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  1. Well, this PPV has recently transpired (my segment hasn't finished just yet however), and it was a PPV full of surprises. Jwab beat VP and became the unified Hardcore X-Division champ, Gav cashed in on Joey to become the new IWT Champ after a great match with TNH. Ami gave Alias only his 3rd singles loss of his career. bWo had two matches, winning one, losing the other and failing to beat SIN for the tag belts. Oval and Butters drew in a 3-way also including the now "DEAD~!" Trevor Raynor. And some other forgettable stuff happened I guess.

    Overall, I thought this was a good show, but the lack of interest in some matches hurt it slightly. This is probably the worst era in IWT in terms of activity and interest, but I'm sure IWT will pull through. My personal favorite match was Kaizer/Joey. I enjoyed my match thoroughly despite the small amount of votes.

    And yeah, that's it. Leave your thoughts.
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  2. Joey vs Kaizer: 4/5
    Ami vs Alias: 3.5/5

    My two favorite matches, but due to the attention (it didn't) received it was kind of suckish.

    3.5/5 overall.
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  3. You have no idea how much it saddens me when good matches don't get voted on or read. I know I didn't vote on every match so I can't really speak but I think it's just a phase to be honest. We were never going to have 15-20 votes on every match, I guess around 10 is the average nowadays simply due to forum activity as a whole, then you have to take into account the amount of people who actually read IWT.
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  4. I believe Joey and Kaizer's singles match stole the show. It was a great match by both competitors, and it saddens me that Joey did not get a fight after that amazing performance and lost his IWT Championship, but it was an extremely surprising and smart move by Gav to cash it in when he did.

    I enjoyed our match as well, it was a great performance and it took me a while to come up with the last promo I had. Sad that neither match got more votes in it.
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  5. I've been kind of busy lately :urm:
  6. To summarise how I felt about this ppv using a smile


    There was some good matches on The card such as all the above that have been mentioned and there was also Some disappointments such as the triple threat that opened the show it could of been great imo but oh well lol

    no love for gav v fungi? :( oh well overall id give it a 6/10
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  7. It was impossible for me to be able to view all matches this pay per view, but i was able to catch up on most of it. What i can say is that everyone did a great job and i do agree that more activity should be brought into these matches.

    My favorite moment was Gav cashing in, I didn't expect it and i was very happy for him.

    Victoria Vs Jwab, I was surprised and really didn't know what to think at the moment. needless to say i hope victoria comes back and creates a path of destruction.

    Ami vs Alias, I have to say for a rookie entering in he wasn't my favorite to pick, esp going up agasint a a former world heavyweight champion. The match was intense to read, and it was a damn shame i wasn't able to vote!

    The Desperadoes are still by far one of my favorite teams in all of IWT. They're fantastic champions and i was fairly impressed with the challengers BWO, You guys created such amazing moments and i hope it doesn't end.

    The Euru Title was also very intense. anyone who is able to pull off two matches in a pay per view earns my respect, I am yet to be able to do such a thing but that is one of my goals in the future. It was an amazing effort by Dazzle and i truly hope Dazzle is able to build a little bit of momentum come the next pay per view.

    As for my match i was really and truly gutted about it being so short, I really thought that this would of been the match that would break out Aiden, sadly that was not the case due to some issues. But I assure everyone that this isn't going to end the way it did, There will be a finale and there will be a number one contender.

    Fun pay per view , wish i could of voted.
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