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    I want to hear suggestions/opinions on how things are being run here.
    Since we have a solid roster, we will keep all belts for now.
    I am going to cut down on PPV's though. Suggest the ones you would like to have on IWT.
    I can open a poll for voting for PPV's if we have to.

    Since quite a few people showed up late, or not even at all to their matches, I want to have a better format from keeping this from happening on PPV's. Suggestions are welcome.

    Discuss anything else you would like here.
    Special note to Randy: If you come in here & complain about voting or demand for any titles, I will be deleting your posts. If anyone adds fire to his flame, your posts will be deleted as well. I don't want this turning into an argument.
  2. Perhaps have a panel of unbiased people do the voting for the matches. It does seem to end up being a popularity contest more often then not.
  3. But how would we create a panel of completely unbiased people? This is a community site so obviously cliqs are going to be formed. I sadly don't think we can enforce a jury system of sorts.
  4. Wrestlemania
    Elimination Chamber
    Money In The Bank
    Royal Rumble
    Bound For Glory
    Survivor Series

    These are the ones we should have, everything else doesn't matter to me
  5. I still think there are a lot of titles for the roster size. I understand that when it started there was 2 brands, but it seems everyone has a title and people don't challenge each other. I think if you had a world title and 2 mid card titles given the roster size that would spark more competition. Tag Team there is not enough of. I personally think 3 championships would make this section more competitive given the roster size.

    However you do have the question: Which titles do I keep and get rid off. And we know people might get upset with losing a title permanently.

    I think a contender ship is needed, purely because of Gohan going after the main title. I think you and Jonathon need to create a contendership list where if you beat someone you move up, you lose, you move down. If you beat a champion in a non-title match you go up a lot more than you would do a regular match. That way it would be better for people to earn a title match and not demand them (also I believe it would only work with limited titles)

    I think PPV wise seem to be the only places some matches occur, I mean Gohan was one of the guys that doesn't compete outside them neither does FailFaceFTW. I think we should have more of a show where it is run by two co-Gms. I suggested a while back that you guys book weekly matches so people fight people they wouldn't normally face etc, don't know where you stand on that. I think that would be a cool thing to add.

    I would like to see possibly tournaments also where everyone competes like a king of the ring thing.

    Those are my suggestions
  6. Like a power ranking of sorts? :hmm:
  7. I wish I could make it strictly about voting for the promos not the actual user but I don't think there is a way to do it. If the mods would be willing, we can have Hoss, Crayo & Xanth have the final say when titles are on the line but idk if they would want to do that.
  8. Maybe when people vote they can place their reason?
  9. Power rankings would be cool, but for fairness, everyone would have to be put in equal matches instead of some people getting more matches than others which is why I suggested that you ran it as a show and book matches, they could be bi-weekly if it is too hard to run it weekly
  10. That could work perhaps, and GM's could reject the vote if it is a pointless reason
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  11. I agree with Sack on the titles thing. However tournaments would be a hassle to do all the time. I think we should do a tournament yearly at most. As far as contendership goes I think it's run quite smoothly, aside from Gohan. Everyone who has wanted a specific title has gotten a shot one way or another.

    One thing I will suggest is that instead of having titles disappear, at the next PPV we should have a series of unification matches. The winner of those matches would choose what belt stays in which belt goes.

    Something like this:

    WWE Champ vs World Champ
    US Champ vs IC Champ
    Euro Champ vs Hardcore Champ vs Cruiserweight Champ vs Million Dollar Champ
    Tag Titles would stay in my opnion. Although we don't have enough people, we would never see a tag match if we got rid of the belts.
    The divas championship however only has 2 people who are eligible for it. I've spoken to CrayJ Lee about retiring the title and...
    Show Spoiler
    ...i would arrange in a way that would be storyline based
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  12. That is a good idea. I don't want to just take betls away from people. Jonathan what do you think?
  13. I like that idea. Make it like MOTM so if they don't have a reason, their vote doesn't count.
  14. :LOL:! I SAID THIS WEEKS AGO AND NO 1 head me out! :pipebomb:
  15. Eww. Yack
  16. See the difference between you & perfect is that he has a legitimate claim because his promos are actually good
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  17. It really comes down to them actually making sense. :pity:
  18. Also I think it would be nice if we could set up more feuds. There should be more to do outside of title contention. I think that's what was so nice about the wedding. If we can get more long-term storylines in place then maybe we'll get more activity.
  19. It was nice being US Champ while it lasted....
  20. I like the idea of unifying the titles as I've said on Skype. Also, I did try to implement a point system to keep fresh challengers for titles but I got shot down so...