Storyline IWT Presents... Uprising!

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    Below is the match card for the final IWT show before IWT Mania!

    *Dolph'sZiggler vs Nickelodeon vs Bill Clinton triple threat, winner gets IC shot at Mania - moved to Monday

    Forrest/Adam moved to Tuesday*


    Enjoy the show!​
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  2. @In-Zayn I've stole your Friday spot
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  3. Okay, my match seems out of no where.
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  4. It's meant to say #1 Contenders match for the IC title but I jobbed :lol1:
  5. Oh, okay. Makes sense.
  6. Shit didn't get the PM in earlier enough and I ain't booked. Oh well
  7. Sweet, number 1 contender match.

    We should get a pre show on Thursday for people who aren't booked but want to be on the card.
  8. I wasn't expecting this, but sweet!
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  9. Excited to see the debut
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  10. I'm definitely interested to see how it'll turn out. Should be fun though.
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  11. Ready to be buried?
  12. :booker:
  13. If I win, can you send me a selfie?:ksi:
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  14. :dawg:
  15. No offense but this looks poorly thrown together.
  16. Though it does, all matches should be awesome. Especially the ME.
  17. why am I facing Oval at this shit when I should be facing him at IWT Mania you fucking jobbers
  18. Where the fuck am I?