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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 48 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.


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    * the dazzling chavs music plays for the last ever time as both b.dazzle and gav the chav come out to the ring receiving a standing ovation from the crowd they both climb into the ring as gav takes the mic to kick things off*

    (Gav the chav) now earlier today I sat back to reflect on the journey me and dazzle have been on and what a fucking brilliant journey we've been on I remember like it was just yesterday when me and dazzle became a team we started of opening a can of whoop arse on the current x division champion @Nickelodeon and IWT number one jobber adam hawk we made our presence known to every single one of you except for 2 cheeky ****s backstage you know they are the fucking cure or they were the cure should I say

    in case you have forgotten let me remind you all just what happened at survivor series the chavs took on the almighty cure for the tag team titles before that match began we were the underdogs on that night not a single person thought we could do it but we proved everyone wrong we proved them all wrong by beating them both at there own game we bent over ben dover and gave his little arse a good spanking we choked out iwts number one choker in alias antonio and we took titles from them and since that night the cure have remained extinct until tonight

    you know what right its been 7 long months since we have all seen the cure in action since then ben dover has had a personality transplant although hes still a fucking cheeky **** like and alias went to the bottom of the pile and built himself back up, went to the top and.... he fucked it up lol the silly **** anyway I've talked pure shite now for way too long so why don't you 2 cheeky ****s get down here so we can get this shit started!

    @THG? @God Ovalhead Fan For Life @B.Dazzle lets do this!
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  3. *As soon as Gav concludes his promo, Cure by Metallica commences to reverberate throughout the arena's sound systems, inducing a not too shabby pop. As Alias comes out, the cheers progressively get louder for their world champ. Sporting an Aids Johnson RELEVANT hoodie, covering a The Cure t-shirt underneath, Alias begins to saunter down to the ring, walking to the beat of the music. He kindly hands a few Cure t-shirts and Cure DVD's to some of the audience and enters the ring, taking a lengthy look at the vociferous crowd, embracing the "A-LI-AS!" chants, with his World Championship around his waist. He glares at Gav momentarily before speaking in a subtle, yet direct way.*

    I've been anticipating this moment for quite a while now. Not only because it is the night where me and Ben put all differences aside and reform as one of the most powerful, if not THE most powerful team in the IWT - The Cure, but because it is also the moment where the Dazzling Chavs will be forced to sleep and stay dormant just like how they should have stayed when they lost those tag titles, and it will be at the hands of none other than the omnipotent Cure. What was onced the most dangerous cancer in the IWT has now been losing all of it's almighty strength and has become THE most vulnerable force here in the IWT, which was foreseable from a mile away due to their lack of wits and brains, but nonetheless the point stands. That cancer, tonight, will be inoculated with the Cure, a very special type of Cure that will ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness, just like it always has been.

    You see Gav, I respect you. Not many people like to say it, but I really do. But what bugs me is the amount of BS you spout everytime you walk your way out here with manliness oozing straight from you. You really love to reflect and reminisce on gool 'ol Chav times, like when you beat us for the tag straps. Talking about them, where are they now? Definitely not around your waist. As much as you love to recall old times, so do I.

    That match was a stepping stone for greater happenings in my career and Ben's career, while you two stayed in the tag division which was slowly dying without the much needed Cure. While you two stayed irrelevant, I, like you said, rebuilt my career and beat the likes of Ben Dover, current X-Division champ Nick, former X-Division champ David, Kaizer, Aids Johnson twice, Joey Bryant, Aiden Ryan, Dat Kid.....twice! Becoming a World Champion and an X-Division champion in the same year. You like to call me a choker, but I've done stuff only you could dream of accomplishing, and even then, it's too much of a stretch for you Gav. And on the other hand we had good 'ol Ben leave his own mark in the IWT, becoming IC Champion, rebranding it into the EU Title, beating the likes of Adam (BOOOOOOOO), your little partner Dazzle, Senhor, DZ, Seabs and more. Yeah, we may have lost to you that one time, but our much bigger wins in life compensates that loss by a big big margin.

    What was happening with you though? You had a few matches, then dropped the belts to The Order, then subsequently losing a rematch. That's real good. A for effort.

    So before coming up with my failures, I'd take a look at yours first. And after this match, you'll have yet another one to add to the ongoing list.

    The Cure are back for the night, maybe even longer, but if it ain't so we'll make this as sweet as possible.

    So you know what's next now guys.

