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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 48 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.


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  2. OOC: I hope no one minds me starting out.

    *Eric Draven stumbles out onto the ramp way with no music playing and a microphone in his hand, he begins to pose for the audience as they chant "Welcome back, welcome back!" A strange voice interrupts from behind the curtain.*

    ???? : Pssst Eric, Eric you've forgotten to tell us what music you'd like to use.

    ED : Oh sh....

    ???? : Eric keep it PG

    ED : Shhhhh....hhhh.....ugar?

    *The audience cheers as Draven completes the word*

    ED : Wooo that was lucky I nearly fucked up there.

    *A security man marches out and drags Draven backstage*

    ???? : Now you pick some music.

    ED : Ok how's this one?

    *Draven walks out flicking his wrists FTJ style, he's wearing a blue varsity jacket with white sleeves he quickly spins and sprints backstage, a man in the audience screams "OH HELL NO MY CONTENT AT CRAYO GO KICK HIS ASS"*

    ED : I'm sorry I can't do it, I can't wear this jacket it feels like it's sticking to me. Let's try another one?

    *Draven walks out with a sly smirk on his face, a small Ziggler chant break out.*

    ED : Don't worry I'm sure I'll be hearing a lot more of that later.

    *The crowd chants for Draven vs Ziggler, Eric smiles and mouth 1 night only before heading backstage one more time*

    ED : This, this is the right one.

    *Golden sparks fall from the arena ceiling, Draven walks into them and spins around he's wearing the same shirt as before which reads "This Generation is lost to the sins."

    ED : Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls, Sir Lee's and Aids Johnson welcome to the one night only return of the star in IWT's night sky, the pooky with all the booty and the man with the biggest arms to do the most harm Eric Draven and my favourite tag partner he'll be all yours too you know him as Spinz who causes all the SINS tonight individual names no long matter for tonight only we're uniting as one to put these dragons to pasture. We are the Generation!

    *The crowd cheers as Draven walks to the ring and high fives the fans along the way*
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  3. OOC: @Stopspot it only makes sense for you to go next.

  4. *comes on the air and Spinzz walks out with a Marty McFly like jacket on as the crowd pops. He has the IWT tag team championship around his waist but hangs it of and hands it to a bell boy, who places the belt in a suitcase and handcuffs it to himsel. Spinzz then handcuffs the bell boy to a forklift conveniently placed at the entrance way when the bell boy isn't looking. Spinzz then slides into the ring, gives Draven a hug and grabs a mic.*

    Spinzz: Ladies and gentlemen, are we bringing it old school or what!?

    *the crowd pops*

    Spinzz: I just rolled out of my Delorean and we went way past 88mph, because this is old school Uprising and we're kicking it off right. I broke the greatest competitor in IWT history out of his carbonite prison and brought him back for a one night reunion of one of IWT's greatest tag teams. The dravester and the money maker ride once more as the Generation rises for one night only babeh!

    *Crowd breaks out into "this is old school" chants*

    Spinzz: This is about memories, this is about celebrating our two year history. This is about fun. And we couldn't think of a more fun match than facing of with another of the greatest teams to set foot in this company. I'm sure they have rebounded for being sent forward in time Terminator style. So Perfect, Danielson, get out here boys and let's tear this place down old school style!

    Let's show these whippersnappers, why we made the IWT what it is today, and while the future looks bright, the originals will always shine brightest!
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  5. *Senhor walks down the ramp to a mix of cheers and boos. He spits his gum out and whacks it out of mid air launching it into the beer cup of an overweight fan with a cure t-shirt on.*

    If we're going old school, let's really go old school!

    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages. IWT proudly brings to you it's NEVER defeated tag team champions of the world!!!!!! The Wood Warrior Danny Woods, the Triple Threat Senhor Perfect: the PERFECT DRAGONS!!!!!!!!

    That's right folks, the team you are about to watch was never defeated for the titles. So as far as I'm concerned we're still reigning! We are the original sex symbols of the IWT. We are the men that brought men to their knees and made women want to drop on theirs.

    Tonight our opponents are the generation. Two old bastards....I mean veterans, just like us. The man who spiked my beverage and cost me my IC title and some other guy in an 80s jacket. All I remember from this team was a press conference. Let's hope they're more entertaining in the ring than they are on TV.

    Let me polish up my boots while Danny drops some stank on you.

