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    Hello i'm WUK aka The Blackfire and now i'm retired from iwt i will now putting up the big questions to the biggest iwt superstars so tune in for Under The Ring

    Episode 1 - Aids Johnson & Michael

    Episode 2 - Peship

    Episode 3 - Michael

    Episode 4 - The Blackfire

    Episode 5 - ???

    Episode 6 - ???
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  2. @DK James :awyeah:
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  3. Peship lmfao wtf is this. Name's Bishop, fool.
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  4. wait am I not getting my retirement match against you now?
  5. Why is it called under the ring?
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  6. Well under the ring is not really under the ring it is just a title
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  7. Yeah, why is it under the ring. Do you interview them under the ring or something?
  8. He just said it's not really under the ring. It's just a random name, much like his character is randomly 4 ft, Undertaker.
  9. Why not call it beyond the ring or behind the curtain? :idk:
  10. Thank you michael but we didn't need my undertaker random highet
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  11. I think that already happen and do you have a iwt wrestler here
  12. Yeah, I do. it's Christian.
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  13. Do you wanna benon under the ring
  14. Sure
  15. Oh yeah you are
  16. Under the ring - Aids Johnson and michael

    This show is unedited not has been cut from this show

    Aids welcome to under the ring

    First question do you like a few people on iwt

    Aids - Do I still love a few people in the IWT? I think we need to make this short and simple. I love no one, but I appreciate many. I have lost to the worst, look at michael, and I have lost to the best.

    Hell, I've lost to almost anyone. But my paper champ days are gone long away and now here we wit once again with Aids as champion. People can talk...and they will. At the end of the day, though, Aids walks.

    (Michael barges into the interview room.)

    Michael: Aids, why do you still think you are hot shit? Didn't I knock some sense into your empty head when I pinned you down, for the 3 count? I showed you that I am, was and always will be the IWT Champion. I ended the longest reign in IWT, and I'll sure end the longest career in IWT.

    So next question is for michael as we was ment to meet a few week later but i think now is the good time

    Do you still hate aidsey

    (Michael stares at WUK with a glare.)

    Michael: Do I hate Aids Johnson? Do I hate the man that spits in my accomplishments and constantly stains and spoils my company? You're damn right I hate the man. I promised to never speak his name, much like he said he was gonna retire. But as we all see, nothing in IWT ever set in stone. Aids is an eel sucking the blood from the IWT. He's the rash irritating the IWT. He's the rat that is infesting IWT. And I'm the exterminator. When I beat that man to a pulp again, and show him that I was and always will be the man, in this company. And he'll cower for his 7th retirement before appearing again with his head bloated beyond belief. Fuck Aids and his paper champ reign.

    But you do have feeling for the man?

    Aid - I may have lost in a fluke match to Michael, but the entire IWT universe saw me beat the greatest competior there is, the man who confrtoned Michael for what he was - a one trick pony.

    Everyone hates me, and that is something I am used to - but when I went up vs Alias the entire univese was put on notice. No more paper champions, no more easy matches and certified victories. The IWT is going to spend it's time going for belts like the IC and universal, while I spend my time waiting for the Oval.

    Now this is for you two
    Their have been footage of you and michael being friends on a live stream now does this affect your kayfabe here on iwt?

    Michael - Yeah, I liked Aids Johnson. He was good to me when I first showed up, and I respect that. But I don't respect the man. I will never respect the man. He's a poison, and I'm the anti-body.

    Ok aidsey can we here you side of the story?

    I hate talking history. I liked Roadster when he came in and saw potential, stood up for him even when he made drama immediately after. When I took over as IWT's GM and realized I was a fighter and not a paper pusher, I ask him because I knew he was the hardest worker i'd seen at the time.

    Make no mistakes, I know we are where we are in IWT because of the work Michael puts in. His excuses about me are like shit talk at the water cooler, honestly.

    Ok now one last question and this is from our viewer at home

    Will you ever face each other on iwt ever again

    Aidsey - When Michael beats and earns his way up the card. He won't.

    There is nothing wrong with the midcard, but you need to look at the IWT roster as a whole to see where I stand and why compared to where Michael sits..and why.

    It's doubtful.

    Michael - I need to earn my way up to face a guy I already beat and won the IWT title from? Get a brain, Aids, you've survived long enough without one, but you need one, now. You're lucky you're still employed.

    Aids and Michael thank you being under the ring
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  17. The fuck is this? I ain't even on the list!
  18. Who are you again?
  19. Some guy who just posted here i think
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  20. Yeah. Wanna interview me, brother? I can be episode 4 or 5