Storyline IWT Presents...The 3rd Annual Hall of Fame

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  1. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the IWT's annual celebration...Welcome to the 3rd Annual IWT Hall of Fame...Here's your host, IWT Booker, Michael.

    Michael walks out onto the stage to applauds, he is wearing a dark purple tuxedo and white shoes. He has papers in his hand. He walks up to the podium and waves to the crowd.

    Michael: Before we start, I would like to thank the IWT fans and staff for being here tonight on the most important night in many of the following inductees careers.


    Michael: Y'know when the IWT was founded by Britannica in December 2012, I don't think anyone knew it would become the phenomenon that it has become today. When I joined back in 2014, I would look at the IWT see nothing but legends in the making. The men that are going into the IWT Hall of Fame, tonight, are just a fraction of those men and women giving it there all.


    Michael: I would love to rave on and on about how the IWT is nothing but a farm for legends, but I think we all know that. I would like to cut to the chase and present everyone with the first inductee. But first, let's introduce the man to induct our inductee...Drake...WOLFE!

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  2. Drake walks out in the 00:08 mark, wearing a bright orange pastel suit ala Dumb and Dumber. Wolfe approaches the podium and signals for everything to be cut.

    Cool, cool cool cool. I'm here to induct a man you all know, a man you all love. And that man is Christian. Whether you saw him as a dominant Heavyweight Champion, or whether you've seen him as the best damn commentator we've had since Adam.

    Now, I get what you're wondering. Why me? Why not someone like Alias? Well let me enlighten you, our encounters in the ring were short. But outside the ring? That's a whole different story. We tore shit up! That drug spiral Christian went on? You best believe he didn't do that alon... wait, lemme stop that. But yeah, we were inseparable. Not in the gay way either. Me and Midas, Christian and Alias? That wasn't the original plan. I'm not saying either of us didn't somewhat enjoy that time we spent with those guys, but originally it was supposed to be me, Christain, and Farooq. The backstage kliq taking over everything in the IWT. Just like we took over bars, whips, and your girls. That's just how we rolled, we dominated. We had shit planned to the T, even picked out the sickest theme. But stuff happened, and it got delayed.

    I'm droning on at this point, so let me cut this short. The man I'm inducting is the three time heavyweight champion, the longest reigning world champion, a tag team champion, but most importantly the dumber to my dumb. THIS.IS.CHRISTIAN!

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  3. We look at the titantron and see Christian adjusting his suit and ready to go out on stage.
    Two ladies approach his side and put their arms around his.

    Christian: Lets do this.

    The crowd erupts as Christian walks out on stage and starts looking at the filled arena. He goes up to Drake and "Too Sweets" him followed by a hug. Christian walks up to the podium as his music fades away.

    Christian: Before I start, I'd like to thank Drake for inducting me. Not a lot of people knew, but myself, Drake and Farooq were the closest of friends backstage. We were bitter enemies, we were the greatest of friends... and we were brothers. We used to have ideas on what to do out there, have laughs together and do anything to entertain you, the fans. It's been a while since I've been I've been talking to you guys face to face, you might hear me on commentary a bit, but it isn't the same. I'm not the same person that I am on commentary. Commentating is my current job. This and wrestling, was my life and all I've ever dreamed of. A lot of people questioned why I decided to retire nearly half a year ago.

    And to make it simple. It wasn't fun anymore.

    It felt like a chore I had to do and personally I had a choice. To keep on doing that chore knowing I'm miserable or to walk away. I know it was all sudden, but it had to be done. And don't think that I was being selfish, I didn't want things to end this way, but they did. I let the people in the back down, I let myself down... but most importantly I let you, the fans down.

    Nearly four years ago, I debuted in a battle royal eliminating 20+ superstars to become the first ever World Heavyweight Champion. And in my last match, I retired as the World Heavyweight Champion. If you were to ask me, I'd say that's a pretty good way to go out and that I had one hell of a career!

    If there's any regrets that I have had in this industry, it's that I didn't get to become the IWT Champion.

    Crowd starts chanting, "One more match!"

    Christian: I don't know about that. But in this business, there's a saying. Never say never.

    I don't know what else really to say. There's a golden era in this industry and I'd like to consider myself closing that coffin. I mean, there's still Aids, but you guys know he won't really officially retire because he still believes he himself is still relevant in a company that's barely relevant.

    *Christian takes a deep breath in*

    Christian: Senhor Perfect, Alkaline, Eric Draven, Jonathan, Dat Kid, Victoria Parker, Frank the Jock, Aids, Farooq, Britanica, Danielson and Christian. ..

    These are the stars who built the IWT from the ground up. And now we have a new era and a new generation. If there's a time to make a name for yourself, nows the time because the past is the past. And as much as I love the past, I'd like to see a brighter future in the IWT.

    Two time IWT Tag-team Champion
    Three time World Heavyweight Champion
    And now, Mr. IWT Hall of Fame

    Christian shows off his Hall of Fame ring as his outro music plays

    Drake and Farooq come out from the curtains and onto the stage by Christian. They all "too sweet" each other before looking onto the crowd. Farooq pulls out an AK47 from his blazer and points at the crowd. Producers rush on stage and urge him to stop. Christian and Drake laugh along with Farooq before heading onto the back.
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  4. Michael walks onto the stage, fixing his tie and collar. He stands at the podium and lets out a smile to the "Thank you Christian!" chants.

