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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    and is for the IWT and World Heavyweight

    @DK James (IWT and World Heavyweight Champion) vs @Bill Clinton

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is a 2 promo per person limit.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.

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  2. *The crowd cheers loud as the music of Joey Bryant plays throughout the arena. The lights slowly dim green and the music plays as the crowd just waits in anticipation for their champion to emerge. Once the heavy guitar kicks in, Joey Bryant runs out onto the stage with the IWT Title held strong above his head. He points to the fans and then back at the title and makes his way to the ring. He taunts on two of the turnbuckles with the title high above his head still before walking to the center of the ring and beginning to speak.*

    “0 build. 0 anticipation. 0 attacks. Nothing. Your main event for Night of Champions 2014 has no meaning to it whatsoever because instead of having a #1 contenders match or asking ME who I thought was worthy, the IWT staff realized my opponent was hungry for a shot at the top so they just gave it to him. This match is pointless, but as your IWT Champion it’s a match regardless and a match where I’m forced to defend my title against a man who I have a small history with. We both came into the company around the same time, and on my rise to the top Kaizer hated me. In every promo he spoke he’d call me out, he’d say what a fluke I was, how I’d never amount to anything. But, eventually his immaturity faded away and once Dat Kid split town, we agreed to have a similar goal and a similar desire to win the tag team championships. We got screwed over and haven’t spoken to each other since.”

    *He paces back and forth with the IWT Title slung around his shoulder.*

    “Chris Kaizer, my man, I like you dude. I always have, I believe you are consistently overlooked and no one looks at you as a top guy. I always have, and that’s why I wanted to team with you, that’s why we should be tag champs right now. But I had one goal in mind to become the IWT Champion and you had the goal of becoming European Champion and although you no longer hold gold, I am still the top guy around here. If it were up to me, I’d give you the WHC and just keep my IWT Title because having two top guys is complete bullshit. There’s only room for one top guy in IWT and right now it’s me, but you have the potential to be the next. So that’s it, that’s all I’m going to say about my respect for you my friend, because you wanted this match and you wanted Joey Bryant so you’re going to get him.”

    “If there was an award for “Most ALMOST wins”, you’d be a shoe-in. In almost every match you’ve had in your career here, apart from the few you win once in a blue moon, you always come up just a little bit short. To a guy like Michael or some of the other low card, that’d be something you could be proud of. But you’re not a low card guy, you believe you deserve nothing but the top but I didn’t get to the top by ALMOST winning. I got to the top by brutally and sometimes barely defeating my opponents but each time I got the job done. There’s no doubt you’re a talented guy but in this sport no one looks at the person who loses and says “Wow, that guy really gave it his all, he deserves a title shot.” No. To get to the top, you need WINS, and your win/loss record isn’t even in my league…”

    *The crowd gives off a mixed reaction and Joey smirks.*

    “There’s a few guys I’ve always wanted to face for the IWT Title and you are at the top of the list Kaizer, so it’s not like I don’t want this match, but I just wish you deserved it more. You walk out and you say “Sleep Kaizer Sleep” but maybe it’s time for you to open your eyes and look at the big picture. Those in the back right now are extremely envious of you right now because they wish it was them fighting for the IWT Title tonight. You don’t get many shots at this prize, and you losing tonight would only send you to the bottom of the ladder. Everyone will realize you truly didn’t deserve this shot and everyone will expect nothing more of you. So is tonight the night Christopher Kaizer opens his eyes and becomes serious, or are you just going to sleep this one out and become just another brick in the wall?”
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  3. Chris Kaizer walk out onto the stage at :49 into the song. He doesn't look away from Joey Bryant as he slowly makes his way down to the ring. He circles the ring before grabbing a mic and rolling into the ring. He says a few passing words to Joey Bryant before taunting on the top rope. His theme fades out as he slowly walks back and forth in the ring.

    The wait is over. My wait, is over. Chris Kaizer vs Joey Bryant for the IWT World Champion. The Sandman vs The Top Dog. The Overlooked Superstar vs The Golden Boy. It's been almost a year now since I signed a contract with IWT. Every minute, every hour, every day, every week, every month after I signed it. All I thought about was that gold that you are holding right now, Joey. The most precious prize in wrestling today. And every minute,hour,day,week,month, I worked my ass off to get even an inch away from it. Now I have my shot. Now I have my shot to prove not only that I deserved this match. But that I deserve to be at the top of the IWT. To prove that I deserve the world title. All that stands in my way is IWT's favorite, Joey Bryant.

