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Discussion in 'IWT Archives' started by CM Punk, Dec 17, 2014.

  1. Since I'm a faggot loser and have nothing to do for now, suggest posters to make for IWT.


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  2. Font master, @Tsar can help out as well if he wants.
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  3. I'd make some myself, but meh. Who are Randy and Bryan btw?
  4. Randy is ZTO I think and Bryan is Adam? I dunno.
  5. Think Adam was Devitt or Aries last, that's not relevant though. I'd say that it could be Danny.
  6. Someday I'll be included :sad1:
  7. You left so didn't wanna include you till you returned. :urm:
  8. Oh right. Duh
  9. Nice job btw
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  10. A walker from TWD can be your new character model too. hahahaha
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  11. Actually....have any WWE guys dive that for WD? Cause that would be awesome lol
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  12. So yeah... think the point of this thread was to suggest posters. :brock:
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  13. Your best work in my opinion.

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  14. There's really no point till there's a PPV. Buuuuuuut you could at least make a new logo for Uprising, the one now is just horrible. Hell, even a new IWT logo could be done.
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  15. Don't worry about what Delik says...
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  16. Honestly, based off the way Delik portrays himself, he'd probably get banned before you.

    I'm not saying I would be the one to ban him cause I'm cool with him. But Solidus or Stop.
  17. God damn you to hell, you straight up ninja'd my post. Except I was going to say that I would ban him myself.
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