    Michael: Before we bring anyone else out, I'd just like to thank Christian from the bottom of my heart for all that he's done for the IWT and for me. While an active competitor, the short lived IWT Training Gym was opened up, and I would attend. One of the coaches was Christian. He taught me a lot. And I appreciate and respect the hell out of him, for it.


    Michael: Truer words couldn't have been spoken by Christian. I became a fan and was lucky enough to enter the IWT when the original generation of fun loving crazy coots were still running a muck. I loved that atmosphere and I have to give credit to all those guys and specifically Christian. Back in August 2014, while assembling The New Generation, I contacted Christian among others. I did and still do take credit for bringing him back and giving him!

    *Michael laughs and soaks in the "One more run!" chants*

    Michael: Anywho, let's get started with our next induction. Inducted by myself.

    *Michael fixes his notes and lets out a cough*

    Michael: This man was known as the leader of the 2nd Generation. A generation that focused more on in-ring ability than any before or after it. This man had a legendary rivalry with Alias Antonio, a legendary run with The Church alongside Dat Kid, the second ever person to hold the IWT Championship 3 times, The 2014 Superstar of the Year...Joey Bryant.

    *The crowd pops and applauds for Bryant*

    Michael: Despite retiring early, he was and still is one of the greatest of all time. He was a true professional in and out of the ring. I didn't know him too well, but I'd like to consider him a friend. This man is truly a legend and deserves this honor as much as anyone else...Ladies and Gentlemen...Joey Bryant.

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  5. should have had me induct everyone
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  6. have have i won
  7. I wanted you to induct me originally but didn't really have contact of you tbh
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  8. (Sorry yall been busy all weekend, pretty much why im retired in the first place haha. I'm off tomorrow, will post then. You can delete this post if you want.)
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    *The music plays and the titantron of Joey Bryant plays on the screen for the first time in months. At the 0:15 mark of the music, the martyr himself, Joey Bryant walks out onto the stage wearing a green pinstripe suit and a big smile on his face. He walks over to Michael and shakes his hand and thanks him for the introduction. He walks up to the podium as his music slowly fades...*

    "You know when Michael first came into the company I never thought a couple years later he'd be running the damn thing."

    *The crowd laughs and Joey holds up his hand.*

    "Nah but really he's been doing a great job and I'm glad to see him doing whatever he can to make sure IWT stays running today. I was at the top of this company for a long while and after I left I was so disappointed to see that it wasn't what it used to be. I wanted to do everything I could to make sure it stayed alive but I was not the man capable of doing that but I am so pleased that I can stand here today and still see this company doing amazing things."

    *The crowd applauds as Joey nods his head and claps along.*

    "Also, when Michael first joined us in IWT, never did I think a couple years later I'd be inducted into the IWT Hall of Fame. My goal when I debuted in this company wasn't to make it to this point. My goal was simply to win the IWT Championship like no man ever has. I managed to do that 3 times..."

    *The crowd applauds once again and Joey chuckles.*

    "I didn't just want to win the IWT Championship, no. I wanted to shock the world when I did it every single time. I debuted as just some kid with a mic in his hand not knowing what to do with it. I was immediately shrugged off and not looked at as a threat but I was determined to change that. Thankfully for me, there was that golden opportunity, that IWT Championship tournament staring me right in the face. And you know what they say, the rest is history. I could have retired after the first time I won that championship and never looked back, I could have got out a completely satisfied man but there's something about holding that gold that drags you back in time and time again. I managed to become a 3x IWT Champion and almost all of it feels like a blur because I still remember walking down that ramp as a young, naive Joey Bryant who had no idea what in the hell he was doing to a man that lead a REVOLUTION of guys like myself that were determined to make a name out of themselves."

    *He pauses for a moment and looks around.*

    "That's right. Don't just look at me as the guy that got inducted into the hall of fame for knowing how to win the big ones, look at me as the guy that brought in the future hall of famers of the second generation. Look at me as the guy that shined the spotlight on guys that reminded me of young Joey Bryant's and the guys that deserved all the recognition in the world. The second generation lives on today amongst the first and now there's even a new generation of superstars which I am thrilled to see. I've competed against competitors in just about every generation. I've had memorable matches against some of the originals like Aids and Dat Kid and then my generation's Chris Kaizer and Gav and even some of the newer guys but I definitely would not have made it close to where I am now without that bastard Alias Antonio."

    *The crowd laughs and applauds and Joey shivers a bit.*

    "Damn i still hate saying that name. I went to hell and back with Alias, we were the heart and soul of this company for a long while and there's no denying that. I wish I would have kept track of our record against each other but I can assume it was damn near even and every time the two of us were in that ring together, something outstanding was bound to happen. The story him and I left behind is a long and complicated one but it made for some amazing moments and all beef set aside, I can't thank him enough. Without him fueling my determination I don't think I ever would have been able to capture the championship 3 times. Like I said, any time him and I got in a ring together it was a guaranteed blast and then you add in guys like Dat Kid, shit, we could still be fighting to this day if we really wanted to."

