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    Ok this had nothing to do with me or my ego. But I feel strong about this for a long time with IWT! I feel IWT should have a rule where you posted a reason why you vote for who vote for. Like example I vote for Seabs because his promo was great and state fact about his match that go with the promo over aids promo which was not as good because he was not really talking about the match. A bad vote is I vote for aids b/c I hate FTJ or just b/c that vote should not be counted! So I made this Petition for IWT we need aless 30 members or more to agree to make this have been. Thank You!

    Deadline is next Saturday 2:10pm! To get 30 people to sign this.

    User Zero: @Emperor Lelouch Britannia
    User 2: @DK James
    User 3: @Seabs
    User 4: @Senhor Perfect
    User 5: @VintageĀ®
    User 6: @Rhod
    User 7: @Aids Johnson
    User 8: @TheOvalhead
    User 9: @Danielson
    User 10: @Dolph'sZiggler
    User 11: @Forrest
    User: 12: @Fullofit
    User 13: @CM Punk
    User 14: @NanoRah14
    User 15: @Adam Aries
    User 16: @FailFaceFTW
    User 17: @geekgoddess
    User 18: @Great Saiyaman
    User 19: @Dat Kid From Jersey
    User 20:

    @Jonathan if fuckin u closed it again u will be removed as GM as you breaking the deal me and @Seabs made that u would not get inveild with this! I as people YES or NO on my pm which is not breaking any rules!
  2. You've been back barely a week and already you are starting a bunch of problems and making demands you are in no position to do.

    Take my name off the list.
  3. no u sign it already I think? and I am asking people yes or no that does not sound like a demand to me. people do that all the time for petion.
  4. I am aids johnson, look at #7.

    You are repeatedly pm'ing people who have already signed it or posted otherwise in the thread, and also threatening Jonathan, unless i'm misreading this. "@Jonathan if fuckin closed it again u will be removed as GM as you breaking the deal me and @Seabsmad" - who will remove him as GM?
  5. If people ask for their name to be taken off the list, you take them off. Else this will be closed and deleted.

    Remove Aids and Dolph's Zigglers name from the list, NOW.
  6. FML I'm tired of seeing this shit. Don't PM me asking to sign this again.
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  7. You and @Dolph'sZiggler have been removed from the list
  8. Thanks, but i'm not against the idea (although just getting people to decide if it matters or not is enough for me) it's just how it was execulted. I saw this thread and just chuckled, knowing it would be 100% the same as the last thread that had to be closed. Oh well. 6 more days bro,...time for some fun.
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  9. Just for the record Franky bb if you want to PM me (especially w/ Nudes!!) to try and win my vote back feel free. If you make me a YT video begging for my vote its all yours big boy
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  10. FROM NOW ON; If you PM another user asking them to vote, this will be closed instantly.

    I've had too many people telling me you're harassing them asking them to vote constantly in PM.
  11. Gohan, I didn't say I wanted to sign this crappy petition....
    You only started it because you lost a 'Impossible' 3 on 1 match.....
    Take my Name off.....
  12. You didn't?
  13. I didn't....I commented on the post saying I'm against this petition and then I said some flaws in it.....
  14. Correct.

    "I'm going to just say, People can come up with Fake Reasons to hide their real intentions and since it's the internet, I doubt you could find out if it's the truth or not.
    Sounds like a good idea but if it becomes a rule it'll have some flaws."

    Thanks, I'll make sure you're removed.
  15. Done
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  16. Thanks Senhor.
  17. No problem
  18. Can you remove me? I only signed because I thought Jonathan was gonna pay the people who signed.
  19. Code:
    User 1: @[USER=294]Emperor Lelouch Britannia[/USER]
    User 2: @DK James
    User 3: @[USER=17]Seabs[/USER]
    User 4: @[USER=2893]Senhor Perfect[/USER]
    User 5: @[USER=3844]VintageĀ®[/USER]
    User 6: @[USER=2858]Rhod[/USER]
    User 7: @[USER=3919]TheOvalhead[/USER]
    User 8: @[USER=2678]Danielson[/USER]
    User: 9: @[USER=3906]Fullofit[/USER]
    User 10: @[USER=64]CM Punk[/USER]
    User 11: @[USER=3321]NanoRah14[/USER]
    User 12: @[USER=1670]FailFaceFTW[/USER]
    User 13: @[USER=3028]geekgoddess[/USER]
    User 14: @[USER=82]Great Saiyaman[/USER]
    User 15: @[USER=2215]Dat Kid From Jersey[/USER]
    User 16:
    Sorry to be a hassle again @Senhor Perfect but put that in the OP please, it's in the "fixed" order :3