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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    Ryan (@Butters!) Vs Raynor (@Trevor~) Vs Lord Lee (@Ovalhead Le Jobber)​

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is a 3 promo per person limit.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.

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  2. The Music Begins as the audience stands up in anticipation of the first arrival. Leaning over the barricade the camera zooms out as the arena is show all eyes upon what should be an amazing pay per view.

    As 0:21 Hits, The Curtains fling open as the audience then erupts in a positive manner at Aiden Ryan who is pumped. As The Music hits a fun, upbeat nature he then runs down the rampway clapping the attendants hands before sliding into the ring, grab the second rope he then perks himself up and runs and taunts to the audience who jump up in excitement.

    Awaiting for a microphone he that he receives he then stops and stares around the arena at the audience who are itching to see what is about to be said. Aiden's Smile surely fades after his music does as well.

    "You know normally i'd come out here and give myself a little prep talk about how i am rightfully the number one contender for that X division title but seeing as i now have two road blocks in my way, one to which has already been champion. And one to which has been given millions of chances to shine but is yet to, i find it completely... insulting that i'm stuck in the middle. You know Trevor, Regardless of the respect you and i gained in our match, I wish, And I do mean this, I wish I had the chance to be placed into the eye of success the way that you have been. I wish that it would of been that easy for me as an in ring competitor to step into the company, sign a contract and go against a great name.

    But here's what separates me from you, you see I worked from the bottom and i made my name known as one of the best talents that this company has to offer in my particular division, some may disagree with that, one of some may be you, but it's a fact. I come out here any chance i get and i bust my ass off for all these fans, and for what? To receive nothing but a returning movie star who stole my chance to take that championship from Nick.

    And Look at you, You walk into the company third match in your career you're with me again, in my way CONSTANTLY. And then there's people like you Lee..."

    Aiden Ryan Heads towards the corner of the ring and lifts himself up on the second rope, he then sits himself ontop of the top turnbuckle and leans back slightly. The Audience begins to whistle as Aiden Ryan then lifts the microphone back up and begins to speak again.

    "Now you see, You've held a championship before so do tell me why exactly are you in this division? You've claimed your glory, achieved your greatness and now you are here to put a stop to the newer talent taking what is rightfully theirs. Now if it's one thing i'm known for it is i don't like playing little bitch games, I am not going to smile politely as you walk past and try to steal something that should already be mine. I'm not going to pretend to play nice because being the nice guy isn't going to get you anywhere... So why don't you run along to another division to which you can harass other former champions, Because the soon to be crowned king does not like to share his throne with the likes of success sucking leaches such as yourself... "

    Hovering himself up his his hands he then jumps down and leans his back up against the turnbuckles, resting his free arm on the rope he tilts his head to the side resting his cheek into his palm.

    "Now Gentleman, Don't be mistaken by my sudden anger, for i am not a coward. I am simply delivering cold hard facts that will burn inside me until i am champion. A champion that this company deserves, no... a champion this company needs to rebirth this division that most if not ALL talent view's as dead. For those hypocritical men who state that they do not care for the championship, yet place themselves in the way of those who do care for the gold. I am that man you, and them resent, because they know that i am that threat who is going to put a stop to their pathetic display of greed, and propaganda. now with these cold hard facts i have thrown into this battlefield that we call a ring, I will make sure this warrior standing before both of you is victor in this war, because there is only ONE warrior standing in this ring and it doesn't take a genius to figure out who that is."

    OOC (open)
    Just want to wish my competitors the best of luck, and to have fun!
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  3. OOC: Might not be able to cut my first promo until tomorrow btw.
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  4. Raynor walks out from the curtain and onto the stage and observes the audience, who still gives him a positive response, looking much more serious then he has in the coming weeks to Night of Champions. He is wearing trunks and a black hoodie which is out of the ordinary for Trevor. He puts his hands in his hoodie pockets and calmly walks down the ramp and into the ring. He walks around the permiter of the ring and his handed a microphone and does not hesitate to speak...

    Funny, how first I lose to Aiden in my first match of my career. Then after all the praise and gratitude for how well I did, I still went on to my most embarrasing lose in my career, to Lord Lee, Little Lee whatever his name was. And now I am put in a triple threat with the two men that have kept me down at a level I should have surpassed on Day 1. It's like some god is giving me a chance to redeem myself and beat the two men who have shamed me. It's great that I've been given that chance but, can anyone really believe in what I say at this point? I said I was going to beat Aiden, and I didn't. I said I was going to beat Lee and I didn't. So If I say that I'm going to beat Aiden AND Lee in one match, who the hell would take me seriously? So all I can do at this point to hope that I by some stroke of luck I pick up a damn win. I am tired of being the talented one that still loses. I want to be the talented one with a W on the record. But, I all I can do is wish for it, no actions can be done to insure my victory. In the matches I had with Ryan and Lee I gave everything I had, gave it my all. But, It was good enough. So that's why I have to wish for a miracle folks, because at this point effort means nothing.

