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  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.

  2. OOC - I'll be back from work at 4, FailFace. You can go first.
  3. * The lights dim *

    * @FailFaceFTW comes out in a shirt with "Sir Lee does it well, I did it best" written on it, while also carrying a replica European Championship belt and a large shovel. He stands on the stage for a minute, relishing in the crowd reaction, and then swings his arm in a presenting motion towards the entrance *

    * Justin Magnus enters wearing his usual suit and carrying a children's sand pail, but when he reaches FailFace, he unbuttons the blazer, revealing a shirt with "IWT fears Justin Magnus" written on it. He continues to the ring with FailFace, and when they reach it, FailFace throws in the shovel and Magnus gently places the pail on the apron. FailFace goes around and grabs a microphone, and tosses it to Magnus, who has entered the ring *

    Justin Magnus: Ladies and gentleman, before I annihilate my opponent Jwab Atom tonight, lets give a big round of applause to my manager FailFaceFTW!

    * Crowd Boo *

    Thanks for your support, anyway, lets get down to the real order of business here, wasting any more time than I have to on this match would be a shame. Let's dissect my opponents history in the IWT here really quick, shall we? Jwab Atom, former leader of the now defunct, once the most dominant faction in IWT history, The Cure! I think he even won some championships in there, but is it even relevant enough to remember? Hardly. And what did he do afterwards? Does anyone remember? Oh yea, that's right, he faded into obscurity.

    But why did he fade into obscurity you ask? Well I'll give you a hint, think of teams like The Rockers. Can't think of it yet? Okay, I'll just tell you. People like Jwab Atom are leeches who hang onto the coat-tails of others as long as they can until the thread rips off. He had an idea, and used mindless sheep to hide his hideous incompetency and push his way up the ladder. He has no talent, and he had no talent. But, And what happened after The Cure disbanded? He had no one else to hide his lack of talent behind, so IWT benched him. And that was exactly what his mindless sheep followers needed to actually flourish.

    And then what for Jwab Atom? He gets together with an old friend in Farooq and teams to try and go at the Tag Titles. And just like always for Jwab, he came up short. In fact, his partner carried him and he didn't even show up till the end of the match to stab the nail in the proverbial coffin of his Tag Team Titles chances. So instead of being asked by his "friends" to take part in the reunion of The Cure tonight, he gets ditched and stuck with me. You've got nothing left Jwab, no friends and no opportunities. The pornstar turned U.K. Politician won the European Title and Farooq's heading for the IWT Title. So all you've got left to do is check the shovel there in the corner, because I'm about to bury you, this is old school, not old news.
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  4. *The lights go black while Justin Magnus is standing in the ring*

    *The music ends and still no one has come out. The crowd got a little crazy for the return of The Cure's latest installment. But all of a sudden. A spotlight shows at the top of the stage*

    *Jwab runs out to the center of the spotlight. He's giving two thumbs up with his arms extended and starts spinning in a circle before slapping his left leg and prepping himself for the Gatling Gun taunt. He's wearing a sleeveless Leather Vest. He is wearing a shirt that says "JWAB RULES." He does the Gatling Gun taunt and the pyro is crazy. He starts stomping towards the ring, looking like a down right beast. He hops into the ring and the ref throws a mic but before Jwab talks he signals his thumb and turns it to the middle*

    I'm sick of people. I'm sick of everyone remembering me for my faults.... my past. I feel it's time I start anew. I think it's time I get a clean slate. I've done nothing but put people over. It isn't my fault I'm so good at making other people look good but I've always had that fault... that fault of making my opponent looking like a million bucks so after the match.... they forget all about me. BUT, that isn't the case tonight. TONIGHT, I start my clean slate and I go through the ladder. Starting with the "jwobbers" like you. Continuing to the overrated pathetic fools like Majour. And onwards to "Promo Gods" as in Alias and Joey Bryant. But, I don't get how you suddenly know everything about me, you must be a fan. I've got plenty of fans look at them.

    *The crowd cheers*

    But, I listened to everything you said.... I've got to clarify some things for ya. The Cure would still be around and dominating if it wasn't for me getting injured. IWT... NEVER benched me. Got it? NEVER. If I wasn't wrestling, it was on either my own terms. Or.. ya know.... my body's terms. I'm not no bench warmer like you and Reag or Italianman. I'm not no tool! I'm a main eventer living in the shadow of a mid-card division... But hell, that's what everyone here would say. I'm tired of telling the truth and everyone calling it an excuse.... no no no. That's why this is a fresh start. And what a perfect day to have that fresh start on none other than Old School Uprising!

    *Crowd pops*

    And I brought something for after the match..... Something that I think a select few will remember. Something to really bring us back into an Old School type of feel with IWT. But, you know what is really old? The accomplishments of your manager and my past accomplishments because they don't matter. Hell, look at Bruce. He won the Rumble. Won the title. Defended the title that same night. AND LOST IT NOT EVEN A MONTH LATER. So, who cares about accolades or notches on the belt because Old School Uprising truly shows us that anyone can come into this ring and win a title and become irrelevant the very next day.... but, I'm done with the talking...... because... I have a fact to tell ya.. It's that...



    OOC - I forgot about the match all day lol

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  5. Justin Magnus: Jwab, your incompetency is showing. You sit here and try and gun FailFace's accomplishments down when he's not even the one you're facing tonight, it's me. But before that, you called yourself a main eventer living in a mid card shadow? Jwab, the only people that happens to are the people that live in the shadow of others. Look at the Rockers as I mentioned earlier, the Cure is exactly the same circumstance. You're weak, unfocused, and just plain pathetic. You've been knocked off the proverbial ladder so many times that people are starting to lose count, and now you aren't even on the first rung. I am the cancer Jwab, but people seem to forget these days, there is no cure. It ravages those who aren't prepared, and Jwab, you're just another victim. Someone who is old news isn't worth a fresh start, only just to be a kick pad for people like me who don't even need it. Jwab, burying your career six feet under has already begun, so having a shovel as big as the one in the corner isn't needed...

    * Magnus goes and picks up the children's sand pail and pulls out a tiny shovel *

    Only something like this. And in fact, I don't know what's truly with the unoriginality in today's IWT, what are you Jwab? Another Batista? Jwab, your so called cure might have worked before, but diseases evolve to bypass them, and I am just that.
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  6. Come on @JwabHDTV

    Got 8 hours or I'll just start the voting
  7. Your winner via forfeit... Justin!
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  8. Forfeit? :dafuq: He didn't actually forfeit did he? Granted, only one promo hurts his chances, but forfeit??? Then he gets no feedback on what he did write.

    I would have rather seen the vote go up still TBH
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  9. He got 1 promo in. You could say it's the equivalent of walking out mid-match, losing via count out?
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  10. Yeah, but still. I mean, @FailFaceFTW got 2 up and now he doesn't get to see how the IWT would've rated him either. Just something I think of thanks to the new poll idea.

    I don't think "detail" should be an item either, but we can talk about that elsewhere.
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  11. *Jwab watches as the Ref counts him out for the 10 count. Justin seems frustrated that Jwab would do something like that. The crowd boos Jwab. Jwab smirks as he walks up the ramp and turns around. He gives a thumbs up to Magnus and just smiles*

    OOC - It was all to initiate my #HeelTurn. But in all seriousness, I just didn't have time between watching Payback, stocking up some vids, and work. It was all just timing.​