    *Alias stops and looks at the crowd with a smirk*

    *Crowd say it along* YOU ARE THE CANCER......WE ARE THE CURE!
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  4. *The titantron has "Lord Lee" and then "BEN F'N DOVER" above it. Lord Lee comes out with his old Ben Dover branded T-Shirt on, he has his IWT Euro belt over his left arm. He is wearing purple/yellow pants and white trainers. As he comes out 5 different Brazzers pornstars come out behind him to a deafening pop from the crowd. Lord Lee Struts down the ramp as he blows kisses to all the female fans. He walks up the stairs and waves goodbye to the ladies, he blows a kiss, they wave back and walk back up the ramp.*

    Lord Lee: Ladies and virgins.....BEN DOVER IS BACK FOR ONE.MORE.NIGHT!

    and so is the Cure I guess, but........

    Wheres George, is he still healing his injuries afflicted onto him by Dat Kid?

    Wheres Aids, did Alcoholics Anonymous finally track him down?

    *Crowd boo*

    Wheres Jwab, is he busy shooting himself in the foot like he did at IWTMania?

    Wheres David, did Donald Sterling see him taking Instagram pictures with Sterlings latest fucktoy?

    *Crowd boo*

    Lord Lee: Don't boo Ben Dover guys....Fine, I will bring back the porn stars, will that make you happy?

    Crowd: YES! YES! YES!

    *The pornstars come back out to the apporval of the crowd.*

    Lord Lee: While they hand out free porno films and sign them, I shall continue.

    So, at the end of the day, we still have two members of the Cure here, better than nothing I guess. Although I was kind of worried going into tonight's match, in case you haven't noticed, Alias has an inability to refer to me by Sir/Lord Lee, he can only call me Ben Dover. I asked a friend of mine, a professional psychiatrist and he claims its because Alias has an emotional attachment to my Ben Dover persona, I don't know why he does. Maybe he watched too much porn as a child and as a teenager. Regardless, I was worried Alias might try to be a little 'touchy-feely'. Don't worry though guys, if he does I can just get my bodyguards out from backstage to calm him down.

    So Alias, no frisky business, that fine with you?

    *Lord Lee puts his left hand in between Alias and himself and then winks at a female fan and blows a kiss at them using his right hand.*

    Lord Lee: Alias already described my accolades for me, and we all know Alias is the IWT WHC. Do I really have to explain why we're winning? Nope.

    *Lord Lee puts down his mic and whipsers to Gav to "sit down before your superiors", he then lifts his IWT Euro proudly as he winks at Gav.*
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  5. *The Dazzler takes the mic and begins to speak.*

    Dazzler: Tonight, is the last night ever of The Dazzling Chavs. It's the last night of a great tag team. It's the last night of the most fun I've ever had. But I've also got some huge news. It's also my last night.

    *Shock hits the crowd and they boo out of sadness.*

    Dazzler: The Dazzler doesn't have it in him anymore. It's gone. The touch, the magic, the feeling, the electricity, it's all left him in the last few months. Losing the tag titles was the best thing that could happen to me, because it gave me a new view on my career. The Dazzler understands he's going to be letting a lot of people down, including gav, with this announcement, but he had to make it tonight and on this night only. The Dazzler's career is going to go off in the sunset along with Gav, but don't worry, because we'll be making sure to kick candy ass on our last night here, and on any other night while we're gone!
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  6. * gav takes the mic from b.dazzle and continues chatting shit*

    ( Gav the chav) here right listen up yeah alias listen up yeah I'm glad you finally show me the respect I deserve its about fucking time somebody did around here but right you see before mania right every single person backstage from management to the works experience guy was riding your dick harder than some of the girls rode your mate ben dovers little winkle back in his porn days they couldn't get enough of you alias this alias that you were the best thing since sliced bread in there eyes the only obstacle in your way was was fucking mr underdog himself bruce knight after he won the iwt belt from joey bryant all you had to do was cash in that x division belt and beat him to win it couldn't have been any simpler it was practically on a plate for you but you somehow fucked it all up and choked on the big stage and you failed to yet again capitalise on the opportunity you fucking silly little **** I could give a flying fuck about all those other Shitty little titles you've won nobody remembers those who came second best just winners just like the dazzling chavs once were

