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  1. The vote was a draw, 8-8, therefore we go to sudden death.

    Competitors have 24 hours to submit 1 promo each. Then, voting will commence. Voting is based on all THREE promos, not just the sudden death promos. We will use the special guest referee format.

    1 vote for Jonathan, 1 vote for @CM Punk and 1 vote for the public.

    Submit your promos here and then the voting will begin.
  2. Not to butt in Jono, but wouldn't it be easier to vote if ALL 3 PROMOS were in the same thread? How come its not just voting on these sudden death promos if the first 2 ended in a draw? Just wondering.
  3. I will post the other 2 sets of promos here once the 3rd ones have been posted. It's voting on all 3 because sometimes it's hard to pick when it's 1 promo each.
  4. Good enough for me. Thanks
  5. "Joey, now is the time, now is the crossroads of our career. Only one of us can head up Main Event Avenue and the other, in your case goes back to Mid-Card Central. This is the final hour of your Cinderella dream, and when the clock strikes, it will all turn to junk, to waste. I proved right there in the last bout that you cannot beat me, and now it is time for Mr. Main Event to finish you off and get my IWT Championship match, the match that the fans want to see."

    Big Crowd Pop from the fans

    "You have come to IWT and become a martyr, a martyr for what? You have been given opportunities that others have been passed for, you have been given opportunities that I would have been overlooked for despite my work here in IWT. I look around at all the new guys in IWT, and I compare myself to them, in the 1st month of my career, I had 5 wins under my belt, a record nobody has yet to shatter. I have run into a bump or two along the road, losing my mid-card titles and being put into the dead tag division. I have endured all of that, I faced the cure and I finally came out on top when it mattered the most, when the major prize was on the line. Just like I did there, I will win tonight's match, I have given the best matches of my career in this tournament because I belong here. I have beaten the triple threat Senhor Perfect, and the man you failed to beat, King David. I have clinched two victories over two champions in this tournament and I want more, I want to beat another champion, the best champion, Aids Johnson. Nobody else here deserves that match more than I do. Aids Johnson robbed me of a competitive match. He cashed in his title and left me with a worthless excuse of an opponent to replace me, he owes me a match and I plan on getting that."

    Sack gets a slight crowd pop that he ignores and focuses on Joey Bryant

    "You see, I have never had a shadow of a doubt I would be fired in this tournament, after I beat Senhor, and that confidence floods through to our match. It is time to send you home Joey, home to King David, Jake Woods, Rodrigo, Jacob Colton. This den is for lions, and your still only a cub Joey, you do not belong there. I will walk in the den and dethrone the ruler of the pride lands, and take my rightful place as King Of The Jungle"
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  6. "I can pass any test you throw at me, Sackfist... go ahead teach, teach me all you know. We clearly need more time now as we're forced to go to sudden death. So teach me! I can master whatever you teach and since you think you're such a veteran at what you do in the mid-card why don't you use those tactics here? Oh that's right. Because Mid-Card tactics will never get the job done when the spotlight is on you. I'm shocked we're actually still standing here, I thought I had that match locked down because last time we faced, I crushed you. If I would have known back then that if you beat me you could just win the X-Division title and not be included in this, I would have let you win! You don't belong in the finals of this tournament and I said that before. I have been a deserving, crazy mother fucker since the 80s and you just need to stay in your lane and that's the mid-card. Ohhhh so are you going to bring up the "Long awaited" rematch between you and Aids that "everyone" wants to see? Give me a break you delusional joke. People take shots at ME for being a maniac, listen to yourself! No one wants to see you succeed in the main event, no one wants to see you vs Aids because it'd be one sided, and nobody wants to watch you fail anymore and that's why you just need to accept defeat, pack your bags, and cry home to mommy. I'm appalled at the fact you think you're better than me and that others think they're better than me but I've proved each wrong."

    *He paces around in circles around Sack yet again.*

    "This party isn't over! Blow up some more balloons, play some music, and call a clown! Oh wait, you're already here. You need to learn and you need to learn fast that I am in the teacher here and you're just the student. It's the classic story of the Prince and the Pauper. You stand there looking at me in the ring with such intensity but really that intensity is just jealousy. You're jealous at the fact Gav the Chav could beat you with his pinkie. You're jealous at the fact the cub sometimes out grows the lion and creates his own legacy in the animal kingdom. You'll be even more jealous when you're at home watching me pin Aids Johnson and win the IWT Title. You ask why I say I'm a martyr and I've explained this multiple times. I want people to lie for me and die for me... I want people to follow my words and take it how you will, that's just the way it is. I sacrifice myself each time I step into the ring for the greater good, in this match the greater good is getting rid of you and fixing this company by winning the title."

    *He stops pacing as the crowd boos as he slowly walks up to sackfist.*

    "You speak of this place called Main Event avenue. I have yet to travel there but I heard it's beautiful! Low gas prices, cheap hotel expenses and a free community pool! That's where Joey Bryant belongs then. Hell I could even say Aids belongs there but you belong on Mid-Card drive still. Boring, dull, and over-populated. Only one of us can make it to the top of Main Event avenue and well, I've already rented an apartment. This win will only secure me a guaranteed spot there for good."
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