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Who's your winner?

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  1. Senhor Perfect

  2. Mystical George

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  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    and is for the Intercontinental Championship!


    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here​
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all ALLOWED! as this is​
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,​
    and there is a 2 promo per person limit.​
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.
    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.


  2. *Christian is watching the match backstage
  3. OOC: I know you said no OOC but I just want to use my champions advantage of going second. So George you're up.
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  4. Mystical George

  5. George walks to the ring with a leather jacket and light blue denim jeans on as the electrifying chords of "Do I Wanna Know?" by the Arctic Monkeys play throughout the arena to a mixed reaction from the IWT crowd. Some are happy that he's anti-Cure, but others haven't taken to his dick persona and probably never will.

    "The time has come, it seems. The time where talk is left outside and action is all that's left. Few think that Perfect's reign is over and why not? Afterall, he has beaten everyone that's stepped up against him, right? Of course that makes him the odds on favourite ... The thing is that odds don't really mean shit here when I'm involved in the equation, do they? And I've been proving that since day one!"

    George drops the jacket and revealing a Senhor Perfect t-shirt. No parody, just a regular shirt. Maybe he's going for some sort of irony with it, but who knows?

    "I broke in with The Cure, a group that was undermined and unfavored. Where did I bring them? To the very fucking top! And I didn't cheat or bend the rules to do it, I did it by outperforming every single person that was put in front of me. Have I ever really been the favourite? In my debut, I won a three on two handicap match because I wasn't seen as a threat to anybody. Now, look back at my last match when I was on the latter of a three on one handicap because Dat Kid didn't want me to face the champ. I still succeeded despite the numbers not being in my favour, and that's exactly what I'm doing right now. The question that all of you, including Perfect, have boggling your mind is the same that a gambler feels when he's down to his last dollar ... Can you really trust numbers? Maybe it's a coincidence that I've turned everything that was assumed about me upside down or maybe, just maybe, I'm an anomaly. You never bet against an anomaly."

    George calms down a bit and takes a more methodical approach to speaking in front of a silent arena hooked on his every word.

    "Every single second as the clock ticks and ticks and ticks, people are only starting to realise what I have become and that is a monster. No, not something from a book or furry man that sleeps under your bed. I am a certified life wrecker, career ender and soon to be the new and never ending Intercontinental champion of the world! With characteristics like that, I don't know why I'm not the favourite, it's strange to think about ... But I don't give a damn!"

    George has now upped the volume and is back to his usual bravado.

    "The thing that people don't seem to realise is that I'm living in Groundhog Day over here. I say what's gonna happen, nobody believes me and then it happens just as I predicted. Time after time after time after time, it's a blessing and a curse that doesn't leave me. It's not luck, it's justthat a cut above the rest and I know it, but all of you choose to deny it because you wanna believe the hype. You wanna believe that Senhor Perfect can compete with me, you wanna believe that he'll send me away with my tail between my legs, you just wanna believe that I'll die off ... But I'm too strong and I'm enjoying this too much to let anybody take it away from me. You see, it doesn't matter what Senhor throws at me because it won't be enough. Nothing that he can provide will be enough to stop me. Plain and simple!"

    He's now raising his voice to the point where he's shouting and making the entire audience feel uncomfortable in the presence of his being.

    "My thirst expends past Senhor and it extends past his belt. My quest is for power and though beating him will be another notch on the resume it won't leave me 100% satisfied. There's one thing that will make me happy and that is complete control. When I say complete control that means exactly what you're thinking ... That means that I beat Senhor and take his title, wipe my ass with it because it doesn't mean shit and then I'll do the exact same thing to Aids Johnson's IWT title. I won't be happy until both belts are melted into golden boxer briefs and even then their prestige will rise around my crotch because they sure as shit don't mean anything right now!"

    He lowers his tone to almost a whisper.

    "And when that's said and done, I'm gonna look Jonathan or Dat Kid or whoever's in charge and I'm gonna spit in their face knowing that they can't touch the champ. No one can touch the champ. I am the champ, I just haven't got the chance to hold my gold yet ...."