    * gav focuses his attention on sir lee*

    Here you right maybe alias still sees you as ben dover and the rest of the iwt see you now as sir lee but to gav either way your still just a stupid **** always have been always will be its funny you mention your mates david and jwab you wanna know what happened to them they fucked with the dazzling chavs thats what when they challenged us at the royal rumble since that night david fucked off somewhere and like you say so yourself hes not been the same as he once but not thanks to Christian it was down to us 2 me and dazzle when we inflicted his first loss on him just like we did to the 2 of you and just like we will again tonight

    you know what dazzle me and you have been on one epic journey together and im glad we got to share the ring with the cure one last time because just like you gav has lost his way inner chavness gav even considered hanging up his air max 95s and walking away from all this but gav knows that you both will help gav initiate that spark he once had if gav does then he's already won here dazzle finish them off

    *gav hands the mic to b.dazzle*

    OOC ok im done go get them @B.Dazzle

    @THG? @God Ovalhead Fan For Life balls in your court now I reckon
  7. OOC: Sure
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  8. Lord Lee: no no no. Before we have Dazzle cut his final promo, I would like to speak again.

    Its true, to some I'm a "****", from day one of being in this company, I am open to the fact that I am indeed a "****". You though, you are the BIGGEST **** OF THEM ALL. YOU STRODE INTO TOWN BACK LAST YEAR WITH YOUR BUBERRY OUTFIT AND ABYSMAL GRASP OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE AND YOU MELTED THE IWT UNIVERSE INTO BUTTER.... They loved the chav they saw blurting out obscenities and wanted more and more of it, you got yourself a chum along the way and you kept on steamrolling with the momentum you had, you two would take our tag titles and things looked great for you but your hype could only last so damn long.

    I obliterated Dazzles hopes of getting his title back, the IC title that he "Dazzled"....

    *Lord Lee shudders at the thought of it*

    Lord Lee: I then defeated you in PWGP and him AGAIN in the EC qualifiers.

    Now, I get the lack of motivation you two men share, I would come and cut promos every god-damn day but sometimes my political activities and celebrity lifestyle get in the way of my e-fedding ambitions. I won't quit though, I'm not like that fickle, pathetic, overhyped waste of my time; Dolph's Ziggler, who just left, because he knew he couldn't handle the hype!

    In fairness to Dazzle, he has notified us, and will be giving us all a sendoff match, he will lose it, but it will be closure for these fans that seem to like Dazzle. This entails we may NEVER see the long awaited Dazzle vs Chav match, but maybe its like Sting vs Taker where its a match you're better off not seeing and instead just imaging in your mind or playing on IWT 2K14 on your video games consoles. Most importantly though, it will simply not live up to mighty standards set by Alias and Lord Lee, let's not hide the truth.

    Good luck Dazzling Chavs and thank you for providing me another career I can claim I put down.
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  9. waiting on dazzle
  10. If Dazzle doesn't promo within the next few hours, I'll cut a promo myself.
  11. Okie dokie
  12. *Alias looks at Ben Dover and giggles, before paying attention to Gav again.*

    All that pointless blabbering spouted by yourself Gav, takes me back to what I said earlier, have you even done and accomplished an ounce of what I have in your IWT career? I don't fucking think so. I've MAIN EVENTED shows and BEATEN world champions, including one that is nowhere to be seen now, Dat Kid. Tell me, who have you beaten in singles action? You couldn't even beat your mum up if they booked that match because you're a weak ass bitch who's only weapon is his mouth but even then it's a self-damaging weapon because you talk so much shit it eventually backfires on your ass, and tonight will prove just that when I plant your head on this goddamn mat.

    This is more than just a reunion and a tribute match, this is a rematch that's been pestering me all the time just because you can't keep your damn mouth shut about a fluke victory, and at this point, it's the only thing that you two can leech off of right now simply because no one gives a shit about you anymore. You're hanging from a minimal thread and that thread is about to be viciously terminated by The Cure.

    And Dazzle, is that all you got? The former IC champ, former tag champ, and the guy with most Rumble eliminations in history! Grand list of accolades there, yet all you say is that you're going to kick some candy ass tonight in you're supposed last match here? If so, good fucking riddance.

    It was good while it lasted Chavs, but it's all coming to an abrupt end I'm afraid.
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  13. Voting opened!
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  14. I put the poll in for ya there bud

    OK that sounded wrong
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  15. perfect match for Old School IWT. Sure, it's not a feud from the very beginning, but it did change the game for all four of you. Good match, It needed more Dazzle.

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  16. Loved the match, nice job guys specifically Ben Dover.
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  17. Holy Holy The Cure is back :yay:
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  18. Who are you :shock:
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