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  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    and is for the X-Division Championship!

    DavidTheGOAT vs @Cactus Jack​

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here​
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.​
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted, and there is a 2 promo per person limit.​
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​
    -This is a special guest referee match.​
    1 vote will be for Shadoxicity, 1 vote for CrayJ Lee & the public vote.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.
    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.


  2. *Adam walks out on the stage to a pop, He stares around the arena, He takes a moment to embrace the crowd in the biggest match of his career, This is his moment, His life long goal can be achieved in one night, He high fives fans as he walks to the ring, He is more focussed that he has ever been in his life, He jumps from the outside onto the apron, He stands on the turnbuckle and embraces the crowd, He jumps down into the ring and cricles it embracing the crowd*​
    Ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to the future. You are staring at the 2 most promising stars in the IWT to this day, You see tonight we will have a brawl, We will fight, We will dive, We will BATTLE! 2 of the best and up and coming stars in a match, But theres a twist to it and its called The Cure, The Cure are a bunch of renegades acting like they mean something when all they do is trash the prestige, You have no respect for a title that people have spent their blood, sweat and tears on and one of those men is me, I had the most brutal match of my career back at Extreme Rules to EARN this shot and I will not waste it! , You waltz in here and take something you dont deserve, Well tonight is time for justice, Tonight I take the your little title back and make it mean something and make it a TRUE title. You see, I wanted you to win that title, I thought you deserved it, I thought you would be a man and a real champion, Then next thing I see is The Cure helping you steal that title from Farooq, You dont need The Cure. You fail to understand that, I promise you you will do better for youself without them, You have this thought in your mind that The Cure is helping you when they bring your career down further. Because of them you aren't viewed as a rightful champion, You are viewed as a coward, a pussy and a undeserving champion. I agree with these people because that the way you are acting, They are intoxicating your mind and leading you to believe you need them, Just move on man and make your own future, Write your own path and craft a legacy.​
    I have worked god damn hard to make my legacy, I worked and I worked and rose from nothing to tag team champion in under 6 months. I worked so god damn hard to even earn this shot, After months of title shots being stolen from me and tonight I finally get what I have been working for and that is a rightful one on one shot at your title and I will not let The Cure cost me it and I do not need help from The Crusade! I NEED NO ONE TONIGHT! Rhodes and Jacob are my best friends and teamates, But I left them out there themselves because they dont need me tonight and they are doing the same to me, I need no one for this battle and you dont either! You dont need anyone out here tonight, We are doing this the fair and good way and whoever walks out with that title will be a TRUE champion. This match will be brutal and you dont underestimate me, Im still banged up from Summerslam, I still have stitches in my head and scars on my arms that wont go away, Im in pain and I shouldnt even be here tonight but guess what, I am and I will not hold back, Tonight will be brutal and only one man walks out, I am banged up and ready to go!​
    After tonight you wont be leaving with that title, I will use everything in my power to take thta away from you, The Crusade is here to help you David. You refuse my help then fine, We can do it the hard way, We can fight, We can cry, We can bleed, We can sweat and we can destroy whats left of us both and I will still shake your hand at the end of it, Thats respect.​
    Thats the thing that has always stayed between us through thick and thin here is this mutual respect for each other but recently I have been losing that, You are this champion who will do anything to win a match and keep his title, I know you have respect for me and you lost a lot of that for me when I was that cocky guy, I had this major ego and believed I was better than I was, It lost me the respect of my friends and family and everyone in the back, It wasnt until Summerslam that after suffering the biggest loss in my career to the better man that night that I realised that I needed to change my attitude and thats exactly what I did and now David you have taken my old place and I am putting a stop to that right now, You have this delusional thought that a title legitimises you being the best but when you steal it it does nothing, You are taking any prestige on that title away, That title means nothing around your waist, That title is going to come back where it belongs, Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not for a long time but its coming back, Maybe it will be me and maybe it will be someone elese we dont know, You cant run, you cant hide. Im changing your evil ways and taking you back into society. You think you can just run, You thinking running is an option, You think The Cure will help you tonight? No. No one to help you and no one to help me, We are calling this one down the middle, I refuse to let you walk out here with that title on a fluke​
