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    Ok this had nothing to do with me or my ego. But I feel strong about this for a long time with IWT! I feel IWT should have a rule where you posted a reason why you vote for who vote for. Like example I vote for Seabs because his promo was great and state fact about his match that go with the promo over aids promo which was not as good because he was not really talking about the match. A bad vote is I vote for aids b/c I hate FTJ or just b/c that vote should not be counted! So I made this Petition for IWT we need aless 30 members or more to agree to make this have been. Thank You!

    Deadline is next Saturday 2:10pm! To get 30 people to sign this.

    User Zero: @Emperor Lelouch Britannia
    User 2: @DK James
    User 3: @Seabs
    User 4: @Senhor Perfect
    User 5: @VintageĀ®
    User 6: @Rhod
    User 7: @Aids Johnson
    User 8: @TheOvalhead
    User 9: @Danielson
    User 10: @Dolph'sZiggler
    User 11: @Forrest
    User: 12: @Fullofit
    User 13: @CM Punk
    User 14: @NanoRah14
    User 15: @Adam Aries
    User 16: @FailFaceFTW
    User 17: @geekgoddess
    User 18: @Great Saiyaman
    User 19: @Dat Kid From Jersey
    User 20:
  2. That'd almost be a pain in the ass to post reasons for everything. Some people would ignore the rule then Jono would have to go through the pages to see if they posted a reason and it'd probably die out eventually. I wouldn't mind, but I wouldn't care for it either.
  3. I actually like this idea, like we do for MOTM.
  4. yes I known. will u sign?
  5. so will u sign?
  6. Sure, why not.
  7. ok thanks.
  8. Yeah sure.
  9. thanks man. :yay:
  10. I really like the idea, sign me up.
  11. thanks ur in.
  12. My pleasure
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  13. So basically people can just come up with random bullshit or antagonizing bullshit.
  14. This. Anybody can just say, "I vote because I thought his/her promos were better because 'insert random reason here'". It sounds good on paper, bit once its put into action it won't do anything.
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  15. it will b/c people that don't give a reason vote will be dq from being counted. and will make the vote more fair. like if a troll votes and does give a reason and just votes and does not posted reason his vote will not count. will sign the Petition?
  16. His reason can be fake. It's basically just a slightly more complex version of finding a way to get a vote in. Besides, as long as the vote seems somewhat true, it won't matter, it'll be taken into regard under the principles of fairness under all votes unless there's factual evidence that the vote's fraudulent. With something like reasoning, it wouldn't really provide a necessarily decisive outcome as a guy can just vote and say whatever he wants about why he voted. It's technically allowed, and it cannot be questioned unless there's proof beyond a reasonable doubt that can prove the vote is fraudulent.
  17. u still are forgetting about trolls that don't even post a reason. we had a he prolbam like that year were people sign with another account voted for the person that wanted to win. this was never really taking care of. that beet rules up but never really put anything in place to perveard trolls from just login and votinf for whoever. And even so post should state a reason that voted for the person that like for that reason just s we know that READ both promo.
  18. You read absolutely nothing of what I just said.
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