    The man who has, over and over again, barely slipped by with victories. Tonight, tonight that ends. Tonight you won't have Jono and Trip to help you. You won't have Aids Johnson to basically hand you the match. What you have is the most hungry talent on the roster that would kill for that world title. A man who would walk through hell and back just for a shot at this title. Now that I've got it so close to me, I will stop at nothing short of death. I wanted Joey Bryant, and thank god I got em. If you didn't want Chris Kaizer, too bad, because you got me, and you've got me at my best.

    You are delusional. Thinking that I wanted to win those tag titles? Shame on you. If you ever thought for a second that I wanted to team with you, you deserve everything wrong that comes your way. I used Dat Kid leaving to get me closer to my goal, that world title. What better way to get towards it then get closet to man who holds it. I set a trap, and you flew right into it like a fly. I got what I wanted from you.

    You have been outsmarted time and time again. You've been proven to be a dumbass who has no idea he is being used. First Kid, then Alias, now me. We've all used you for the same exact thing...that world title. They may have failed when time comes for their shot, but I've learned from history. You aren't untouchable Joey, don't ever think that. You got beat by Bruce Knight. If that doesn't prove it, I don't now what will. I'm no fluke, I won my champion, I didn't have it handed to me. You've gotten luckier and luckier as time goes on...but like they say. Luck eventually runs out. Everybody's luck does. You've ran on it for so long it's like you are never going to lose it. Well sorry, I have to bring you back down to reality. I'm the Eliot Ness to your Al Capone. And just like Capone, you will fall.

    My Win/Loss record may not be in the same league as yours, but you damn well know my talent and dedication is right up there with you. Yeah, I've had a history of falling short, but again, I've learned from history. I've realized my mistakes in those matches. I've gone back and I have re-watched those matches over and over again. I will not repeat history tonight.

    Joey, do not start a war you know you are going to lose.

    Chris Kaizer gets a serious look on his face as he awaits Joey's response
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  4. “Hold up, you said I’m the man who’s made it through barely slipping through victories? Listen up punk, you don’t BARELY beat guys and BARELY retire them. I’ve beaten guys like Sackfist, Farooq, Alias Antonio and Aids Johnson while you have not even gotten close to that point. Barely beating guys in the mid-card versus barely beating guys in the main event is a totally different story. Those names that I listed off include a current HOF member and 3 future ones and tonight I’m facing someone who’s barely proven themselves as a HOF fluke. This is just another classic example of the career of Joey Bryant. Another man who I claimed to be a friend of mine turning his back on me to get what I hold, to dethrone Joey Bryant. But just like Aids, Dat Kid, and Alias Antonio, you will fail.”

    “Regardless of what anyone said when I first won this title, I have proven 100% that I deserve it. I not only won the title against Aids Johnson I have successfully defended the belt twice against the best IWT has to offer, barely slipping by or not, adding Antonio and Farooq to my Win column felt better than anything you’ve accomplished. You claim you set a “trap”, that you never wanted to win the tag belts, well what a horrible trap because you have done nothing to capitalize other than moan and bitch about how much you deserve this shot. And just like Joey Bryant of the past, you got your match by moaning and bitching. I know you’re dedicated, I know you have what it takes to become IWT Champion but I didn’t get to where I am by being selfish or stabbing anyone in the back. Frie was the only casualty but regardless of me leaving him he still would have left to company months later anyway.”

    *Joey stares right at Kaizer and smiles and thinks for a moment.*

    “Aids Johnson once told me last November a message I never forgot. While he stood there defending his title against Victoria Parker and myself, he told me one day when I’m IWT Champion, I’m going to have to be the one to tell some kid that it’s not his time. That he’s worked hard to get to this point but he’s going to have to wait a while longer. Almost a year later, you’re that one Kaizer. I’ve been waiting to see you in the main event spotlight since you debuted here but as long as I’m IWT Champion, your 15 minutes of fame are going to run out real quick. I may have been beaten by Bruce Knight but look at who else was, Alias Antonio, and both of us have been world champions. So maybe you should go lose to Bruce Knight too, it might bring you some good luck. Being beaten by someone lesser than you makes you want to do better week after week, so if you truly think I’m on a lower level than you, and when I beat you, this should make you hungrier than ever. Maybe you’ll stop sleeping for once, you’ll kick it into top gear and you’ll climb your way back up the ladder in a matter of a month just like I did a year ago. But I didn’t lose to a lesser man a year ago, I lost to Aids Johnson, and losing to him made me hungry to say “I’m determined to be better than the best.” So, take this loss either way, but I hope me beating you tonight doesn’t send your career in a total tailspin, or worse, you could retire like Farooq or run to FSW like Alias Antonio.”