    I question if effort has really ever been what defines a career in IWT. Does the man that gives his heart out every match earn his spot here? The answer is NO. There's always someone who is waiting to stab your back. The people who choose the winners and losers are not people anyone should trust to make the right choices. The critics who oppose Trevor Raynor are the scum of IWT. They will be not be forgiven and I will forever hold a grudge against them for ripping my heart out of my chest. Their actions have no justification and soon they will get theirs.

    As for Aiden, you are undoubtedly the man that I owe all my respect to. Everything you said before our match is true. I went for too big of dreams and look what happened, I crashed back down in the X-Division just like you said that I would. However, I lived and learned. Now all I can do is hope that this match will boost my credibility back to where it was when I was having my match with you.

    Raynor lowers his microphone and leans back on the turnbuckles and shoves his hands in his hoodie pockets and awaits the arrival of Lord Lee.
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  5. Well since he let us know yesterday I'll allow @Ovalhead Le Jobber to get one promo in to even things up. NO OTHERS and voting starts after that.

    The ONLY reason I am doing that is because he let us know AND I'd rather have a match with at least 1 promo from each in the match. If he hadn't informed us that he might not be able to write one until today I would say open the voting. And if he doesn't get one in today then tough shit.
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  6. kkk, 2 secs
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  7. *Lee comes out doing white boy dances, he's wearing a gold chain on his "BeLEEve" shirt, the camera cuts to his back where it is says "In S.I.N!". He continues to dance to the ring, he kisses his gold chain and drops on the floor. Confusion fills the arena*

    Lee: Ladies and Gentlemen, I bet you wonder what's happened to Lee, right? Like, has he concust himself again, does he think he's changed ethnicities? Does he think he's a ghetto Joey Bryant?

    To all that; Nope. I just... got introduced to the new culture recently, my former associate Ice Cube, once of N.W.A fame, and no, not that outdated wrestling promotion.. Ice Cube said him and his homies were chilling in New York at the Plaza recently opened by F....I mean at a plaza opened by some place you don't need to know about. There, I learned I gotta embrace my 'dawg side'. I'm done with being a dark man, killing nikkas, although, that wasn't my choice, but I can't elaborate because the government and courtrooms got me monitored...

    So, not so long since last chillz clev trev, how you doing? you lost twice, to both of us and you're still getting opportunities? fair enough... I guess that opportunities are awarded to homies for hype and not for success.

    If you excuse me, let me just focus on a lad I haven't already beat in the space of the last month or so.

    *Looks at Aiden, with legit intent*

    You, you came in with little hype, just another of the X-Divsion newbies along with the like of the British Dimwit etc. But you, you have the potential to become more than X-Division and I respect you for it. I repsect your dedication, an unsung hero of this place the way I see it, and heck, I can respect you for it allllllll day, but sadly, that doesn't mean I'll give you the 1-2-3, so don't twist my words like that moron over there did.

    *Lee nods at Aiden*

    Either way, I didn't get much sleep last night, house got broken into, I jumped in the rap game too quick, got court duties for my "crimes against humanity"... apparently massacres are wrong... But I'm still HERE, ready to fight! And you may have hopes and dream Ryan, but you gotta wait until another night, because I dedicate this match to my new brothas from anotha mother. Oh, and that goregous slut Vagina Puss... I mean Victoria Parker, and I can't wait to be the ONE who faces her in a buck naked match!!

    That's all I got to say, anyone who don't what I say, they file it to my haters cabinet aka the bin!!

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  8. Such a bummer that the match had to come down to one promo. I was really enjoying the atmosphere and chemistry the three of us were going to have.
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  9. Came here to see the match results and... was disappointed with no results...

    Is this revenge for my deceiving status, Delik? I'm on to you! :willis:
  10. I'm in bed and can't access the results on mobile. I'll be up soon.
  11. This match is a draw! With both Ryan and Lord Lee scoring an average of 7.444444444!

    Full results here >>>
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  12. Wow!! Congrats guys!
  13. Well. What now.
  14. rematch at survivor series? Best of 3 series?
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  15. Leaning towards this so much!
  16. Whoa - first tie in the new voting system. I like the idea of letting you guys build to the next show.

    Congrats to you both btw
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