Storyline IWT Presents... The Royal Rumble!

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    OOC: Don't have much time atm so it's only brief.

    Royal Rumble 2015 Schedule

    Monday 19th: Marcus Anthony (@TheArabHammer) vs Rita Kendal (@Majour)

    Tuesday 20th: Xtreme Title Match - Lord Lee (@Ovalhead Le Jobber) vs Michael (@Tsar)

    Wednesday 21st: World Heavyweight Championship Match - Nick (@Nickelodeon) vs TBA

    Thursday 22nd & Friday 23rd (48 hours of promos):
    2 on 1 Handicap Match - Aiden Ryan (@Butters!) vs The Big Guys (@Indy and @Tumbas)

    Sunday 25th: IWT Championship Match - Joey Bryant (@DK James) vs Alias Antonio (@THG?)

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  2. Completely forgot I was booked for the Rumble.
  3. Decent Card but shouldn't the 24th is the Saturday, not the sunday...
  4. No Official Card graphics?

    Show Spoiler


    I can help you guys out with the design in the future. Video or graphics, doesn't really matter to me.

    Just an idea
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  5. Shouldn't my match be Saturday pal?
  6. Nope.
  7. "Friday 23rd" "Sunday 24th" You keep being you.
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  8. Oh. My bad. I thought you meant your match should be on Saturday instead of Sunday, didn't realise I'd put the wrong date.

    Saturday is empty.
  9. It is? :hmm:
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  10. Staff really booking this RR well.
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  11. So, uh, is there a match today? Does @Delik still post the matches?
  12. Good shit. Gotta get a lot of build started.
  13. 48 hours make me feel so much more at ease. I look forward to this pay per view and goodluck to everyone in their matches.
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  14. good luck in your match pal, cause you're gonna need it

    jk man love u
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  15. C
    Can it not be Saturday?
  16. Rumble match should be posted a few hours after the Rumble airs if everything goes right. It will definitely be up before Monday Night RAW.
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  17. I lied. It should be up whenever the IWT championship match is done. So if they finish before 8pm or whenever RAW starts for you guys, it'll be posted.

    So... @DK James and @THG?
    Try to do that. :bodallas: