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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.

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  2. *The lights slowly fade into a shade of dark red and Sin's theme starts to play throughout the arena. Twenty seconds pass and Andrew is no-where to be seen. The theme yields and the lights transition into a shade of gold.*

    *Forty six more seconds pass before Andrew walks out onto the stage with a mic in hand-- he's wearing his normal ring gear, but a small poncho covers most of his torso-- except the title, a brown leather flat brimmed hat sits atop his head, and a lit cigar sits in his mouth. He looks up at the crowd before advancing to the ring. He removes his accessories, leans on the apron, and flicks out his cigar before he speaks.*
    Andrew: "Coming into Old School Uprising I figured that I would be facing a past rival of mine, so I was a tad surprised to find out that I was going to face Chris Kaizer-- a man whom I've never stepped in the ring with, much less even talked to backstage. We've had somewhat of a different path the two of us, him pursuing the European title and I pursuing a tag team title with my partner Spinzz. I never thought that our paths would cross, until Kaizer here joined up with Kid's bitch Joey Bryant for a shot at my title-- Sin's titles." ~A small Sin chant breaks out~

    Andrew: "It might've seemed like a good idea at first, he gets a chance to be close to Bryant and he even gets a shot at a title in the process. But it wasn't, he joined a loosing battle. The second Kid and Bryant won that triple threat they had their fate sealed. They decided to step into an uncharted territory, against a team with everything to lose. You too have sealed your fate Kaizer, it's going to be a whole different ballgame when our titles, our livelihood is on the line. We will do whatever it takes to leave the tag team champions.

    *Andrew signals for a ring crew man to bring something over, the man goes off and returns a few seconds later with a pillow in hand. The man hands Andrew the pillow.*

    We know how you love your sleep Kaizer, and trust me when I say that you'll be more useful asleep come Money In The Bank."

    Andrew: "Enough about the future though, it just occurred to me why we're opposing each other tonight. It's to make new history for the IWT, so come out here and let's make history."
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  3. The lights go out

    The entire songs plays. Before....

    The song fades in as Chris Kaizer begins to dance out, he dances all around the stage before stopping.

    Well, here we are. Old School Uprising, the night, where we remember the good ol' days of IWT. Where FTJ was World Champion, why we would want to remember that, I don't know, but hey, not my decision. Though it was Old School Uprising, we had a lot of new school. Harriet vs Joey Bryant,Jwab vs Justin Magnus, uh...that's all I care to really name. We also me...vs Andrew. Andrew, 1/2 of SIN...whoops, 1/3. I always forget about Frie, it happens all the time. Also, 1/2 of the tag team champions....for now.

    You say that Dat Kid and Bryant sealed their fate at ER. Well here is the thing, I am not, and I repeat, I am not Dat Kid. I don't take my ball and run home after losing. I get right back up and sleep until my next match and win. You say it's whole different ballgame when the titles are on the line, you are right. You have no idea, what I will do for the championships. No one does. You may do everything to stay tag champions, but I will do everything and more to BECOME the tag champions. Many have underestimated me before, it doesn't end up well for them, I advise you don't do the same.

    You can bring out your pillow and mock me, but don't make fun of my wonderful sleeping schedule. I wake up in time for breakfast, a breakfast every morning is a happy morning, damn it!

    You can dress up like Clint Eastwood, but you will never be as good as Clint Eastwood. You will only be as crazy as him, talking to an empty chair crazy. You are more use full doing that then actually competing in our tag match. And hey, at the end of that tag match, that chair won't the only thing empty, your waist will be empty of gold as well

    Andrew, when it's all said and done though, history will be made. And our futures, they may be foreshadowed tonight.

    Kaizer Slept....
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  4. ~Andrew's expression lightens for a moment, but he regains composure~
    Andrew: "I'm glad you did that little bit with Metallica, I'm quite the fan of Metallica myself. One of my favorite songs from them is one you can relate to, Enter Sandman is it? Yeah, that's the one. The lyrics "Tuck you in, warm within, keep you free from sin" speak volumes for me. Especially the part about keeping free from Sin."

    Andrew: "You may say you aren't Dat Kid, but you're sounding more and more like him, minus the god complex. If I closed my eyes and heard you talk I can just picture Dat Kid. Hell, you've even taken his signature words and added them into your ammunition. You chose to step in his place with Bryant. You had a choice Kaizer, and you chose unwisely. All you're doing is making yourself an unnecessary casualty of war. You could've waited until the battle is over and pick off the pieces left over from the IWT Champion."

    Andrew: "The war within the IWT is real, you can win a battler or two, but no matter how much you plan and how hard you train you will be a victim of war. It's all just a matter of when-- you're on the losing side Kaizer and believe me when I say nothing, absolutely nothing can save you from this Sin."
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  5. Chris Kaizer starts to walk to the ring and begins to speak.

