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    Go here to vote >>>

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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    and is for the IWT Tag Team Championships!

    Desperadoes (@Shadow and @Stopspot) Vs bWo (@Indy and @Muuuftah)​

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is a 2 promo per person limit.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.


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    [Muuuftah and Danny Jacobs make their way down the ramp when Muuuftah takes to the mic]

    Cut the music, we doin' double duty tonight bay bay! I'm getting pumped and we ain't even started!

    [Muuuftah and Indy enter the ring]

    So here we are, the B W F'N O... We said we was going to beat Cole Pain and that's what we did! Now I'm going to keep this short n' sweet cause the juices are flowin' from the Genetic Freaks abs on to the floor... Which means only one thing and that is tonight we're leavin' with the TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS OF THE WOOOOOORLD!

    But first let's get down to business, now I know The Desperadoes are all about business which I respect and all.. but I'm sorry to break your bank but there's a new franchise in town that's bigger, better and badder.

    Desperadoes you can either fold your business and hand over the goods that are around your waist or we can simply take them ourselves and destroy your business just like we did with all those other businesses... make your choice and be clever with it, Steffano's.

    So, what are you waiting for? Get your asses out here and let's do some fuckin' business!

    [Muuuftah and Danny Jacobs wait for The Desperadoes to come to the ring]
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  3. The IWT tag team champions walk out to the ring whilst the tunes of the immortal king of pop blast over the sound system. As a tribute to MJ both Midas and Andrew are wearing bedazzled gloves, Andrew's in purple, Midas in gold. They walk down to the ring with fire in their eyes and when they get in the ring Midas grabs a mic and starts talking.

    ...Well....You're a big boy! Look at all that muscle. I ain't no slouch in the gym man but you look like you either live there or at the Steroid factory. Quick question: If I push you into a pool, do you float? How buoyant are those pecks, playa?

    But you want to talk business, so let's talk business. Business is kind of my thing, in fact just before coming out here I struck up a little deal with Bill Gates to buy up a couple of companies together once he is done with the Mojang affair. I hear a lot of words coming out of your mouth big guy but not a whole lot that makes any sense. I don't see a franchise in front of me, I don't see a financial powerhouse. Maybe a physical powerhouse, but we know what they say about brawns vs brains. So listen up you vanilla gorilla, you're not some franchise and neither are your buddies. So don't talk like you're Walmart when all you are is a mom and pop shop. And just like any mom and pop shop, you'll close your doors once the giants establish themselves. And you think you can establish yourself in a land run by giants?

    Midas leans over and whispers something in Andrew's ear, and Andrew promptly falls over laughing.

    So big guy, I hear what you have to say even if it is a bit gargled. But it ain't happening. So get you're buddy out here so we can make you guys bounce like faulty checks. Because we're on the clock, and time is money.
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  4. Danny Jacobs grabs the mic from Muuuftah. He seems quite angry due to the remarks of Midas, and starts putting the mic closer to his mouth as he is about to speak

    Yes, Midas. We are big boys. We are the biggest threat you have ever faced in your career and you shouldn't joke about that because really, you should be a little bit worried about losing that 35 lbs of gold you got around your waist there, kid. We don't need no steroids to stand out from others, because we're hard working, real men. We're genetically superior than you guys in any way possible.

    I've got to hand it to you guys though, you've run rough shot over everyone in the Tag Division. You guys deserve to be the tag team champions. Really, you guys do. But with success comes self-confidence and from self-confidence comes arrogance. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm the most arrogant piece of shit you'll ever see on this planet, but I'm also realist at heart. I can see why you guys have beaten every single tag team on the roster and that's because they aren't a real challenge for people like you. If it wasn't for Muuuftah and Jones, who just didn't see anything in you guys, I would give you guys a chance in the bWo because I thought you guys were something special. Like I said, I thought you WERE something special and that's because you dominated everyone involved in the tag scene, and whilst it looked like a big accomplishment, it really isn't. What was the competition you really had? Cole Pain? We've had one match, and we're already facing you guys for those belts. Not to mention, on a PPV! It didn't take a lot to beat those untalented little pricks, just like it won't take a lot to beat you guys.