    George drops the microphone and rolls out of the ring giving absolutely no fucks about what he just said. Senhor, it's time to step up or be stepped on.
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  6. Ooh chilling, I have goosebumps George. Hmm George and the Cure, the Cure and George, Finkel and Einhorn. I've sat there thinking, why do these two things seem to be connected. The scented candles and mist when you first debuted, the constant "blue steel" looks to the camera. I've been racking my "old" brain and finally came to this conclusion. Let's all take a look at the Jonotron:

    Show Spoiler

    For you youngsters out there who don't know, those men are Boy George: an androgynous singer from the 80's and Robert Smith: lead singer of the band "The Cure". So here we have Boy George of the Cure, I know, I'm a genius right? This S.O.B is just an emo kid who's trying to fool you all into thinking he's mystical and deep. All the while he does his shopping at 'Hot Topic'. Except that shirt he has on right now, excellent choice, you can all pick that beauty up at, while supplies last.

    Back on topic, you said that the only way for you to be satisfied is for my title and Aids' title to touch your ass and then your crotch. Anyone else notice that? You've got some deep rooted issues dude. Mommy didn't love you? Daddy touched you? Had to cut yourself? I bet you think the whole world is rotten and you hate everyone. You had to "cure" everyone cause you are SO different, no one understands Georgie. Typical childish behaviour, you're a joke George. I'm just surprised I'm the first person to call you on your bullshit.

    You go on and on about being an anomaly, how the odds have been stacked against him, etc. What about the odds of holding on to a title for almost a year? Always being told you're too old and keep on winning? I'm sure that's a little tougher to accomplish then winning two matches against guys I can't even remember. The reason that you haven't touched gold yet is because you're not good enough. You can't hold a candle to perfection. You think that because of few of these idiots are fooled into thinking you're a big deal that I'll fold and give up? When I'm done with you, you'll be like all the others, you'll quit and run away never to be seen again.

    You should be honoured that I'm beating you. It's always ideal to be beaten by the best, and you my boy, are being beaten by the best.
    I'll leave you with this:

    Georgie Porgie candles and mist,
    Kissed the boys and made them pissed
    When the girls came out to play,
    It ruined Georgie Porgie's day .
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  7. 7 hours 53 minutes left for promos!
  8. George stays at ringside to watch Perfect cut his promo though he had intended on leaving. His rage of emotions vary from embarassment to anger to all out laughter throughout Senhor's promo. He rolls back into the ring and picks up a microphone hellbent on delivering another pipebomb message straight to Perfect.

    "That right there is exactly why you're not worth talking about, "champ". When I speak, people get the realness. When you speak, people feel like they're in a joke circle back in middle school. If we're going to be talking about childhoods it's quite obvious that you had your underpants wedged deeply into your anus from the ages of 6 to 21."

    George begins to pace up and down in the ring with his microphone looking at Perfect who is perched up on the ramp far away from George.

    "You should have just not answered me, Senhor. It would have been best for you. That way you could have taken a whooping and still saved some face, but it's too late now. Are you ready to be degraded by the words of a superior talker and all around human being in general? I hope so. Actually, no I don't ... I don't give a fuck about you because you're not worth it."

    George warms up his vocal chords with a smile on his face as he gets ready to dissect Senhor "Perfect" piece by piece.

    "Let's start it off with your name, that's the biggest sham of all. The fact that you can call yourself Perfect and be accepted when you so many gaping flaws which I'm picking like daisies at the moment makes me sick to my stomach. What are you gonna call yourself when you lose your belt to me? Senhor Used-to-be-alright-until-George-took-my-title? It doesn't have the same ring to it, but it's about as truthful as you've ever been with describing yourself."

    The crowd give a surrounding "Ooooh!" sound as George finishes his sentence. He seems to have a very frustrated champ on the ropes and he's not willing to relent.