    You want to compare me to Dat Kid, okay, fair enough, we might both be egotistical. But the difference between us, his ego was his greatest enemy, my ego is my greatest ally. Dat Kid's ego ruined him in the end. My ego will help me more than any man could. Sorry, Joey.

    Chris Kaizer steps into the ring

    Andrew, everyone is a victim of war, you and me both. But some victims recover, I am that kind of victim. You, are not. You will be a causality of this war, not me. But you, you are a necessary causality. You and Spinzz both. They say knowing is half the battle, in this's the entire war. And I know. I guaranteed that I would beat Frie, your stable mate. I guaranteed that I would become the European Title #1 contender. My guarantees were true. And if history repeats it's self, my guarantee to Joey Bryant that we would beat you, take your titles, and and win this "war", will be true. Just like my others. When you are growing up, people tell you that you should never lie. I listened to them, and I have never lied since. Why would I now? My pants surely aren't on fire, are they?

    I have my own list of sins. It only has 3 sins but hey.
    1. Thou shall not lie
    2. Thou shall not try to shut me up
    3. Thou shall not spin
    That list stands for Sin. #1- You #2- Frie #3-Spinzz. That was the best I could come up with okay, I'm not that great at making sins. I'm not God, another difference between me and Dat Kid.

    You wanna use Metallica lyrics, two can play at that game. "Sleep with one eye open. Gripping your pillow tight" You should do that form now until our match. Because you have no idea, when the Sandman him self, comes.
  6. OOC- @Delik you can open voting now.

    Shoutout to me and Shadow's creative block.
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  7. Your winner by an average of 7.06666666666667 to 7... Chris Kaizer!

    Full results here:
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  8. Holy damn, only by .06.
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  9. Would like to apologize for the quality of my promos, I had majour creative block.
  10. Haha @Majour stop blocking the guys creativity!
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  11. Congrats man, this is why I think I like the new voting system.
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  12. :damn:I had no idea I had this effect on people
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  14. The bell rings and the announcer yells "And your winner, Chris Kaizer!". Andrew is on one knee and his reaction is somewhat like this:

    *Andrew regains his composure as he gets to his feet and makes his way to Kaizer. He forms a fist with his right hand as if he's about to deck Kaizer, but he restrains himself and instead extends his hand for a handshake*

    *Kaizer meets Andrew's extended hand and the two shake hands. Andrew leans in close to Kaizer and whispers "This is far from over". He releases Kaizer's hand and exits the ring while Kaizer's music plays.*
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  15. Chris Kaizer ask for a mic from ringside

    That as one handshake I wasn't expecting tonight, but I was expecting a handshake from none other than Joey Bryant. You and me both agreed, I beat Andrew tonight, you would come out here,accept my offer, and shake my hand. So how about you come down and do it right now?

    Chris Kaizer drops the mic and awaits Joey Bryant.

    Show Spoiler
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  16. *The crowd gives off a mixed reaction as Joey Bryant's music hits once again for the night. He walks out on stage, now in street clothes and jeans, but has his IWT Championship slung around his shoulder. He has a big grin on his face and begins to clap for Kaizer. He picks up a mic in the center of the stage and cuts his music.*

    "What a night, huh? I said no matter who stepped in that ring with me, I would take down. I proved to you ALL that I am a fighting champion, no longer a fluke. Chris Kaizer while you're standing there awaiting an answer I need to address the other events of the night, as your champion."

    *Joey clears his throat.*

    "The older dudes put on a show, the result didn't matter. My old buddy Sackfist beat down Farooq in what I think was match of the night, maybe Sackfist deserves a shot at my gold. He's got a long way to climb first. Farooq, you let your guard down, you're weak, and I'll pick you off like I did to Bruce Knight. Speaking of Knight, he decided to show his face in some corny promo saying he's coming back to "dominate". Yea, good luck with that one bud. Unknown got laid out, Jwab continued to fail, and the Cure prevailed... with Antonio. To Alias, you've fully gained my respect, I no longer question your ability. The way you FINALLY left the Order, you now represent the second generation to the fullest. You made me a very happy man tonight, Alias, we'll rule this company for ages. Another man that impressed tonight..."

    *He points to Kaizer and claps again for him and the crowd lets off a small pop.*

    "You did not disappoint like I thought you would, you beat one half of the tag champs, and you've established yourself as a threat once again. People no longer look at you as a joke. I will not walk down that ramp and shake your hand, I don't think you've earned that yet. What you have earned is the place of my tag partner."

    *The crowd pops and Joey nods at Kaizer from the stage.*

    "I'll help you get some gold around your waist, buddy. Your time is now, enjoy it."

    *He claps for him one last time as Kaizer's music plays and Joey turns and walks to the back.*
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  17. OOC: Seriously TNH THG and DK I see no competition to face them atm. Time to see some absolute domination of the top tier of IWT, or see a new faction rise.
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  18. OOC: well I guess I know where the GM should be focusing then eh?
  19. Yeah getting a front row seat to the order's first job.
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