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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    (@HunterHearstJericho ) Clobbersaurus VS Al Poppin (@Ric Flare! )

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for
    24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,

    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.

    Sorry (open)
    Sorry its up late guys. Jono just let me know he wasn't able to put the threads up today. Now lets get it on!

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  2. [​IMG]

    Al Poppin' comes out to the ring wearing a white headband, a poncho and his purple tights with a white stripe down the side and the Shining Star Title around his waist. The crowd pop mildly to him while he stands on the stage and walks down to the ring, Al gets into the ring and is handed a mic, he then puts the Shining Star title on his right shoulder

    Al Poppin': Welcome everyone to IWT New School. Tonight was supposed to be about Nostalgia in IWT. Ya'll know I'd be down with that, but I'm not a sheep. I'm the leader of this Fantastic Four. Tonight we have Reed Richards, Yours truly, the brains of the group against, The Thing.

    The question is what is he? Clobbersaurus is my own creation, sorry to go off the script, but I created the man, and what a job I did. But why should my creation advance in this tournament, what you all have here is a Protoge vs Mentor, This Grass Chopper will not beat ol' Jackie Chan. Kyle Gass will not out Aweome Jables. The Dudes with Tude is my own creation, think of me as the Doc Oc of this Sinisterly Awesome Group. The Founder of this group and not to toot my own horn, but the very heart and sole of IWT's fantastic Faction, my skills can kill, I am just too much macho for one man to handle, And that is he very reason I will take this band of misfits and launch us into stardom. That has been my plan, to be as over as the whole Cow and the moon deal. Tonight is my IWT Debut, tonight is the first step of many paces I will follow on my treasure map to gold, by winning the Dudes with Tude Tournament, nothing will be out of my reach, so Clobbersaurus, come out for a good ol' fashion Knuckle Sandwich
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  3. Clobbersarus walks out wearing light green BDU's with green wrestling boots there are yellow designs on his BDU's he has a huge build is 6'7 and has tassels on his arms and green gloves, he is wearing a green Lucha Libre mask which shows his hair which is black and green down to his shoulders, his mask has a Ultimate Warrior facepaint design on it, he looks at Al before running down to the ring this time watching out for the steps he jumps over them runs up the other steps and this time slips off the ropes, but kip ups by the announce table and gets in the ring slowly

    Clobbersarus: You may be the brains Al, but right now I want to smash your brains in, for this is my debut as well and I wouldn't have been here without you, that being said you programed me to do one thing in the ring destroy, and apparently that brain of yours is lacking because there is no rule on who I can destroy so watch out in the ring Al.

    Now Al, you think you will beat me? have you seen the size of me compared to you? This is like Michael Myers vs Laure Strode, you can run and fight all you want but you can't hide and in the end you will perish, and while we are using movie puns to make us look good, you are the brains here but then again I am the brawn the biggest of the group I am the Darth Vader to you Palpatine, Does everybody know what happened to Palpatine? he got destroyed by the brawn Clobbersarus! I am the unstoppable force in the Dudes With Tude, My off button cannot be found, and Al? You can say all you want about how you are the best thing going but the question is, can your force Make The Skies Rumble And The Earth SHAKE? I know my force is capable of that, You see I am the large monster in your treasure map Dora, and the fact is that unlike Swiper you cannot escape me.

    Clobbersarus walks up to Al

    Clobbersarus: I forgot before I walked out here you said that you wanted to give me a knuckle sandwich? Why don't you hit me with your best shot? if you can reach little man.
  4. Al Poppin': Not to get into a Star Wars debate Clobber, but in the process of killing Palpatine, Vader was mortally wounded by Lightning. To defeat me Clobber would mean your end, for I have the thunder, the thunder that will win me this tournament. To quote the great star command ranger, To Infinity and Beyond. You Clobber, your the Booster Munchapper to me, the Buzz Lightyear of IWT, (shame on you all if you don't get that reference), your the Janitor of the Dudes with Tude who dreams of being the Space Ranger. You have much to learn young padawan. David Vs Goliath 1, David defeats Goliath, David vs Goliath 2, Bart Simpson blew up Goliath 2, Now I am faced with Goliath #3 and using my brain, I learned that the only way to defeat Goliath isn't by a stone to the head or a lamp of fire into the stomach, no, the only way to defeat Goliath is by defeating him in a wrestling match. I will not let there be another sequel, Clobbersaurus, I am afriad, your are the weakest link, do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars, because Al Poppin' is the Monopoly in IWT.