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  6. *lights all turn off*

    *Danny "The WoodWarrior" Woods begins to sing the lyrics*

    If you're thinkin' this guy's unreal
    Just imagine how I must feel
    Human beings... mmm, what a meal
    Roll back the rock to the dawn of time
    And sing this song with meeeeeeee

    *Gets to ring and gives Senhor a big hug*

    Boy it's been some time, hasn't it Senhor? It feels like it's been ages since we became the first tag team champions in I.W.T. As a matter of fact, it's been awhile since I've done any sort of competing so I might be a lil rusty

    *Starts doing jumping jacks*

    **jokingly pulls a hammy**

    ***Senhor plays along and rubs hammy***

    Okay, I think i'm good. Whewww close one, these old bones don't exactly move like they used to. In all seriousness, I am happy to be here and compete against two guys that were here from the jump. We haven't always seen Eye to Eye, and I took offense to some things you said about me in the past. I mean, I was supposed to be a damn Native American and you were basically calling me a cowboy yankee. Those were some good times.

    I have no idea what's going on with this buisness, but when I heard there was a one night Old School event, I got on the horn and made it happen. Now, feast your eyes on the two best tag teams in I.W.T history. It should be a treat.
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  7. I thought each team got 2 promos.
  8. OOC: Technically there's no limit on promos, but 2 per person in a tag match is common
  9. Makes sense, I'll post another later on today its 2:45 in the morning here now.
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  10. Ill post mine before work around 2pm est tomorrow. So leave it open until 215
  11. *Draven turns towards the audience*

    ED : Well are you entertained so far? How are you enjoying your old school show IWT universe?*

    *The audience cheers after Draven says this*

    ED : One phrase which has been repeated over and over and over so far has been Old School, now IWT has gone through some major evolutions over the past two years, we've seen the first IWT WWE Champion FTJ become an after thought, the punchline to his own joke after I beat him for his title. We've seen the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time Senhor Perfect rise up from the obscurity of Canada to the Hall of Fame class of 2014...

    *The crowd cheer "Now that's perfect"*

    ED : Of course all great things have to come to an end and well it was me who ended that historic reign.

    *Draven grins as the crowd begins to boo*

    ED : Now I'm back here for two reasons firstly to have a blast from the past with my best friends Spinz...

    *Draven turns to the audience and smiles*

    ED : The second is to ask a question why is it a month ago I got an E-mail asking me to join the illustrious class of 2014 for the IWT Hall Of Fame...I thought exactly the same thoughts I'm sure you're all thinking now of course we need Draven in the hall.

    *The boos intensify*

    ED : So I did the right thing, I rang my tailor to make me on the finest suits of all time, my cobbler fixed up some dapper shoes and my speech was written by the greatest Hollywood has to offer yet come Hall of Fame night I look up at the bright lights and see three spaces one for Senhor Perfect, one for Aids Johnson and one for Eric Draven Britanica.

    *Draven chuckles and paces around the ring.*

    ED : Yep they've dropped a former World Champion...a former WWE Champion...a former Intercontinental Champion for a woman who abandoned the company in the early days leaving Jonathan to turn it into the power house you see today. If getting up and walking away from IWT is a criteria hell I should be first ballot.

    *Draven turns and points to the audience as the boos become deafening*

    ED : Now no doubt the fantastic IWT universe will do as they always do and vote with their mouths booing a man who tells the truth rather than living in a fantasy. I'm getting booed for being robbed at a shot of cementing my legacy as one of the greatest of all time, lord knows I have the credentials yet I have to open up an old school card just for air time? All of you know that's bull.....

    *Draven's mic is cut off before he can complete the word. He drops it and smiles before mouthing the words "Same old shit" to the camera and walking back up the ramp, he takes seat at the top of the stage his legs crossed.*
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  12. Nope we've been waiting on stop so that Danny and I can get our second ones in
  13. Yeah work kinda got in the way for me. Had a situation come up that had to be dealt with. Sorries. Also, isn't it just unlimited promos for 48 hours from the first promo being posted nowadays? Look at the rules for the match.

    I appreciate that you guys waited but you could have gone on without me. Again sorry but I had a situation come up.
  14. That's true but we usually try do 2 promos each
  15. Something I'm thinking about changing if I officially get the GM spot. Instead of unlimited I think it should be 2 each for tag matches. Thats pretty much what everyone does anyway. They tend to get kind of long otherwise.
  16. I make it unlimited because sometimes if we have 4 guys who are "switched on" can get 2 promos each done in a few hours, and sometimes they like to do 4/5 smaller promos as opposed to 2 larger ones.
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  17. If we don't have the rest of promos from Stop and @Danielson up in the next 10 hours then voting will be opened.