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  1. Britanica said in a thread she wanted to cut back on the amount of PPV's we are doing. I agree with her.

    So I think the number was 6, so post your 6 PPV's you would like then I'll update this thread with the most common six PPV's picked. However decision is down to Britanica & Jonathan to pick what they want

    My PPVs are: Slammaversary (TNA) , Bad Blood (WWF) , Starrcarade (WCW), Barely Legal (ECW), Wrestlemania (WWE) and Royal Rumble (WWE)

    What about you
  2. Feast or Fired (TNA), Bound for Glory (TNA), King of the Ring (WWE), Royal Rumble (WWE), Wrestlemania (WWE), No Way Out (WWF)
  3. Wrestlemania, Royal Rumble, King of The Ring, Best in the World, Barely Legal, and Destination X
  4. Starrcade (WCW), WrestleWar (WCW), Barely Legal (ECW), WrestleMania (WWE), Royal Rumble (WWE), Survivor Series (WWE)
  5. Wrestlemania, Royal Rumble, Money in the Bank <- Are the ones that we really need
    Summerslam, Survivor Series, Elimination Chamber <- Three that I want.

    I think 6 is too little in my opinion and we should have at least 8 because then we just have stuff for half a year. I feel that the main reasoning for Brit wanting to lower the number of PPV's is because it's a bit overwhelming for her to handle on her own. I mean correct me if I'n wrong but that is the reason right Britanica Which is why I think Jonathan should be reinstated as a moderator of this forum. I think in Brit's absence during mania he proved he could run the PPV well and he did just that.

    I think lowering the number of PPV's in the IWT would hurt this section. Ultimately instead of lowering the number the PPV should run week long just like Wrestlemania did or it doesn't even have to be that. We could just have matches scheduled on different days. We saw Baraa miss his title shot in ER and I'm willing to bet if it were scheduled a couple days earlier when he was on, it would have been more possible. What I'm saying is that what we have is perfectly fine, it's the organization of it that's the problem, but I digress.
  6. Slammiverseary (TNA)/Victory Road (TNA)/Bound for Glory (TNA)/Turning Point (TNA)/Wrestlemania (WWE)
  7. Just in case, I'll explain why I want the PPVs.

    Wrestlemania: The main PPV, all of the best should be in here plain and simple.

    Royal Rumble: Can help build up to Wrestlemania perfectly.

    King of the Ring: Can have a tournament on this PPV, and the winner of it can challenge the champion at Barely Legal or BITW.

    Best in the World: Just a PPV with a tournament with everybody. The winner of this tournament though gets a medal based on the PPV, they'll get a BITW 2013 medal for this year.

    Barely Legal: A hardcore based PPV, much similar to Extreme Rules/One Night Stand

    Destination X: A PPV mainly for the midcard wrestlers. All the midcard champions compete the night before, and the winner drops their belt and fights against a world champion, and the PPV has a tournament to see who gets that midcard belt.
  8. 100% correct.

    The way I ran Mania over the whole week, personally, I thought it went well.

    There is more chance of Gohan being made administrator than there is Crayo re-adding me as mod of the section. I was told I was removed because I abused power and was power hungry, yet the only things I could do as mod as open/close and stick/un-stick threads. He added that the whole Gohan fiasco was me abusing my power when that was just being a 'GM', banning Gohan from competing, nothing to do with being mod but he wouldn't accept that so..

    Having the PPVs run over the whole week is the best course of action IMO, as not only does it allow more time for people competing but more time for people voting. You're right about Baraa though, but at the same time people shouldn't compete for titles if they know they're not going to be on around a PPV or often enough to defend it.
  9. I think it's sort of bogus that you can't mod this section. In all honesty you ran it great.

    I'm glad Gohan has a unique way to ruin things for everyone. Grats dude!
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  10. Anyways, I vote we come up with our own IWT PPV names. That'd be cool.
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  11. :hmm:

    1. IWT Alpha Dog(Royal Rumble)

    2. IWT Mosh Pit

    3. IWT Lord of the Ring

    4. IWT Spectacle

    5. IWT Top of the World

    6. IWT Black Sabbath
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  12. IDC what they are called. I just like originals opposed to WWE or TNA names.
  13. Tell the people who run the site. They may listen to others, but not me.
  14. I say let Jonathan be a mod again
  15. They won't listen to us, but I think it's bogus. Oh well
  16. There should be a vote on this section and Brit's input if Jon should be mod again.
  17. IWT Destiny - First Time ever/Epic match ups/Main PPV
    IWT Bloodied and the Beasts - Hardcore PPV
    IWT Freaks and Geeks - Survivor Series/Tag Team PPV

    Just some names I could think of from the top of my head.
  18. Make a thread?