Storyline IWT Presents... Extreme Rules!

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    *Jonathan walks out to the top of the ramp and looks up to the Titantron as the Extreme Rules
    card appears...*


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  2. Intercontinental Championship Number 1 Contenders?
    No Intercontinental,only Europien
  3. Not gonna lie, this is a real sexy card.
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  4. Dat Kid vs Alias Antonio: Match of the Year. IMO
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  5. ER > Mania
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  6. Oops! :dawg:
  7. Yep.
  8. Tag Team Championship match on Saturday Night again? :yay:
  9. :true:
  10. Smexey
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  11. naturally
  12. Lets get those belts back dazzle
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  13. Forrest vs DK is one i am looking forward to.
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  14. i'm actually going to say right now there might be a Surprise in my Promo in the Tag Team Triple Threat....i'm bringing out the big guns..
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  15. This is one of the best cards in a while. JB pullin out double duty. #RealChamp.
  16. @deth You know what's metal? Burning churches :troll:
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  17. I honestly don't get why it's a Triple Threat tag match for the #1 Contender's match but okay lol
  18. Because I reserved six burial sites. Four for the triple threat match, and two for the champs :otunga:
  19. I just realized Dat Kid is in two matches.

    You absolute badass.
  20. Can't believe this! Who could ever work two matches at the same PPV!?!?!?!
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