Storyline IWT Presents... The Royal Rumble! [Schedule]

Discussion in 'IWT Archives' started by Jonathan, Jan 15, 2014.

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  2. So how do we enter the rumble?
  3. Royal rumble>slammys
  4. My guess is make a promo.
  5. Las year we used a pick a number system, and whoever picked the number that the wrestler who ended up winning the real number came out on won. Not sure what's planned this year though.
  6. Ah okay, so when does everyone pick their numbers?
  7. Is Senhor retired or something? He's been asking for a rematch for his title for about a month now. Or is that something that's happening later?
  8. My cock got hard after that post
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  9. Fucking exam on a Wednesday.
  10. Damn nice card, glad to be back in the true main event, players.
  11. @Jonathan david'll face gab's guy this saturday to determine if the titles are on the line
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  12. Its gav you cheeky ****
  13. Okay Gabriel
  14. Oh no

    Saturday should be fine
  15. Changed. David said Friday is better because he has a match Saturday. My apologies
  16. Rightio, no bother.
  17. Fridays goid too I hope your mans ready dat kid