    "Secondly, this high school jock mentality that you have pictured in your head is not how you come across. You come across to me as a little weak bitch. You like to talk shit while I'm handing you your ass in the hope that some of your blind followers will cling onto your clich├ęs or shitty sitcom insults, but they won't. Even the blind can see that I'm a step above you, Senhor."

    The crowd just get more and more vocal as George is burying Senhor Perfect in front of their eyes. Perfect remains speechless waiting his turn, but the fight is close to over.

    "And to all of you that bought into the hype ... The ones who said that Perfect was the greatest champion that IWT could ever have, that he was unstoppable, unbreakable and unthreatened - I bet you all feel pretty damn stupid right now! You put a monster like me up against a bunch of smoke and mirrors, all style and no substance and there is no competition. Period."

    A few people in the crowd boo at George, but he's still getting an ovation just by what he's saying and his approach to chopping down someone who IWT thought was unstoppable.

    "I'm ready to finish up my last ever promo before becoming the IWT Intercontinental belt and I just have one more thing to say. Senhor - I'm not sorry that I had to embarass in front of your minions and take your title. You deserved it. Hopefully, this reality check will help you learn your place ... A good three or four steps under me!"

    The crowd go silent as George leaves the ring and walks out through the crowd. He stands on the barricade and does the Arn Anderson throat cut taunt while directing it at Perfect before leaving with his music blaring in the background.

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  9. Figures you would leave to try and save face. Must be embarrassing to be exposed to everyone after building this persona of being intelligent and deep. You talked for so long and said so little. You say you're giving me a beatdown and dropping "pipebombs"? How is that? By you telling us how the crowd is feeling? Let me try that:

    Crowd blows the roof off of the arena while they laugh and point at Boy George. Throwing gifts and panties at Senhors feet.

    Hmm, that's actually quite fun. Your feeble attempt at putting me down has failed. Perfect is the way I conduct myself, the way I live my life, the way people like YOU see me. Many men better than you have tried to take this title and failed, you'll fare no better. People now see what you really are a scared little bitch hiding behind a mask of confidence. You are exactly right, this is your last promo in IWT. Cause when you lose, youll leave. The good news is after I'm done with you, you can leave like the other losers and join whatever other Indy league they're starting up.

    The women wet themselves and faint while the men applaud until their hands are bloody and sore.

    Thanks again for that, it really is fun! As for your final statement, again you want me under you. I'm not hear to fulfill your fantasies George, I'm hear to hand you the beating of a lifetime!

    George is buried so far deep that HHH is smiling somewhere. Perfect can see the tears in Georges eyes and sees him sniffling.

    It's over for you, you're not in my league boy. Once again you'll be rejected like you have been SO many times in your life. Add a few notches on your arm to remember this day, the day you were destryed by the triple threat, the greatest IWT champion of all time!

    Now that's Perfect!
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  10. OOC - Can I just put the IC title graphic in my sig now or do we actually have to wait for the votes?
  11. OOC seriously, lol? You were lacklustre this time buddy. The on,y way you'll win is if all your mp buddies vote for you and everyone will see its a tainted win.
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  12. Are you serious? hahahahahahaha. You spent half a promo talking about Boy George and another mocking the crowd reactions. You had fuck all substance and the votes should reflect that. Regardless of the result, I said that I would outpromo you and I clearly did. Ta ta.
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  13. [​IMG]
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  14. Right, entertainment! No boring shit and putting in crowd reactions to try and sway people's opinions. Keep talking though, we'll see who laughs last.

  15. If you laugh last well then this whole system is pretty fucked up, dude.
  16. Lol, you're hilarious. Gotta have the last word too eh?
  17. OOC:

    Guys better start acting good or you both are gonna get Triple Powerbombed.
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  18. Promise? :gusta:
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  19. *is in the crowd with Perfect's kids*

    Oh look, your daddy is about to lose :( Oh no, how will he ever support you now? *kids start to cry as I laugh and continue to watch the match*
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