IWT NOC Tournament Standings

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    Round 1
    Nick vs DK James - August 26th
    Aids vs Alkaline - August 27th
    Farooq vs George - August 28th
    Senhor vs Sackfist - August 29th

    Semi Finals
    Sackfist vs Aids - IWT Uprising
    DK James vs Farooq - IWT Uprising

    DK James vs ??? - Night of Champions

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  2. Just wondering, is there gonna be another IWT uprising?
  3. Yep 1st week of sept
  4. Heads up, i work TUESDAY MORNINGS (so i wont be on until around 8pm AK's time, probably closer to 10 with how busy it will be)

    So Dust im not sure what works for you but pm me or post here and let me know, we can figure something out.
  5. I have no problem starting at 10pm my time.
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  6. Will this thread be updated as we have a few results in now from some matches
  7. It'll be updated when rounds finish. It'd be too much of a hassle for me to do one by one
  8. That's next week and we have no card sir.
  9. Sooo question. Since Aids cashed in, what's going on with the tournament?
  10. Jacob comes out and challenges you to face me in the final round. (or Aids loses to Sackfist because he's the champion and you face Sackfist in the final round)

  11. Aids picks the replacement in his match, and then you face the winner of Sackfist vs ???
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