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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.


  2. 'Ladies and Gentlemen, are you ready for a fight?'

    Harriet is already in the centre of the ramp when the lights are turned up. As always, the lower half of her face is covered by her trademark skeleton mask, the hood of her sleeveless hoodie pulled up.

    There is a mixed reaction from the crowd as she passes them by- some boo, others cheer and hold up signs. Harriet pays no attention to the crowd, keeping her eyes focused solely on the squared circle.

    After slowly making her way up the steel stairs and stepping into the ring she pulls off her hoodie and mask and tosses them to an assistant, ringside.

    'So, today I go up against the top dog. Just, wow...'

    'Did I expect this to happen? Shit yeah. Perhaps not as soon this, but this was bound to happen. And despite my recent win/loss record, I do deserve this. I give my all in every damn match.'

    Harriet paces around the ring, swiping a hand over her face.

    'I have spent my life giving everything I have in me to become a force to be reckoned with, to make something of myself. I don't just want to be a wrestler, I want to be champion.'

    'I know that you're a two time champ, but recently you've become pathetic. This constant crying over your boy Dat Kid- what the fuck is wrong with you? You have IWT gold and yet you still find something to be unhappy about.'

    'It must be so hard to be the top of the pile. To have it all, while the rest of us struggle to claw our way out from the bottom. You make me sick.'
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  3. *The lights turn green in the arena and the crowd begins booing.*

    *The crowd continues to boo as Joey Bryant at 20 seconds into the song with a smirk on his face and the IWT Title slung over his shoulder. He takes a deep breath in the center of the stage before grabbing his title and raising it high in the air to taunt the booing fans. He nods his head and holds it up in the air while he walks down the ramp, ignoring fans. He rolls in the ring and and raises his mic to Harriet after his music fades.*

    "You want to be a champion? Did I hear that right? Last time I heard you say those words you were losing your shot at winning the X-Division title! You don't want to be a champion! If you were smart, you'd get the hell out of my ring, and go tell Aids Joey said hi."

    *He points out onto the stage. The crowd boos.*

    "Of course you wouldn't move.... hmmm. You're name is Harriet Vargas, and the only reason I know that is because as IWT Champion I must pay attention to each and every one of you. I have to keep an eye out for those that have a goal to beat me, guys like Farooq. I have to watch the losers, I have to watch the wanna-bes, and for some reason I have to watch you. It's because of that hype around you, that same hype that was bestowed upon me last year. You know, you come into this company not expecting a huge push, you make one big debut promo, and next thing you know you're climbing to the top with Aids Johnson, only to end up losing to him. But for you, you're being promoted by Aids yet you're facing Joey Bryant. One of the very few that can call themselves a 2x IWT Champion and you can be like everyone else and claim my first reign as a joke, but it's not going to change what's written in the history books. You're special, but you'll never be the next Joey Bryant. Sure, I could definitely see you being the next Victoria Parker, you'll eventually go crazy because you take so many losses and you'll suddenly come back and win the IWT Title. Lucky for me, I'm gonna have to wait a long time till I even see you in my title picture."

    *He stares right at Harriet.*

    "I hope you realize it's harder at the top than it is at the bottom. I was the happiest I ever was when I was "clawing" to the top, these people loved me and everyone wanted to see me win this title. It's until I realized, once I actually won the title, people would immediately look at me as a target and no longer a buddy or a partner. It's lonely at the top, and Dat Kid was around to show me the 5 step guide on becoming IWT Champion and 5 months later I got 2 of them. Obviously I'd like him to still be here, let's see how far you fall once Aids let's you spread your wings."
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  4. 'I'm sorry- you think I don't want to be a champion? So what, do you think I fight for exactly?'

    Harriet holds out her hands, almost begging for an answer.

    'You're right, I did blow my chance at the X-Division strap, but trust- I learned a lesson and I won't make the same mistake again.'

    She turns away from Joey briefly, taking a deep breath.

    'Becoming champion is ALL I ever think about. I can't stop those thoughts from echoing around my mind.'

    'Maybe a few more losses and I will go crazy, I don't know... It's a real posibility. My dreams are already full of the hurt and suffering I want to cause to those who try to stand in my way.'

    'I won't stop until I snatch that gold away. Won't be today, may not be for a while- but it will happen.'

    'And maybe once you lose your title you might finally appreciate what you had...twice.'

    'It may well be lonely all the way up in your ivory tower, now that all your 'yes men' have turned on you. But you should know more than anybody that sacrifices need to be made to get what you want.'

    Harriet runs a hand through her hair, her face contorts into a fierce scowl.

    'You think it's better at the bottom, huh? You've clearly had everything in life handed to you on a silver platter.
    Some of us slept in cars or on gym floors and worked two jobs whilst training just to even get here. Some of us gave up everything to get to the bottom rung of the ladder.'

