Storyline IWT Once and for All (Nov 20th - Nov 25th) Match Card!

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    IWT returns to PPV with IWT Once and for All. LIVE Nov 20th - Nov 25th!

    Match #1 - November 20th
    Lucas w/ Danny Jacobs vs. Prince Bálor
    @DragonClaw @Prince Bálor

    Match #2 - November 21st
    Ultimate X for the vacant IWT X-Division Championship
    @GZR Seb @Aids Johnson @Tumbas @Indy @Ovalhead

    Match #3 - November 23rd
    King Zero vs. Joe Collins
    @King Zero @:OPJAKE

    Match #4 - November 23rd
    IWT Intercontinental Champion, Jack Forté vs. Dirk Turdis for the IWT Intercontinental Championship
    @GZR Seb @Trip in the Head

    Match #5 - November 24th
    Gav the Chav vs. Nick in a Redemption Match
    @Gav the Champ! @Nickelodeon

    Match #6 - November 25th
    IWT Champion, Alias Antonio vs. IWT World Heavyweight Champion, Victoria Parker for the unified IWT World Championship!
    @THG? @CrayJ Lee
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  2. I'll do my best to not no show lol
  3. Looking forward to the event!
  4. This is basically the last phase of the whole transition from Aids to me. Not really much more happening, in terms of change, after this.
  5. are you excited to... LOSE?!

    haha, the big guy!
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  6. I'm on a shoot that weekend, put me up on Monday.
  7. X-Division have an extra day to get their match done, it seems.
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  8. Looking forward to RAPING you LIVE on PPV
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