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    *Jonathan walks to the ring, as the usual chav's boo and cuss at him. He gets in the ring and picks up a mic*

    It's that time again! The one time in the year here at IWT where the champions come out to play. However, maybe not all of them this year.
    You see, after Aids Johnson cashed in his MITB contract on CrayJ Lee it appears that Aids has a muscle injury and the doctors have ruled him unfit to compete and will NOT be defending his IWT title this Sunday at Night of Champions...

    *There's a mixed reaction, as people wonder what will replace such a huge match*

    So, I don't want to spend too much time here as I think I've already caught Malaria walking down that aisle, so let me present to you the Night of Champions lineup!

    *Cheers, as a 'Night of Champs!' chant breaks out*

    First up, we have two major matches.

    First, we have Nick1698 vs rko2004, Samalan and FailFaceFTW in a 3-on-1 handicap match!
    Also on 10th September, we have Cactus Jack finally cashing in his X-Division MITB contract to face DavidTheGOAT for the X-Division Championship! This is a special guest referee match.

    Then, two of the biggest teams in the IWT collide as JwabTV and Eddy335 of 'The Cure' go face-to-face with 'The Cure to The Cure' - The Crusade!
    What will Rhod and NanoRah14 have in store for the The Cure when they go 2v2? And don't forget, it's a special guest referee match!

    In what promises to be simply, hell, Jesse Pinkman faces off against Anonymous' Britanica in a No Holds Barred match!
    Will the lack of rules favour Christian? Or will Anonymous have some say in this match...

    On Friday 13th, the longest reigning champion in IWT history, Senhor Perfect, faces arguably his toughest opposition to date when he goes toe-to-toe with The Cure's Mystical George who has no doubt been a standout competitor since his debut here in IWT.
    What will happen when these two greats face off in a No-DQ match?

    The finale of one of the most competitve tournaments in history is among us. DKJames faces MrSackfist to determine the #1 Contender to the IWT Championship!

    And here it is, if you follow me on Twitter (@IWT_GM) you would know that Aids Johnson is unable to compete at Night of Champions.. and so what better a match to replace him than this HUGE main event!
    The leader of Anonymous Danielson takes on CrayJ Lee after CrayJ cut some menacing promos against the dark group known as Anonymous.

    *Jonathan drops the microphone as the crowd cheer at the news that Aids Johnson is injured and unable to compete*

    Usually we check ahead of time but both me and DK have been extremely busy.):


    What will happen in all these matches? What will the post-PPV fallout be? Be sure to keep it here on IWT TV to find out!

    And don't forget to check out for all your latest tweets from all your IWT superstars, including post-show results and reviews!
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  2. Me Vs David will be special guest ref with Dat Kid and someone else who is online.
  3. It isn't. There's already 2 special guest ref. matches on the show.
  4. Dayummmm this card is awesome. Sunday would have worked better, but Saturday is the closest to perfect date I can get.
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  5. Yes it is. It has been planned for ages now. Every match with The Cure is special guest ref.

  6. Uhm, not that I'm aware of. Big E Rection?

    And no, not every match with The Cure is special guest referee. Every match at 1 point or another will be a special guest referee. We can't single them out, that's unfair and it ain't happening.
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  7. Dat Kid made it so every match with The Cure is guest ref.

    My match is Special Guest Ref, It always has been and will be. Kid and I talked about it.
  8. The "every cure match is special ref match" rule was implemented with the start of the title tournament. Dat Kid says it himself in the OP of the reveal thread.
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  9. *looks at card*

    I guess i'll have to finish victoria off for good. No better person to do it than someone who truly cared about her at one point.
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  10. Great thread. Thank you
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  11. Yes that's how it is, but George is no longer in the Cure, so you can take the stip off there and put it on that match
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  12. Ah, I must have forgotten that. Apologies.

    Alright, will do.
  13. Holy crap its tomorrow, we need more time next PPV. We just knew we were contenders
  14. Yep. The Comissioner booked Uprising, I've already started planning for the next Uprising show and I've made sure there's a 2 week gap.
  15. No problem. Just thought we would have more time to set up the match (Pre match promos, interviews...)

  16. Yeah, you'll definitely have more time for that next time.
  17. I am on holiday till the 15th, feck. I'll try my best to show up though.
  18. Ah shit, sorry man. We'll be sure to check the dates with everyone next time beforehand, we've just been super busy.
  19. :hmm: Didn't know I was fighting Christian again... Time to lick the bones dry I suppose.
  20. It
    It's alright man. Just incase I can't make it, can a replacement be allowed?