    "I've already said too much though. I could go on for days talking about the glory days and all my accomplishments but that is not my intention. When Michael got a hold of me and asked me if I would like to be inducted this year, I almost backed out of it. I truly didn't think I deserved this. I've been telling myself I still got more left in the tank but honestly the fact that I'm standing here right now tells me that I've done enough. There are very few names that can say they've been a 3x IWT Champion and I'm extremely honored to also be able to say I am an IWT Hall of Famer. I dedicated my life to this company for years as your martyr and I came out happier than I ever could have thought I'd be. I wasn't always the most loved guy but I was always THE guy that brought everything I had to the table every single damn time I stepped in the ring. I am the self-titled leader of the Second Generation, I am a 3x IWT Champion and now I'm a legend of the past but I can guarantee this is not the end of Joey Bryant, I'll always be watching and will always cherish this great company. Seriously thank you all for inducting me into such an outstanding group of talent and I can't wait to see what the future holds for IWT."

    *The crowd cheers and applauds for Bryant once again and Joey steps down from the podium. He puts his hall of fame ring on his finger and stares at it for a moment with a smile on his face and then waves to the crowd as he walks off stage.*
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  10. Michael walks back up onto the stage and adjusts his tie. He leans on the podium and lets out an emotional sigh.

    Michael: When I first came around to this company, I didn't know it at the time, but ALL the people I met and chatted and hung out with are some of the greatest people I've ever met. A prime example would be Joey Bryant. Despite my lack of experience and talent, Bryant helped me and encouraged me. That's something that I will cherish, forever. If it weren't for him, I would've ditched this place for another promotion, but anchors and friends like Joey Bryant are the reason I am what I am today.

    *The crowd pops and applauds while Michael backs away and admires the cheers*

    Michael: Anyways, onto our next inductee. This man, despite, being here for a short while has become a legend. The man is on his way to becoming the longest reigning IWT Intercontinental Champion, in history. He's a true professional in and out of the ring. He's a hard worker and a friend. I'm grateful to have someone like Jack Forté on our roster. To induct this man, please welcome another good friend of mine and a fellow member of WC2...Nick!
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    Nick walks out onto the stage in a black suit with a smile on his face, admiring the cheers from the crowd. He stands at the podium, signaling for his music to be cut.

    "Before I get this underway, I'd like to thank Jack for the allowing me to induct him, it's truly an honor. Another great opportunity I've been given from one of IWT's best. Now I'm gonna keep this short, because you deserve to hear him speak. Back in 2013, after my debut, there wasn't much for me to do. All the big dogs were going at it, and there was no room for a new guy with no buddies like me. Except one man, a man who went under the name of Mr. Smith, took notice in me. He saw my talents, and told me I had the potential to be great. He handpicked me to become a champion, and though I never won any titles when I was under his guidance, I like to think we were working together at the time. And I know without his help, I would've never found the success I did."

    Nick pauses briefly, taking in the applause.

    "There's a whole lot this man has accomplished, and there's a whole lot more he will accomplish. I can't think of anyone more deserving of this hall of fame spot. You may have known him as Suicide, Andrew, Mr. Smith, Drake Wolfe, or Jack Forte.. But from now on, everyone will know him simply as an IWT Hall of Famer. Please welcome... JACK FORTE!"

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  12. *Jack is seen in the back with IWT alum Sage. They pose for the camera.*
    *Forté signals for her arm and she leads him out to the stage as his theme kicks on.*

    *They come out as the lyrics set in to a nice pop, and Sage lets go of Jack's arm as they approach the podium.*

    Thank you, thank you Nick. Although, I can assure you that my ties to Drake and his multiple personality disorder is almost completely nonexistent. But I will say that I always thought that he had the potential to become a legend in his own right. I guess it was just a matter of the wrong place, wrong time.

    I don't quite know what else to say. Most of what I probably could has already been said by you, the fans. Did I help usher in this resurgence in the IWT, along with stars like Spawn and Nick? Did I help bring the prestige back to the Intercontinental Championship? Did I leave a leagcy worth remembering? That's for you to decide. But I have one lingering question that I feel like I can answer on my own.

    Do I deserve this? And my answer to that would be I don't think so, not yet anyways. While the list may be short, it still has names like Alias Antonio. Names like Farooq. Names like Midas. Names like Eric Draven. Names like Nick. People who made what I've done possible. Without them I don't know if I'd ever have gotten this far.

    But, but I will still accept this ring. However, it does not symbolize what it probably does to everyone else. This isn't a reminder of a legacy that I may have left, but a reminder. A reminder to make sure that with every remaining battle I have here, that it'll be a worth the legacies left before me. And if I shall fail then the only person I'll have to blame, is myself.

    Thank you again.

    *Sage and Nick come back out to meet Forté as his theme hits again. The three hug to a nice reception, they all wave and head to the back.*
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