    Midas, I can't say you haven't proven yourself. You're not only the Tag Champion, but you're also the European Champion. Chapeau! I couldn't be more proud of you. You're self-confident to say the least. The same goes for Andrew. You both have a huge ego well that's alright, so do we. But, for this match we decided to take a step back and scout you guys to see what we could expect. I saw too many flaws that, quite honestly, made me laugh because even though you, Midas, might be a rich business man, there's one thing you and your little friend Andrew don't have and can't buy with all the millions of dollars that you have and that is talent. The talent to beat other talented superstars, the talent be the greatest in your division and the talent to be impressive and to be honest, I can't say you guys haven't impressed but does it mean anything when the other superstars in this little tag division aren't talented either? No, it doesn't. We'll be the ultimate challenge for you. We're here to tell you that, tonight, The Desperadoes are going to lose! Only the best of the best deserve to be a champion, and to be honest, you aren't close to being the best with us around... You simply aren't WORTHY of wearing that gold around your waist.

    Danny Jacobs suddenly puts the mic really close to his mouth, while having a sinister smile on his face as he's about to say his last few words.

    You like to claim that you're the best. Well, to be the best you gotta beat the best... You just haven't beaten us yet.

    Danny Jacobs is laughing maniacally as he's waiting for a response from Andrew.
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  5. *Andrew hastily takes off the sparkling glove, and throws it at Danny before speaking.*

    You're absolutely right, fun time is up. And if you don't think that we're a challenge to you 'real men' then you're sorely mistaken. We've reigned over these titles for the better part of a year now, and have toppled every opposition put in front of us since. Respected veterans of this trade have all fallen at our feet, and it's going to take more than a rip-off 90's stable from a B-rate company. You guys do have some talent, and I'll give you that. But we were winning titles in this company when you two were still giving each other road head between venues to a crowd of thirty, if that.

    But let's not continue to dwell on the past, what's done is done. There is a daunting task ahead of you two, and it's going to take everything you two got to end the long reign of The Desperadoes. We've only gotten better since the last time you two saw us perform, and I doubt the same goes for you two. The both of you have already competed, and you're looking pretty worn out. I can tell that you two just want to get this over with so you guys can head on backstage, drink some water, and relax. So, we'll make this quick for you.

    Believe me when I say that the only way you two are taking away our titles tonight is from our cold, lifeless hands. But don't worry, this match will be remembered for the ages. It'll be known as the night were The Desperadoes killed off a very promising stable stopping them before they even got started. Crushing each and every single one of their aspirations right before their very eyes. And they'll have nobody to blame but themselve's, and their own over confidence.

    After tonight the only thing left of the bWo will be their blood, their wet tears, and their ovaries.
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  6. [Muuuftah takes to the mic with a slight smirk on his face due to the comments made by Andrew]

    The only thing that will be left of the bWo is our blood, wet tears and their ovaries? Nice joke Pee-Wee. The only thing that's going to be left at the night is the sweet juices of all the hoochies drippin' all over my body after the bWo celebrate the bankruptcy of the Desperadoes.

    Now I find it funny how you talk about not dwelling on the past, but what you fail to see is that you're the past. We, the bWo are the present and future of IWT and those tag team championship. You, The Desperadoes will forever be remember as those fat cat Steffano's who lost to the best thing in professional wrestling.

    [Muuuftah turns his attention towards Midas]

    Now, now, now... look what we have here. Sup Big Boy? You like to use a lot of big words, huh? You say we're going to bounce like a couple of faulty checks? Well I'm Sorry to break your little piggy bank, but this check ain't going to be the one bouncing tonight, sweet cheeks. In fact after we put your little business into liquidation we'll be takin' your hoochies and they'll be the ones boucin', boucin' all over the Genetic Freak and the title that's going to around his waist.

    But let's get back to business, the bWo ain't no Mom or Pop shop and we ain't no Walmart. We're a new breed of franchise. Y'see when we walk into Times Square we become the Monopoly that all you so called business men fear and we don't need to establish ourselves to strike fear into the eyes of you fat cats.

