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  1. [​IMG]

    1. The Order (2)
    [​IMG] Trip & Marcus[​IMG]Alias[​IMG] Nick
    Too much dismay of their strong legion of fans, The Order lost their tag team championships, BUT they managed to snag their first World Championship into their stable with Alias Antonio's huge redeeming victory against Dat Kid. The newest member of The Order, Nick, was also able to hang on to the X-Division Championship, defeating the promising Harriet after months of let downs for the young man.
    2. Joey Bryant (3)

    Despite the demise of his partner Dat Kid, Joey Bryant put an end to short lived age of the underdog, defeating Bruce Knight at Extreme Rules and to put icing on the cake he was able to win the #1 Contender's Spot for the IWT Tag Team Championships.

    3. Sin (5)
    [​IMG] Spinzz [​IMG]Suicide[​IMG] Frie
    They've done it! The Desperados long lost dream of becoming the most dominant force in the tag team division has finally rung true as they tear down The Order to retrieve the titles for their own. Their partner Frie also became one step closer to X-Division title by winning the triple threat at Extreme Rules.

    4. Sir Lee (4)
    The crowd screams like starving beasts, the european championship is glimmering above them. Sir Lee waits with eyes on the entrance like a crosshair and then.....no one showed up. Dolph's Ziggler suddenly vanished without a trace. Regardless of what happened to him, Lee is still the European Champion and now the longest reigning European Champion in the history of the title.

    5. Bruce Knight (1)
    Bruce Knight proved to everyone that it doesn't matter how far down the ladder you are, anyone has the potential to become the IWT Champion. Unfortunately, Knight's dream was short lived as Joey Bryant prematurely ended his reign as champion.
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  2. Isn't Aids Johnson Zack Ryder?
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  3. That's his appearance, he's still Aids

    Edit: Oh yeah I forgot

    Aids Johnson who are you
  4. Isnt AIDS Johnson in the Cure? THE PLOT THICKENS AIDS
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  5. Well I fucked up the game cover.
  7. OOC: nice work, I plan on moving on up come NOC
  8. Yeah, but he is also IWT Champ, so I really cant group em together.
    You're in Anon
    Aids changes his character/theme song more times than...*insert humorous comparison here* You didn't mess up anything
  9. Lol Danielson she's too big for the group apparently
  10. #3 Didn't expect to get there. Awesome, look forward to seeing the movement between people. Also a cool way to track our own progress here
  12. Also, did you make that Power 20 logo in paint or something?
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  14. The list lacks one certain pseudo hero..soon.:russo:
  15. Oh damn, #2. I like it. Love the format for it too.
  16. You think she's putting on some weight too?
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  17. Yeah, I used my dick to control the mouse too. I figured I make a really ugly one so some tech nerd would come and get so revolted that they would make another one for me. Asking people to do things tends to not work out
  18. [​IMG]
    You can go ahead and plan on using this in the future.