    To your point of defeating you, I could come out here and say that I'll connect with an Ace Crusher...People Power, or a good ol' fashion Lou Thesz Press, but why would I give out the secrets? I ain't no Oli North. You Clobber, your the Randy Hickey of us both, I'm the Earl, you follow me and we do my List. And it's time I cross of #242 - Defeat Clobbersaurus and advance in the Tournament

    OOC - The Dora The Explorer was good use, but the Swiper, had to google that, you watch too much of that show bro. Didn't want to do anything on that though,
  5. Clobbersarus: I am the Janitor and I'm here to clean up the mess that is Al Poppin and the way I clean up is a Irish bar fight beatdown, That'll surely clean up the misery act of Al Poppin. Vader may have been mortally wounded but he was the last man standing in the Empire and he put down his leader for good. I find it funny how you feel the need to use already established names to make your words look important, but I will join along for I am Goliath 2.0 I am Jason X I am unstable and unable to stop, You refer to yourself as Bart Simpson, I'm planning on turning in to Homer when I beat you like a red headed step child, You see Al, I can take out all of your strengths #1 your so called brain? what will you do when your brain has no more use after I punch you so hard I deal enough brain damage that would make a brain after years in the ring look like nothing. #2 your speed, you are fast in the ring no doubt but what will you do when I bend you into a pretzel and snap your legs off your body, and #3 your mouth, your all talk and no game and I love pain so me knocking your teeth down your throat is a given promise. So now Al whats left? Mr.Monopoly is out of all his strengths.

    You thinking you could even take me down with a Lou Thez is very funny what are you 170? 150 at best, I'm 315 pounds and the fact that you think you can get me to the ground is just as funny as when Cheech picked up Chong thinking he was a chick, anyways the way I am going to DEFEAT you is I'm going to take this elbow (Points to his right elbow) and slam it across your face like a Bullhamer, and that's going to be BAD NEWS for you, or I'm going to press you 10 feet in the air than spear you to the mat crushing your very existence, You can make all of your references but the fact of the matter is size does matter and I am ready to turn you inside out Flat Stanley.
  6. Al Poppin: You think my strengths only equal 3? Your looking at a multi-dimensional man. Your looking at IWT's monopoly man. Monopoly's wasn't built with strength, and neither is Wrestling about strength. Wrestling is a chess match Clobber, though the little horse may scare you with it's 2 by 1 or 1 by two swift movements, the wrestling match is tactical, and lets face it, no offense but your about as tactical as a clown in the forest. There are so many weaknesses that a true mastermind. You see George Tarleton. I didn't create you as MODOK, no, your purpose is to give Al Poppin' his first win. In this duo, I'm Heisenberg, your Pinkman, I am the danger, your just the guy with the catchphrase. So make the idle threats, steal my gimmick, because Barney the Dinosaur, your just a Vanilla
  7. Clobbersarus: Last time I checked you referred to me as the Big Dawg, and that's what I am, You see Al, you think you are the Big Dawg when you haven't even been in this company for an hour, the fact of the matter is you think your the King of Kings when really your the One Man Band, you call yourself Mr.Monopoly? What is used to make the game board? Monopoly? Cardboard. Cardboard is used to make the game so you are saying you are equal to a cardboard board, You see the Clobbersarus is a animal and an animal will ram right through Mr.Monopoly leaving him beat up like the sack of meat he is. You call yourself Danger? Danger is my middle name and that is what you are afraid of.
  8. Ok, new voting systems first run people. And it was not easy for me to get right when posting it here lol.

    Voting is now open. Remember to use the links for the Google docs form!
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  9. The new voting starts here right? So Al Poppin' vs Clobbersaurus will be the 1st ever match voted using Google.
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  10. Thanks to Delik's agree, (To quote a random guy on Man Vs. Food) " This is History in the Making!"
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  11. Just think we made history here in IWT. #AlreadyEstablished
  12. Not sure if this was the intention of the new voting system but it does add a sense of suspension. No idea what the result is
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  13. Thats what I wanted TBH. I've wanted to check the standings so far too but I'm glad I can't haha
  14. Then Bravo sir
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  15. oof, only 5 votes? You know @Trip in the Head if jono were GM i'd be taking shots left and right.
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  16. Full result here:

    Your winner by an average of 8 to 7.46666666666667, Al Poppin!
  17. It's a shame we only had 5 votes on this match, if this is due to the google docs feature or just people not voting then we'll have to see.
  18. lmfao way to be TNH.
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