    *He shakes his head.*

    “Luck. Luck is for those people who fear they might lose, and not once have I ever entered a match fearing that I would lose. It’s true, I’ve been used time and time again for everyone to get to this world title and Kaizer you are the straw that broke the champion’s back. I’m done aligning myself with anyone in this company as long as I hold this gold because what I didn’t realize until now is this title is powerful. It makes you all in the back drool like a pack of hungry wolves and all of you will do anything it takes to get it, whether that means stabbing me in the back or stabbing each other in the back to get to it. This business is one sleazy thing, but as long as I sit at the top, I bring an end to each one of my opponent’s plots and make them realize what slimy, undeserving bastards they really are. I am the IWT Champion, and whether it be from total luck or undeniable skill, I remain to be stopped and you Chris Kaizer, tonight could be a night you’ll always remember or just another night where you came up short like you have time and time again. I thought you were one of the guys in the business that still had class to climb your way to the top without having to betray anyone, but you’ve failed me, so now I’m going to end your dream and make you regret ever turning your back on the martyr, just like I’ve made countless others regret their decisions. I’ll see you again in the future, but this ain’t a war. A war is what Alias Antonio and I went through or Dat Kid and I, what this is, is just a small little battle started by a weak general who has no idea what fire power his enemy has.”

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    OOC: Good match my man, btw lmfao your sig.
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  5. Chris Kaizer does not move his eyes away from the World Title around Joey's shoulder

    If you are going to stand there and tell me that you have never feared losing coming into a match, you have made the biggest mistake of your life. Over and over I have been doubted by my opponents. You know what happens to them Joey? I take their title. I take their title from them and send them into a state of acting like a child while being treated by Chris Nowinski. I'm not one to doubt, Joey. A champion should make no mistakes. I'm pretty sure you have already committed the worst.

    You represent one talent filled and discredited generation and very soon you won't represent even that. You will represent nothing. You will mean nothing. You will be nothing. All because of me Joey. All because of the man who YOU thought had your back. You were wrong. Just like how you probably thought you were going to go into here and run right over me. And again, you are going to be so so wrong. You want to talk about me failing, I can talk about all the times you were wrong and it almost cost you. It's catching up Joey, you can only run for so long until you give out.

    Bringing up what Aids Johnson said one year ago is like bringing up old dog shit. It has no meaning. None. Aids Johnson is irrelevant now. Just like how Farooq was when you beat him. Washed up and irrelevant. Alias, you didn't beat him by your self. He had that match won. And he got screwed. You know it Joey. Don't deny. Sadly for you, I'm not Washed Up, irrelevant, and I surely will not let anyone screw me out of my light, out of my chance! You can bring down an entire army to try and screw me over, and I would fight ever last one of them. March right over them. This "Weak" General will ride over your army and fight you head on. You are a martyr for a reason. Your legacy dies here tonight with me. The martyr will have finally fallen.

    Joey, I wish that I could tell your stabbing you in the back was only business. But it's not. To me, it's personal. It's a personal mission to end your reign. A personal war. I have failed, yes, you have too. But if I fail here tonight, I wouldn't have just failed my fans. I would have failed my self greatly. Something I will not let my self do. It's win or bust. I will not let my self choke away another opportunity. I have done it too many times to let it happen again.

    You didn't just get Chris Kaizer. You got Chris Kaizer not just at his best, you got him far beyond that. As someone he has never been before. No sleeping, no kidding with my self today. Today will be the day Chris Kaizer goes down in history as the man who dethroned Joey Bryant. The man who proved his doubters wrong once again.

    Chris Kaizer gets closer to Joey Bryant, almost touching noses

    Prove. You claim to have proven that you deserve this title reign, not yet. You still have one more man to go through before I fully believe that you do. Me. You can't deny I'm one of the best today. If you can't, I will look at you the same. A lucky,hand out champion who only got this far because Dat Kid made him Suicide 2.0.

    As you stand here today, as you stand here when that bell rings. I want you to remember one very simple thing.

    Nothing lasts for ever. Even the longest, most glittering reign must come to an end some day.

    Chris Kaizer drops his mic and backs away slowly
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  6. I'm the first to vote? Thats disappointing come on people get in here and vote
  7. Good my brother.
  8. Bootyfull match. Great match to both, and may the best man win.
  9. Delik, I voted twice. Id on't know if it shows the dates or anything but could you count the second one? I re-read.
  10. Really a great read. TNH upped his game for this one that's for sure.
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