    'Don't ever doubt that I don't want this. I would give anything and everything to have that strap around my waist. If I have to kill to get that belt you'd better know that I am fully prepared to do it.'

    'So keep doubting me Joey, I dare you.'
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  5. Voting will open when @DK James gets a 2nd in
  6. "You've got a lot to learn. Let me tell you the same thing Aids told me when I was a new competitor, jumping to face the IWT Champion."

    *He walks a couple steps closer to Harriet.*

    "You're not ready to hold the IWT title."

    *The crowd boos and Joey smirks.*

    "You're not ready to even face the IWT Champion if you truly think what you have going for you now it easier than what I have. Imagine being attacked verrbly and physically every night of your life. Through social media, backstage, the fans on the street, just imagine it. Where you're at, everyone wants to see you succeed because you're a fresh face. Once you do finally win some sort of gold, you'll realize it's not all just fun and games. Funny you speak of silver platters, no one gives a shit where you've wrestled before this, you're in IWT. The way I see it, you're the one riding up on the hype of Aids Johnson, if you really thought about it you'd realize you wouldn't even be at this point facing me without Aids Johnson."

    *He paces around Harriet slowly.*

    "Dat Kid, my mentor, my partner. Aids Johnson, your mentor, your shoulder to cry on. Aids and Dat Kid had so many memorable matches back in the day, the most memorable being the ones Dat Kid won of course, so maybe us standing here now we're fighting for our mentors. The winner of this match proves that the second generation will always topple over the 1st and the 3rd that you belong to. I'm glad you're here though, I'm glad you're hungry for gold. There's not many left of you in this company. But unlike Alias Antonio and I you've got a much bigger challenge than you might of ever thought if you think you'll take either of us down."

    *He throws one arm up in the air.*

    "I'm sick of listening to sob stories, I'm sick of competing against jobbers, I'm sick of listening to Farooq brag and boast, I'm sick of this company, and I'm sick of talking to you. Let me wrap this up, I'm here because I want to show all of you I am better than you. And until everyone realizes that, I'm afraid I'm going to be holding onto this gold for a long long time. Maybe your kids can get a shot at this gold Harriet, but your 15 minutes of fame are up."
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  7. Damn this was really entertaining. The background story of Kid being Joey's mentor and Aids being Majour's mentor instantly had me hooked on the promos. Gonna be a hard vote.
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  8. Voting opened
  9. And everyone thought the idea of me and Majour hooking up was scandalous. Joey and Dat Kid aren't just friends, Dat kid isn't just his mentory, oh no. They are partners.

    Seriously enjoyed the match, was just as good if not better than i expected.
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  10. Farooq watches in the back, smoking a cigar as the two go at it. "Hey, I got a mention."
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  11. Your winner by an average of 7.86666666666667 to 7.53333333333333... Joey Bryant!

    Full results available here:
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  12. I mos def gave 10's for the dat kid aids feud mentions, but 4's nick? Bro.

    Still only got 5 in here for this shit, What say you STOP SEAB SENHOR DANNY SACKFIST FRIE AND THE NEW ONE'S I DONT KNOW!? You want people to vote in your matches, you need to share the fucking wealth.
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  13. In fairness to Nick, I'm sure that on one of the forms I voted on (on my phone) I only saw it go up to 5.

    Midcard hell had better have a welcoming committee for my ass.
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    You barely lost to the king on the mountain, dont let that VP deal get to your head. Midcard Sir Lee, here comes Harriet Vargas.
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  15. Going toe to toe with the champion and barely losing is nothing to be ashamed of, especially if you're new talent.
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  16. I never even thought of that when I booked the match TBH, but I had the same reaction. Classic shit.

    Good stuff from you both @DK James and @Majour - sorry I missed the vote
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  17. It only goes up to 4 on my phone I guess
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  18. *The bell rings after the 1, 2, 3 pin of Joey Bryant on Harriet Vargas. His music begins to play and he stands up, grabbing his chest but raising his arm in victory. He stumbles over to ringside and requests a mic and tells the guy to cut his music. He stands away from Harriet, but looks down at her. He slowly picks up his IWT Championship in the corner of the ring and slings it over his shoulder.*

    "What you just saw is what a champion should be! I do not deserve to be booed or called a fluke, this is the best of the third generation! This is the next era, when Joey Bryant is dead in gone this person laying here could be holding my championship! But now... The second generation prevailed in this match, they did with the Cure, and soon... Kaizer."

    *Joey rolls out of the ring and begins back stepping up the ramp.*

    "Kaizer if you beat Andrew I'll gladly team with you and win those belts. No one is stopping me, and no one will slow down this second generation take-over and if I can't represent the Church, I might as well represent the next best damn thing."

    *He throws down his mic on the stage as his music plays again and the crowd gives off a mixed reaction. He raises his title in the air as he walks to the back.*
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  20. Whoops, I gave a match some low scores by accident.
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