be damned sure that I’ll turn you to gold for once in your career right now.

    So prove me wrong Dazzle, prove all the people that say that your downfall has started wrong. I’ve got nothing but time, and time is golden.
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  4. This match has been declared a draw, therefore your winner and STILL IWT European Champion... Midas!
  5. Dazzle ducks a spinning heel kick from Midas. Dazzle now with the clothesline, but Midas slips underneath it. Both men run the ropes and bounce off of them, double crossbody and both men fall to the mat! Both competitors are clutching their ribs and drawing deep breaths, trying to get air back into their lunges. Dazzle gets up to his feet using the ropes as Midas struggles to get back up on his own two feet. Both men meet in the middle of the ring and starts trading punches. Blow after blow is exchanged by the two warriors in the ring. Mid as connects with a spinning backfist, sending Dazzle back into the ropes. But Dazzle launches off of the ropes and connects with a superman punch! Dazzle goes for the cover…but Midas grabs ahold of the rope!

    Dazzle pulls Midas to his feet and sets him up for a rock bottom…But Midas fights out of it! Midas connects with a roundhouse kick that sends Dazzle sprawling out of the ring. Midas runs the ropes and flies out of the ring with a suicide dive, connecting with Dazzle and sending both men into the guard rail! The fans are coming unglued for this match!

    Midas struggles to his feet, pulling the physically bigger Dazzle to his feet with him. He rolls Dazzle into the ring and climbs onto the top rope. Midas flies off the top rope with a flying elbow drop…But Dazzle catches him in a rock bottom in midair! This has to be it! But Midas reverses it into a roll up at the last second! Dazzle kicks out!

    Dazzle and Midas stare each other down from across the ring. They set up to collide in the middle of the ring in one final big blow when suddenly….The bell rings. Both men are shocked, not knowing what is going on.

    Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen! This match has reached its pre-set time limit, and with no clear winner the referee has declared this match a draw! And still your European champion….. Midas!

    Midas is handed his belt as he looks confused, happy, but confused. Dazzle is just looking frustrated. Grudgingly Dazzle steps into the middle of the ring…and offers Midas his hand. Midas looks cautiously at the offered gesture of peace….but eventually grasps it. The two shake hands in the middle of the ring before getting out and walking out to the back frustrated, leaving Midas alone.

    OOC: My new character base, just so you lads and lasses know.

    Midas: Give it up for Dazzle ladies and gentlemen! A man who has all it takes to be champion. But tonight it wasn’t enough. Big man you took me to the limit, but you fell short, so I guess for now your drought continues.

    I’d love to face you again sometime down the road Dazzle. But that shot you have to earn. I’ve got challengers crawling out of the woodwork for this belt so next time we face off, make sure that you bring you’re a-game.

    The European title is truly the true top championship in the IWT. People claim that the world title and the IWT title are signets of being a true champion in this company, but I say bullshit. This belt right here, this piece of gold, diamonds and leather is the crown worn by a true technician, a true ring general and a master of the game. And that master, that general, that king is me. This title is where it is at. This is the title of the work horses, the wrestlers.

    And if anyone wants to take my crown from me. You have to be willing to go just as far as that man right there!

    Jesus wept… Kaizer slept…. Midas reigns supreme.
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  6. Congratulations to the winner.
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