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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.

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  2. The crowd erupts as suddenly Chuck D and Flava Flav from Public walk out onto the stage, performing Farooq's classic theme song. Suddenly, at 0:57 Brother Ali walks out, performing his verse with Farooq coming out behind him. He's wearing his old Public Enemy shirt, black tight pants and boots, also the Hardcore championship over his shoulder.. All four of them walk down the ramp all clapping hands with the fans. Chuck D, Flava Flav and Brother Ali walk back to the stage, while Farooq enters the ring. Farooq climbs the turnbuckle, raising the Hardcore championship up high. He takes off his shirt, and throws it into the crowd as the fans go wild. He hands the championship over to the referee, the referee putting it beside the announcer's table and handing Farooq a microphone. The music stops, Farooq giving the rappers a standing ovation as they all leave the stage.

    "It's been a good night huh?" He asks as the crowd cheers. "Haha, well good. Tonight, we get another old school match, in the sense of me fighting my old rival Sackfist. Three matches, this makes it four, and if I recall, all great and solid matches." He says with a chuckle, looking out onto the crowd. "Well, I hope he comes in here wanting to fight. No more, outstanding obsessions with me, this is the end. I'm going to be plain and simple, I don't care if you feel like a failure, I don't care what your objective is and I don't care if you 'need' to beat me. I only care about my own goals in IWT currently, and that's to become the IWT champion. To be the top of the food chain, and to build the future while preserving the past."

    "That should be everyone's goal, to fight for the best fights and become the top winner. Not to hold themselves down or back over a simple loss, everybody loses. It's part of the competition, hell even I have lost before. It doesn't hold me back though, because I know when I lose, I have something to improve on, to show me how to win and I move on. Nothing is perfect in life, but you have to overcome it or become lost in obsession over it. I hope, for my opponents sake, he's not going to leave once more when he loses, because this wolf, this enemy of the public." He says with the crowd popping, " This man, isn't walking out a loser, I'm walking out a winner. I've done it many times before and you know what, I'm going to do it again tonight."
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  3. The arena darkens to a low light appears as we see Sackfist standing with his back to the camera, only his head is visible on the frame

    "Farooq, The Public Enemy, We've always shared the same gold, back at our first clash, we both wanted to unite the 4 Titles. And tonight we share the same goals, we both want to end the rivalry between us in one classic match and we both want the IWT Championship that we both have been deprived of. It is time Farooq to meet face to face...for the last time...."

    As the phrase concludes, Sackfist pulls up a green hood over his head and the feed is cut and the lights go dead for a brief period. They return to see Sackfist now standing in the ring wearing a green hooded costume.


    "But Farooq, here is where we are different, while you return to your Public Enemy phase of your career, a phase that only captured mid-card titles, I move forward. You enter with theme music, I enter silently, to prey on the weak and the failures. I Am Back In IWT to right the wrongs done to me. I am here to take down those who have failed IWT, and I am starting with you. You defeated me, you took my path to the IWT Title and failed. The Night of Champions Tournament, you fought and lost....You Failed. Farooq you have failed to achieve your goals in IWT, while I have gone on to get closer and closer to the brass ring."

    "Looking back in IWT, I stood by and remained in the mid-card division to help it thrive, I realize my mistake. I ever adorned the nickname "Mr. Mid-Card". Unlike you Farooq, I won't return to that part of my life, I've grown, I'm no longer the passive Mid-Carder who would compete three times at an event. This is no longer IWT....This is IW..Me, I am back to claim the title, to defeat Bryant who ended my career, for he has failed IWT. All the failures shall pay for their mistakes, and you Farooq are the biggest failure on that list!"
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  4. Farooq scratches his head and raises his eyebrow. "You you know make noise...but lets just forget about that." Farooq says, shrugging as he begins to speak again, "Did I return to my Public Enemy motto again? Yes, I did. Because I want people today, to see exactly how I was when I began to climb the ladder of success in my career. If you're trying to claim that I'm not moving forward, you're completely wrong. I'm showing the crowd the past, I mean that's what the whole night is about, Old School. We put the past on display the past, so they can learn about history. You seem to know your history, so why can't everyone else learn a little something?"

    Farooq chuckles, pacing a bit. "Joey Bryant is the failure? I, am a failure? Oh damn, now I'm actually going to have to say something good about Joey." He says with another chuckle. "I don't like him, but I have to say, he isn't a failure. He's the IWT Champion, and myself, I have one of the highest win and loss records in the entire IWT. If Joey just sat back and let Bruce Knight or anybody take his title and left with his tail between his legs, then yes he would be a failure....but he didn't. He fought, and took back his belt. He didn't run you." He says, the crowd growing silent as the tension grows. "IWT, will never be you. It will never be solely one person. Not you, not me, not Joey, not Aids, not Jonothan, not the Cure, not anybody. This company, is everybody. Win, lose or tie, everyone who puts their heart blood and tears into this company, it belongs to us all." Farooq turns his back. "Why don't you get a good headstart and start running out of this company like you've done before. It's no wonder you're in good shape, you run away so much." He says, the crowd going, "Ohhhhh." As Farooq turns to face him once more.
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  5. Sackfist smirks ever so slightly at Farooq as he paces to a side of the ring

    "You say tonight is about reliving the past? Where is Christian? Where is Dat Kid? Where is Baraa? Where is Victoria Parker? Where is FTJ? (The Crowd pop at eah name mentioned) Tonight Farooq is a lie, there is more new blood on this event than old. Tonight is about moving forward. The IWT Title needs me as it's champion, it needs someone who can defend it, I mean in the past few months no champion has been able to hold onto the belt, they win it and lose it."

    "I've been gone but Farooq, do we really want you as Champion, seeing as you bring up the past, you were the first US Champion and you brought shame to the belt, you didn't defend it and ended up being stripped of the title. You lost to Joey Bryant in the Night of Champions Tournament while I went toe to toe with Bryant, in a match that went to sudden death not once, but twice. The first time ever in IWT. The IWT Title needs another Match like that. Joey Bryant needs a challenger like me to push him beyond his limit, the title needs someone who can deliver matches like that each and every night. Joey Bryant has failed the IWT because it was he who stumbled and devalued the richest prize in IWT, A sin he will pay for at my hands, not yours Farooq"

    "Keep spewing your catchphrases, keep reliving the old days in IWT, the title on your shoulder, the public enemy shirt, your just trying to relive your glory days. I'm back in IWT full time to realize my potential. I'm here like you Farooq to win, but I'm hungry for the title. I will not Fail IWT, but unlike FTJ, I'm out here to earn my title shot, I will be patient, taking down opponent after opponent until I get my title shot"

    "Farooq, this company needs a hero, and that hero is me"
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  6. OOC: End the match or extend it more? I don't mind either choice
  7. We can end it now if you prefer I am good either way as well
  8. Good shit. I loved this, gonna be tough to vote.
  9. Your winner, by an average of 8.28571428571429 to 7.80952380952381... Sackfist!

    Full results here:

    Note: Bill Clinton and THG?'s votes removed as they didn't vote on the poll, and Ed's second vote was also removed. Ed's second vote didn't make a difference to the winner anyway, I checked.
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