    But Midas, if I'm going to be entirely honest I see potential in you. But with Peewee Herman over there you ain't goin' anywhere, so let me give you a glimpse of what the new franchise looks like...

    [Muuuftah gets into the face of Midas and starts to flex]

    Now you tell me sweet cheeks, do you still see a Mom and Pop shop? In fact you don't even need to answer because I can tell by the look in your eye's that you will cover it up with your phony words because you know that I'm speaking the truth, and you know that Pee-Wee over there isn't getting you anywhere in IWT.... but as a wise man says... that ain't none of my business.

    [Muuuftah proceeds to mock Midas by smirking and winking at him]
  7. Midas looks almost offended at what Muuuftah has said to him.

    Now I know that you are delusional. If you think that the well oiled machine that is the Desperadoes is going to crumble. If you think that we're going bankrupt you have no financial sense in your body big guy.

    You call yourself the present and the future, but you guys are nothing but an alternate reality. You two are Earth 3 while the Desperadoes are the New 52. And boy I know that you are lying when you say that to the best things in pro wrestling are going to take these belts from us because there is no way in all the wacky world of wrestling that The Desperadoes can wrestle the Desperadoes.

    Piggy bank? PFFFFF! I grew out of piggy banks when I was 6 months old! I'm not just some rich fat cat, I'm an economical superpower. I buy and sell small nations like you peddle papers on your paper route, slapnuts. If you think that I am getting liquidated then you don't know squat about simple finances playa. Besides, I don't think I have anything to worry about from you, because for one: you don't even speak proper English. "boucing"...."boucing", there's supposed to be an N in there as well man. Did your mom drop you on the head one too many times or have you taken a couple of dumbbells to the noggin working on those biceps of yours? I'm gonna guess both.

    You talk about "hoochies", I'm sorry big guy but I only hang around with respectable women, and I don't think either of them would want to touch either of you two with a ten foot pole. You're trying to scare me by talking as big as you are physically but you don't scare me boyo. You might have size on your side. But you're just a club, a a mallet, a blunt instrument. Something a caveman would use. Which is fitting considering that you look like one.

    Midas steps back and flexes his left biceps.

    I might not be the size of a bouncy castle, but I am fine tuned. I'm expertly crafted, not in some 5$ gym stinking of cheap Russian muscle enhancers, but in an elite facility trained by elite coaches. You brought a club to this fight Captain Caveman, but I brought a machine gun. And this gun is going to make you go extinct like the rest of you neanderthals.

    Midas makes a gun with his fingers and points it to Muuuftah and Danny's foreheads before faking pulling the trigger.

    So before we let you two do like stale bread, and crumble. Let me spread some wisdom. The Desperadoes ain't going bankrupt, the Desperadoes don't fear no monopoly because we are the economy. I don't do losses, only profit. And you just stepped into our kingdom. This here is the house that Aids Johnson, Senhor Perfect and Eric Draven built on land that Midas bought! So you can lay down and die like the serfs that you are. Or be thrown out.

    Jesus wept....Kaizer slept... Midas reigns supreme.

    Midas throws the mic to Andrew and poses with his tag team title belt.
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  8. *Andrew snatches the microphone from Midas and stares down Muuuftah with contempt.*

    I don't know about you Midas, but what I'm hearing is something like a peasant in the lower echelon of this company would say. Spouting nonsense at any cost to make themselves to seem better than they really are. I'm not going to lie, but when I look at the two of you I see a little bit of myself. Which is the greatest compliment you can give to an up and comer in the IWT. The only difference is, everything I've said I've been able to back it up. I was at a similar spot as you two when I first debuted here. Except on my first PPV I was fighting for the World Heavyweight Championship, and I walked out with the title in an ever so impressive fashion. Something that you two will fail to do tonight. And the reason being is that every legion that has come and gone here big or small has fallen to the two true kings of the IWT, and it's going to take one hell of an army to dethrone us.