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  3. *David comes out to the ring, looking very disappointed in Adam.*​
    "I have never truly heard more hypocritical words than the propaganda you just spewed, Adam. You say the Cure is nothing, and they are doing nothing but holding me down, but you look back and you say the people you run around with and have little circle jerks with. The Crusade is nothing and even though they are intoxicated with all the lies that have been going on in IWT, they should know better. YOU should know better. You say I have had help from The Cure to win my matches, well in IWT they may be "blurred lines" but you really need to open your eyes and look around you. The Cure hasn't done anything to your little IWT federation, what the Cure have done was save it, we saved this place from being run by guys like you, like Jacob, like Rhodes. The Crusade aren't anything but guys who try so very hard to hold on to their sense of accomplishment which is the few matches they've won, but in reality they have been lost in the shuffle by the whole IWT. They stand nothing but irrelevant. Now let me get off the topic of the club you have going, and let me talk about you, Adam Aries. You mean nothing in IWT and you've done nothing, you turned on your friend after you got suspended for trying to cheat the system that you claim so much The Cure has broken, and you lost to that former friend almost immediately you came back. Yeah, I'm sure you got a few wins before losing, which is why you are here right now, but the fact of the matter is, you are just trying to act like you care about these fans that are living a infections so you can get an upper hand in your matches. That's really what is the difference between me and you. I don't act like someone I'm not that you have always loved doing Adam, I have been the same since I came to IWT, and I'm not going to change, If I don't like the fans I'll say "FUCK THE FANS" to each and every person in attendance for this match. If I don't like the way things are run in IWT I'll tell Dat Kid, I'll tell Jonathon, I'll scream it to anyone that listens, because I speak the truth Adam! The truth is... I DONT LIKE YOU! I don't respect you either, and I definitely don't respect this person you are acting like when you are not. You aren't some happy guy all the time Adam, the truth is you're some infant that his dad never loved or cared enough to ever meet."​
    *The fans are screaming, and everyone goes quiet at what has just been said*​
    "Oh sorry, was I not supposed to say that? Did that go a bit too far? Yeah... I don't really care. You claim that you know I have respect for you deep down in my heart, you claim that you can help me, but the only person who can help someone is me. I don't have respect for you because if I did TRUST ME I wouldn't have looked at your records, I wouldn't have said what I just did, but the reason I did is because I am just that big of an asshole. I can admit that too, and something you need to learn to admit is you're even a bigger asshole than me, because beneath all your circle jerks and your 3 sums you have with your fellow butt buddies aka the Crusade, you really couldn't care for them less. You don't give a shit about them and while you try hard to rank up in IWT every second you are hoping and praying for their demise. You know why that is Adam? Because you know they are better than you and if they left you at the point you are now you would go back to jobbing to rookies and practicing your wrestling in Scotland you little fella."​
    "You're nothing by yourself Adam and as much a you say The Cure is garbage, look at our accolades. We hold all the gold here in IWT, and after tonight that won't change at all. We hold IWT hostage and there isn't any escaping from us. You say I want to run, I wasn't running when I lost to Sackfist, and the only person who wants to run deep inside is you because you are scared you will fail like you did when you lost against Nick, when you failed against Jacob, and most importantly when you failed yourself. Because Adam you are a failure of a human being and you are a failure of a wrestler. You want to believe that you have a small chance in this match, but you don't. You don't believe in yourself Adam and that huge insecurity you have is what I will feed on like a pedophile feeds on a girl against her parents."​
    *The Crowd is chanting "THIS IS AWESOME!!!"​
    "You were right about something though, I'll give you points on those. You were right when you said we will go through war in this match. Because we will, this match isn't just going to be a normal match. I know the same that you know, you are going to put everything on the line, you are going to bleed and sweat. I will too, but the difference is that at the end of it I won't shake your hand and say "good game" I'll pick you up and see you didn't stand a chance in the first place because I speak the truth. The truth is you just aren't ready for a match like this, you aren't ready for an opponent like me, and you just aren't ready to overcome your biggest obstacle... *David pauses for a moment* yourself.​
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  6. OOC: No, Didn't he tell you? We made an agreement that neither Cure or Crusade should vote for anyone on this one.
  7. That's basically exactly what he just said...
  8. I wasn't gonna vote for anyone in the first place. I have my confidence in The Cure.
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  9. OOC: The time limit is almost up,Cactus Jack post your promo soon as David has to leave and won't be online in a few hours.
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