    But no need to get upset, once we finish with you two tonight you can dust yourself off, pick each other up, and train harder than you ever have. Then you can go beg to The New Generation and see if they're looking for more irrelevant people to add to their little group. Come back and try again next month, but you will fall again. Because no matter what you do every time you step in the ring with The Desperadoes the results will still be the same. It's like clockwork, you just can't out last us. Nobody can, and if you don't believe me then go read up on your history. It's time you learned your lesson.

    Every moment that has been written this past year has started with The Desperadoes and has ended with us. We have re-defined the epitome of the IWT. Without us the IWT would just be the hollow shell with absolutely zero morale. That's why Midas says we are purely profit, every single time we're on the TV screen or promoted for an event the universe tunes in, or buys a ticket. Together we are an unbreakable machine, and no matter what you do or say there is no give to us. Unlike the two of us when you go against heartbreak you will crumble and try to go at it alone claiming that your partner held you back.

    *Andrew inches closer to the opposing team until they're less than a foot apart from each other*

    So go ahead, crack your jokes and flex your pecks, but don't go around making excuses when you fail to dethrone us.

    *He drops the microphone and makes a cut throat gesture*
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  9. Danny Jacobs grabs the mic, as his eyes begin to get bigger. He seems obsessed to get his point out there.

    You see?! THIS is the problem with you guys and with the entire IWT! The fact that you try to ignore every little bit of talent that we have annoys me to no end. You guys are too self-confident, you trust too much in your own abilities that you fail to see what your opponent can really pull off. You guys under-rate us a lot, and that's the wrong thing to do. The fact that we're new makes us fresh and exciting but you guys look at us as we're an easy pray. We're the B W F'N O, and we're anything but that. We're the greatest stable in IWT. The greatest individuals are in this group, the greatest selection of real men. You guys don't deserve to be in this stable, because you're a bunch of pussies. Really, you don't even belong in the same ring as us. The only reason why you're here is because you hold that tag belts and yeah, you have been dominant but you guys have never faced us till now. Obviously, you don't know anything about us so let me introduce you to the bWo: In our corner, we have Thomas F'N Jones. The greatest single competitor in this company, a person that is, without a doubt, the next IWT Champion. My tag team partner is Muuuftah, the Generic Freak. This is a man that doesn't care about others and why would he? His pecks are the size of your head. He is a monster that is able to break your bones in half. He's a cancer that can't be cured.... And lastly, there's me. I'm impressive, I know I am. I'm a beast, and believe me, not just any beast, I'm a fucking cannibal and I'm going to shred you to pieces, limb from limb, and EAT YOU ALIVE IN THE CENTER OF THIS RING.... and together with Muuuftah, walk out as Tag Team Champions.

    Danny Jacobs starts yelling ''2 SWEEEEEEEEET'' with Muuuftah. He looks to the ground, and has a serious look on his face again when he looks back up to Andrew and Midas as he spews out his last words.

    We're superior. It's destiny, only thing is that we ain't playin'. You guys picked the wrong hill to die on.
  10. Nice match guys. @Stopspot - vanilla gorilla had me rollin. And @Muuuftah - that second promo of yours had me grinnin. Good imagery with the 'bankruptcy of the Desperadoes'.

    Are guys not the 'Rock 'n Roll' Desperadoes anymore??? I just have to ask cause it seems no one refers to you by that name anymore.
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  11. Haven't used the Rock n Roll part since Extreme Rules or something. We just dropped it
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  12. Oh I had the first vote - ok then
  13. So not many votes but the poll is closed @Delik
  14. Your winners of the match... and STILL IWT Tag Team Champions... by an average of 7.666666667 to 7.066666667... Desperadoes!

    Full results here >>>

    Note: Zach's vote was excluded from the results.
  15. What useful input he had eh?

    Congrats @Shadow and @Stopspot . Still a good showing by the bWo though @Indy and @Muuuftah . Only lost by about a half a point.
  16. I know right
  17. Oh I see I had the lowest scores this time. Used potential is always hard for me to gauge so I just gave you guys both the same on that one. TBH I have been trying to start the scores lower in my head. So many high scores all the time, whether they are deserved or not really. Oh well. Hate on me if you will.
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